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Graphic Novels An Enticing Overview Anna J. Small Roseboro, NBCT

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1 Graphic Novels An Enticing Overview Anna J. Small Roseboro, NBCT


3 He was a chief and the son of a chief. Joseph took seriously his responsibility for the health and safety of his people. He was not a quitter, so why did he announce, “I will fight no more, forever!”

4 No one in the United States would giver her flying lessons, so Bessie Coleman saved her money and studied in France. A black woman cannot become a pilot! Don’t tell Bessie what she CAN’T DO! She returned and showed what a black woman CAN do!

5 They thought he was mean ! So, why is Malcolm X now considered a hero and humanitarian? He preached hate! He was a such a charismatic man and powerful speaker that his ability to motivate a crowd frightened people across all racial lines. Image

6 Ask your grandparents about this man. They probably will confirm what you will learn about the singer, actor, performer who sold over 1 billion recordings of his songs! Discover why by reading this biographical sketch of an American icon.



9  Extraordinary American Indians by Susan Avery  Great Indian Tribes by Daniel Jacobson  From Abenaki to Zuni: a dictionary of Native American tribes by Evelyn Wolfson  Navajo Code-Talkers by Aaseng, Nathan and Roy O. Hawthorne

10 Talkin’ About Bessie Coleman: the story of aviator, Elizabeth Coleman by Nikki Grimes

11  Malcolm X: a fire burning brightly and Malcolm X: by any means necessary: a biography by Walter Dean  Malcolm X by Jack Rummel  Malcolm X: a revolutionary voice by Beatrice Gomley  Portraits of African American Heroes by Tonya Bolden  Marching towards Freedom, 1957-1965… by Robert Weisbrot  Extraordinary Black Americans: from Colonial to Contemporary Times by Kimberly Hayes Taylor

12  Elvis Presley by Robert Love  Elvis Presley by Melissa Hardinge  Who was Elvis Presley? By Geoff Edgars

13  Don’t Know Much About George Washington by Kenneth Davis  George Washington by Rober Bruns  George Washington: an American Life by Laurie Calkhoven  George Washington: the man who would not be king by Stephen Krensky

14 Graphic Novels A fun and easy way to prepare for high school History courses

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