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Global Citizenship and the Environment. My Expectations….

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1 Global Citizenship and the Environment

2 My Expectations….

3 We live in big cities… but are we still lonely?

4 The UK.. One of the most densely populated areas on the planet Do we really get on with our neighbours? Do we feel isolated sometimes? Do we live in a local community? What have I got in common with someone that lives on the other side of my street, never mind the other side of the world!

5 Where do we live?

6 But really…where do we live?


8 Global Citizens… Imagine a world where no countries existed… What makes us ‘global citizens’? What are the things that all humans share? Human Rights Equality Resources

9 The Global Citizen Respect Fellowship Sympathy Environment Responsibility There is no global governing body Global Organisation include Amnesty International and Greenpeace

10 The Global Citizen… Reducing Inequality Inequality – each and every human being on the planet Inequality – reducing environmental destruction Why? What would happen if we don’t care any more?

11 Some people are already trying to ‘save the planet’ Greenpeace is a global organisation It’s active members don’t think in terms of countries or cultures They believe everyone, everywhere has a responsibility to care for the planet


13 The Global Citizen… Are they responsible? Is it a bit bland? Where is the identity and culture? Can we have a national identity and a global identity? Am I a Global Citizen? Is it my responsibility to care for the planet?

14 We live in big cities…but we don’t have to be lonely



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