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Give ‘em the PICKLE! Presented by: Helen Pannelli & Vern Ivey.

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1 Give ‘em the PICKLE! Presented by: Helen Pannelli & Vern Ivey

2 Give ‘em the PICKLE! Welcome to our presentation today.
Today, I promise you three things while you are here: You’ll begin thinking about service from the customer’s perspective. You’ll discover at least one simple way to personally improve the level of service you offer customers. We’ll have fun.

TRUE or FALSE! Take a few minutes to answer questions 1 through13.

4 According to Bob Farrell, we are all in the same business, the people business. Our business is not what we sell or make; it’s who we serve. Our job is to make our customers happy. How can we do that? We “Give ‘em the PICKLE!”

5 Give ‘em the PICKLE! Why are giving pickles important in our business?
Giving away pickles means: Giving customers what they want. Offering your special touch to exceed your customer’s expectations. Who can give away pickles, the district or you?

6 I would like to share the video with you now.

7 Depending on the current level of service you offer, it may be challenging to identify your pickles. It is important to consider that pickles might differ from one customer to another. Consider starting small: address your customer by name, smile, open a door, etc.

8 Give ‘em the PICKLE! There are four key principles we should focus on to help ensure that our customers return. SERVICE ATTITUDE CONSISTENCY TEAMWORK

9 How would you define the term “CUSTOMER SERVICE”?
Give ‘em the PICKLE! Let’s talk about each principle in detail. How would you define the term “CUSTOMER SERVICE”?

10 How would you define attitude?
According to Webster’s new World Dictionary, attitude is a manner of acting, feeling, or thinking that shows one’s disposition, opinion etc. What does this mean with regard to serving our customers? If you like the customer, they know it.

11 Give ‘em the PICKLE! CONSISTENCY is about giving customers what they expect. The team that works together well makes it easier to be consistent. It is important to recognize that the customer who is upset about not getting an extra pickle is based upon the “extra touch” or outstanding service. Once you start giving out “pickles”, it is important that the entire team live up to the new standard every day.

12 Give ‘em the PICKLE! TEAMWORK
Teamwork is a critical part that insures our customers will return. Everything we do will end up in front of the customers. Whether you are in the warehouse, front office, finance, or a custodian, what you do impacts each other and impacts the customer.

13 Give ‘em the PICKLE! There are a lot of different ways to improve the level of customer service. You need to develop a customer service goal that is S.M.A.R.T. Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Time-focused

14 Give ‘em the PICKLE! We all have bad days. But we have a responsibility to our customers, our peers, and ourselves to try to be the best “us” we can be while we are at work. How can we help one another check our poor attitudes at the door?

15 Take a few minutes to read the handouts.

16 What do you think? How do you think this simple act of starting lawn mower engines in the first story affects the business and the personal lives of the garbage collectors? How do you think this father & son feel every time they give away a pickle?

17 What is the pickle in the bank story?
What do you think happened? The man left the bank and walked to the bank across the street to open a new account-with one million, two hundred sixty thousand dollars. Was this a problem with the bank’s pickle policy or the teller?

18 Let’s take a self-assessment quiz. Read each question.
Take a moment to consider the statements an how they apply in your current job. NEVER (2) RARELY (3) OCCASSIONALLY (4) OFTEN (5) ALWAYS

19 Let’s take a few minutes and we will break into 3 groups
Let’s take a few minutes and we will break into 3 groups. You will have on your table a question. Please work on your question as a group and we will share out shortly.

20 We hope you enjoyed your time here today and remember “Give ‘em the PICKLE!”
Presented to you by: Helen Pannelli and Vern Ivey

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