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The US Citizenship Interview

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1 The US Citizenship Interview
Featuring the New “100 Questions” CATESOL 2010 04/24/10 Jennifer Gagliardi Milpitas Adult School ppt available at

2 USCIS Blog: The Beacon N-400 100Qs & Study Resources
Spanish Where to Start USCIS features: A New Video! Green Card! Info Pass appts. Citizenship

3 Prepare to Naturalize! Welcome to the United States: A Guide for New Immigrants (multiple languages) Redesigned (New) Naturalization Test Informational Brochure M-685 A Guide to Naturalization M-476 Becoming a U.S. Citizen: An Overview of the Naturalization Process video New Naturalization Test Video Overview video N-400 N-400 info page

4 The 100 Questions Redesigned (New) Naturalization Test: Civics (History and Government) Questions 1. English MP3s (audio) Self-test Preguntas de cívismo para el Examen de Naturalización rediseñado 4.Spanish 公民(歷史與政府)歸化新試題 Chinese Mga Katanungan sa Sibika para sa Pinalitan ng Disenyo Iksamen para sa Naturalisasyon 6. Tagalog Các Câu Hỏi về Công Dân cho Trắc Nghiệm Nhập Tịch được Tái Soạn Thảo Vietnamese These Citizenship students made and posted the USCIS 100 hall Milpitas Adult School

5 100Qs Support Materials Learn About the US: Quick Civics Lessons for the New Naturalization Test M-638 Civics Flash Cards for the New Naturalization Test M-623 M-623 reversed colors  The Citizen's Almanac M-76  Pocket Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States M-654 A Promise of Freedom: An Introduction to US History & Civics for Immigrants Video

6 English! Vocabulary List for the English Reading Test
Reading Vocabulary Flash Cards Vocabulary List for the English Writing Test  Writing Vocabulary Flash Cards  Scoring Guidelines for the English Portion of the Naturalization Test The USCIS Naturalization Test and Interview (video)

7 Speak English, please! An applicant's verbal skills are determined by the applicant's answers to questions normally asked by USCIS Officers during the naturalization eligibility interview. USCIS Officers are required to repeat and rephrase questions until the Officer is satisfied that the applicant either fully under stands the question or does not understand English. If the applicant generally understands and can respond meaningfully to questions relevant to the determination of eligibility, the applicant has demonstrated the ability to speak English. From: Scoring Guidelines for the English Portion of the Naturalization Test

8 Low Intermediate ESL? USDOE Nat’l Reporting System Educational Functional Levels Individual can understand simple learned phrases and limited new phrases containing familiar vocabulary spoken slowly with frequent repetition; can ask and respond to questions using such phrases; can express basic survival needs and participate in some routine social conversations, although with some difficulty; and has some control of basic grammar. CASAS Basic Skill Levels for Oral Language SPL 4 Functions satisfactorily in basic survival and very routine social and work situations. Participates in simple face-to-face conversations dealing with familiar topics. Gives oral directions to do a familiar personal or work-related task of several steps. Participates in simple telephone conversations. Makes statements, asks and answers questions in the simple present, past and future tenses on familiar topics.

9 Textbooks Cengage/Heinle 2010 McGraw-Hill 12/08/08 New Readers Press
US Citizen, Yes!, 3rd edition McGraw-Hill 12/08/08 U.S. Citizenship Test with CD/DVD New Readers Press Ready for the Interview Citizenship Passing the Test Citizenship Literacy Skills workbook Pearson-Longman 2009 Voices of Freedom, 4th edition

10 Internet Resources CASAS Bibliography of Citizenship Materials EL Civics OTAN: ESL/Citizenship/EL Civics: Sites to Use with Students Preparing for the U.S. Citizenship Interview (old, but good USCIS Qs) USCIS US Citizen Now US Citizenship Podcast Welcome to USA VOANews Special English Making of a Nation VOAVideo on YouTube

11 EL/Civics Online EL/Civics Online is a unique professional development opportunity for ESL instructors and volunteers who wish to incorporate EL/Civics content into their adult ESL classrooms. 

12 The CASAS Life and Work Reading ESL Test Series
Model Standard: Interpret simple authentic materials on familiar topics (newspaper articles on current events, social letters, public information notices) Pre-test 185R #4 When do you need an appointment for fingerprinting? Before 7:00am After 3:00 pm Saturday Monday through Friday Erika’s Fingerprint Appointment Notice!

13 CASAS EL Civics Objective Example
ELC: Citizenship Preparation 40.4 (Oral, Written Beginning Low – Advanced) Respond to questions about the history and government of the US in order to be successful in the naturalization process. 1 *Discuss basic historical events or patriotic symbols. 2 *Describe the colors and design of the American flag and discuss the meaning of the stars and stripes. 3 *Identify the three branches of American government. 5 *Write dictated sentences about U.S. history and government. 6 *Name the President of the United States, the Governor of California, the Mayor of the city, and other government officials. 7 Read, discuss, and/or write about issues relating to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Additional Tasks: Prepare for a USCIS Interview Student will participate in a mock oral USCIS interview. Practice Dictation Write a Letter or an Article related to the Constitution or Bill of Rights

14 CASAS Reading for Citizenship Tests (951R/952R)
•Target population: ◦Low beginning ESL students •Competencies Assessed: ◦Reading comprehension in a citizenship context (These tests do not measure knowledge of the government and history of the United States.) •Test Administration: ◦One-on-one or group administration ◦Multiple-choice questions ◦Large-print, reusable test booklet CASAS Implementation Training is required to administer the Reading for Citizenship Tests.

15 CASAS Citizenship Interview Test (CIT)
The Citizenship Interview Test (CIT) is a standardized oral assessment that assesses the speaking skills of adult ESL and citizenship learners. The CIT helps programs determine if an individual is ready to pass the USCIS naturalization interview. Target population: ◦High beginning to advanced ESL students Competencies Assessed: ◦Personal identification Topics from the N-400 Application for Naturalization (This test does not measure knowledge of the US gov’t and history.) Test Administration: ◦One-on-one interview format (approx. 15 to 20 minutes ) Training is required to administer this test. A self-training manual provides a training CD and certification exercises.

16 CASAS Gov’t/History LISTENING TEST for Citizenship formerly CASAS Citizenship Field Test 889, supersedes 963/964 Multiple choice listening test. Students listen to thirty recorded questions. Each question is repeated twice. The questions are based on the new 100 questions. Practice audio files are available at: Practice Red and black Red, white, and blue Black and white White, gold, and green Question 1 John Adams Thomas Jefferson James Madison Alexander Hamilton

17 The End For further information, see CASAS.ORG CASAS.ORG/ELC
CASAS.ORG/ELC USCIS.GOV USCITIZENPOD.COM Thanks to the students and staff of Milpitas Adult School, SJSU MATESOL, and the USCIS. In gratitude to the immigrants to the United States!

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