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Welcome to Todays Webinar Technology Strategies that Support the 5 Steps in the Sales Process A Webinar in the EcSELL Institute series of "Drivers that.

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1 Welcome to Todays Webinar Technology Strategies that Support the 5 Steps in the Sales Process A Webinar in the EcSELL Institute series of "Drivers that Maximize Productivity in Sales Management

2 Todays Presenters Joseph Knecht Managing Director, Vipa Solutions

3 Todays Presenters Bill Eckstrom Founder, President EcSELL Institute

4 The EcSELL Institute is an exclusive community of Sales Managers, all of who are committed to learning and improvement. We offer professional development specific to sales management. Benefits: - stay current - stay in control - save time and energy - learn effectively - locate information quickly, with ease - feel confident, eliminate guess work

5 Talent Identification & Acquisition Sales Methodology & Sales Skills Development Planning Analytics Leadership and Management The 6 Pillars It is how one leads and manages that will ultimately affect the success within each Pillar Professional Development Compensation/Recognition/Reward

6 The productivity of your team is a reflection of the way your Sales Managers lead and manage the 6 Pillars. Bill Eckstrom Founder, President EcSELL Institute


8 Introductions Whos on the call – Why Me? –Joseph E. Knecht - Vipa Solutions –Over 10 years in leveraging interactive technology –Manage national sales team Webinar Goal Explore ideas to improve your organizations interactive strategy for sales and lead management: –Current Environment –Industry Trends Prospecting New Clients Qualifying New Leads Proposal Process Closing Client Relationship Management –Planning and Execution Introductions

9 Why? Companies have moved from traditional print media and advertising to web services for information and sales growth

10 –Corporate Website Growth – Internet Search ( 251,735,500 online in North America In April 2000, there were around 15.6 million sites. By January 2008, this number had grown to 155.5 million. In the last one month alone, the web grew by 354,000 sites. –Social Media Growth - Facebook fastest growing segment is those 35 years old and older a true trend for future marketing. –Segmentation Growth - Pew Internet & American Life Project1, forty-five percent of American seniors are using the internet. Seniors tend to use the internet mostly for email but also access the web for investment information, health research, news, travel reservations, and other research of interest. –Optimization - Efficient processes and technology to manage opportunities –Adoption – People are embracing new technologies "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers." - Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943 Environment

11 Trends –Data Access (Industry Data) –Corporate Online Forms –Email sign up –Social Networks –Digital Contests/Promotions –Refer Programs Technology –Corporate Websites –LinkedIn –JigSaw –NexisLexis –Facebook –College Career Centers Industry Trends - Prospecting Samples SpongeTech – Email Form Jigsaw Anderson Partners – Survey Runza Contests MyLifeisTough agencyShift Google Maps

12 Trends –Public relations vehicle –Client success stories –Company features –New product or services information –Award notices –Sales Kits (Co-branded Materials) –Channel Support Technology –WebEx – Go-to-Meeting –Twitter – RSS –Digg –Interactive Technologies –Facebook –Channel Extranets Industry Trends – Pre Sales Process Samples Newsletters Extranet (Channel Support) Twitter RSS ProfNet – Help a Writer

13 Trends –Integrated Systems (Processes) –Digital Signatures –Proposal Libraries –Automated Contract Systems –TCO Calculators Technology –CRM –Skype –Iron Mountain –Discovery Phase – Needs Analysis –Demo Process – WebEx Industry Trends – Proposal/Closing Samples Proposal Library Needs Analysis Process Digital Signatures

14 Trends –Deeper and Wider –Industry news –Product or service updates –News and information –Support updates –Referral opportunities –Client community feedback/surveying –Webinars –Trainings –Consumption – promotion/couponing Technology –CRM – Salesforce –Corporate Sites –RSS –Resource Portals –WebEx – Go-to-Meeting –Social Media – Twitter etc.. Industry Trends – Client Management Samples Targeted Newsletters Extranet – Dealer Network Twitter - Updates Online Trainings Refer A Lead

15 Planning: –Challenge: What goals are you trying to achieve with your new form of lead generation and technology? –Research: Understand your customer & technology –Ideas: Created to meet the challenges/opportunities –Planning: define the "how" based on your plan, social media plays a role (primary, secondary) –Execution/Metrics: Measure success of your interactive/social media investment Strategy 101 - Planning

16 Web 2.0 – Technologies and Solutions Corporate Sites Blogging Member Profiles Message Boards - BBS Podcasting PURLS (Personal URLS) User Driven Content –Article Comments –Form-based submissions Viral marketing contests Voting and point systems Gaming SMS – messaging through websites "I have travelled the length and breadth of this country and talked with the best people, and I can assure you that data processing is a fad that won't last out the year." - The editor in charge of business books for Prentice-Hall, 1957

17 Integration with Business Processes Data ------) Information ------) Knowledge Value Generation Conversion Rate Integrating data collection into sales processes Streamline business processes Reduce response times Increase sales through integrated messaging processes Use data to drive website growth and success Effectively manage statuses and communication on data and processes

18 Summary Integrated strategy for lead management Integrated mix of tools and sources Benchmark through time based initiatives Continuous improvement and review Multiple small improvements – lead to results Sales team buy-in through results and examples Adopt different strategies per client type Metrics Rinse and Repeat

19 Contact Information Joseph E. Knecht Vipa Solutions Email: Website: Phone: 402-420-5022 ext. 111

20 Links: –Vipa Solutions – –agencyShift: –JigSaw – –Facebook – –ProBlogger: media-metrics-you-should-monitor/ media-metrics-you-should-monitor/ –FeedBurner: & & –MyVenturePad: –Metric Tools: Radian6 - Techrigy - Scout Labs – TrueVoiceTechrigyScout Labs –Gallup: –Digg: –Twitter: Resources

21 – – – rue&freeText=Bill+Eckstrom&go.x=0&go.y=0 rue&freeText=Bill+Eckstrom&go.x=0&go.y=0 – (Marketing: Lincoln NE) – – – – – – Demo Site Links

22 Send us your specific question or current challenge, we will answer it and/or help you find a solution! Bill Eckstrom, Founder & President EcSELL Institute Joseph Knecht, VIPA Solutions

23 OCTOBER WEBINAR: Wednesday, October 21, 2009 10:00am PST / 12:00noon CST / 1:00pm EST TOPIC: 4 Sales Tactics You Must Adjust to Successfully Sell to the 3 Different Generations of B2B Buyers INSTRUCTOR: Dr. David Brookmire, leading researcher in Generational trends

24 THANK YOU FOR JOINING US TODAY! EcSELL Institute 402-261-6948 Professional development specific to sales management

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