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Canadian Training Institute General Offerings The Canadian Training Institute is excited to present our general program offerings. CTI is a non-profit.

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1 Canadian Training Institute General Offerings The Canadian Training Institute is excited to present our general program offerings. CTI is a non-profit organization which provides training, consulting assistance, promotes collaborative action and undertakes applied research projects in contributing to the effectiveness of services delivered by criminal justice and related human service agencies in Canada. Here are some of the programs and pricings, that we offer. For more information, and registration please contact. Sheldon Smith Program Co-ordinator 416.778.7056 Or

2 Substance Use Awareness & Youth Engagement Programs Overview  The Substance use Awareness and Youth Engagement program is an evidence-based program aimed at training youth workers, who work with youth who are at-risk of or who are beginning to experiment with substance use, to engage them in conversations about illicit drugs. Participants will  Examine the role of illicit drugs in youth culture  Learn about the effects, signs, symptoms and consequences of use  Discover how to enhance resiliency and protective factors  Learn about the Stages of Change and the change process  Learn about the Drug Use Continuum and dependence  Learn about different drugs  Discuss possible resources within the community  Participants will have an opportunity to practice the skills and apply the knowledge gained and will come away feeling more confident engaging in discussions with youth about substance use.  TUITION  $150.00 (including manual)

3 ACCREDITED CRISIS INTERVENTION WITH THE HOSTILE AND AGGRESSIVE INDIVIDUAL PROGRAM DESCRIPTION  This accredited two-day program offers participants training in how to cope and respond effectively to individuals who are acutely angry and/or are escalating their anger, resistance or hostility to potentially, act out violently. CTI's approach to crisis training has always been focused on prevention. Our skills training program reinforces the need to build relationships with clients, to understand the intra and interpersonal dynamics, and to enhance the staff's role as facilitator of learning. PROGRAM GOALS  Study the dynamics of anger and hostility;  Increase their self-awareness in maintaining a grounded and centered approach in responding to clients who act out overtly;  Develop effective verbal and non-verbal approaches for responding to anger, hostility and resistance;  Enhance personal skills to disengage from attacks;  Develop their theoretical knowledge of conflict situations and engage in practical simulations that focus on defusing and problem solving;  Increase their knowledge, skill and understanding of debriefing crisis incidents;  Review active listening, assertive communication and limit setting strategies in conflict situations;  Study strategies for effectively managing stress in work settings which experience both acute and chronic crisis situations.  TUITION  $315.00 (including manual)

4 The Brain Fitness Holistic A - Z Recovery & Relapse Prevention Workshop  This your A to Z COMPLETE Addiction Recovery Solution. Not only do you have a holistic approach to whole-brain integration, this authoritative book presents an innovative relapse prevention program with evidence-based cognitive and behavioral strategies.  An addiction is like a giant jigsaw puzzle with many pieces. This workbook provides information about various kinds of problems and Brain Fitness treatments to help potential recovery clients make informed choices that answer their specific, personal needs. To have the highest chance of success and lower the rate of relapse this step-by-step workbook is for you.  Clinicians get essential information and materials for implementing this approach with their clients. This practical user-friendly workbook is designed to be used to accompany a person or group in their addiction recovery process. Therefore, it is also recommended for counselors, clergy, sponsors, family members or anyone else serious about helping others. This is life changing. This is transformative. This is absolutely your time to feel free!  Just starting to use - Get It!  In the "Game" - Get It!  Thinking of Recovery - Get It!  In Treatment - Get It!  In Recovery - Get - It!  After Recovery/Community Integration - Get It!  The workbook includes over 170 pages with many clinically used exercises with our best reproducible handouts and forms. This workbook offers an eclectic, pragmatic, empathetic, positive, optimistic and sometimes humorous perspective.  TUITION  $75.00 (including manua l)

5 ENHANCING ENGAGEMENT AND POSITIVITY AT WORK PROGRAM DESCRIPTION  This one-day program will introduce participants to practical strategies to enhance personal engagement and positivity in the work they have chosen to do. Our work and vocational choices and work environments change and evolve over the course of our life-time. A primary goal for this program is to highlight the importance of increasing our awareness about the work we do and explore if it reflects and honours our passions, strengths, core values, and the unique qualities that we bring to the world. PROGRAM GOALS  Building upon the insights derived from the VIA Signature Strengths Inventory,  Building enhanced engagement to help employee’s sense of positive self-worth, self-esteem, and creating the capacity to achieve maximum self-efficacy  Look at methods that can help us build more joy and positivity into our personal and professional lives.  Examine Positivity Ratio and “Broaden-and-Build” theories and their relationship to our work.  Through the vehicle of Laughter Yoga, participants will learn a fun and practical process to increase laughter, fun, heartfelt joy, and playfulness into their day-to-day experience.  The program has been developed with a focus on the practical application - highlighting some of the key principles of the principles of Positive Psychology  TUITION  $150.00

6 MOTIVATIONAL INTERVEIWING AND THE STAGES OF CHANGE PROGRAM DESCRIPTION  Participants will be introduced Miller and Rollnik’s MI principles and practices. MI consists of a set of formalized theory-based and empirically evaluated interpersonal communication techniques designed to support participants in their work with clients. PROGRAM GOALS  Learn the importance of understanding their clients’ readiness for change;  Study an overview of the stages of change;  Discuss the key philosophical underpinnings of Motivational Interviewing;  Explore how to facilitate skill development in identification and assessment of the client’s stage of change;  Learn and practice the key skills of MI:  Learn the key philosophical underpinnings of MI,  Planting seeds of and then resolving ambivalence,  Working with Resistance,  Putting theory to practice to witnessing and participating in simulations.  TUITION  $165.00 (including manual)

7 DEFUSING ANGRY CUSTOMERS PROGRAM DESCRIPTION  This new program has been designed to assist retail staff and those who serve members of the public with skills to help engage the unruly, sarcastic, and the verbally aggressive customer. This program will be helpful for both managers and front-line staff. PROGRAM GOALS  Become aware of what “triggers” you and identify some strategies to help manage provocation effectively  Identify risks and behaviours that suggest outside help and assistance  Develop an increased awareness of the social context and physical environment of your workplace and the implications for your safety  Strategies for working alone  Techniques and strategies to co-create an engaging and vibrant customer service experience  TUITION  $150.00

8 COMMUNITY WORKER SAFETY STRATEGIES Program Overview  This program will introduce participants to practical safety strategies designed to maximize personal safety and minimize risk when working in unfamiliar or potentially dangerous community environments. Participants will:  Increase self-awareness regarding unsafe situations;  Develop practical strategies to minimize risk and maximize personal safety;  Increase personal confidence when working alone;  Identify their individual physical, psychological, and emotional resources;  Identify their agency’s strengths, gaps, and resources through the completion of a variety of safety inventories;  Learn to assess the risk and opportunities of any neighborhoods or community setting;  Increase their personal clarity around interpersonal boundaries when working with clients in the community.  The program is highly adaptive to the needs of the group. Each section can be addressed in a variety of methods, allowing for flexible time allocations.  TUITION  $165.00 (including manual)

9 CRISIS INTERVENTION ANNUAL ACCREDIATION FOR TRAINERS  PROGRAM DESCRIPTION  This is program is designed to for all of the graduates of the CTI Crisis Intervention Train-the-Trainer Program. The organizations that we work with and the clients whom we serve are continuously demanding quality and excellent customer service. Towards that end, CTI is committed to keeping its trainer graduates current in their training delivery methods with an attention to expert knowledge on crisis theory, physical skills and enhancing one’s group process and facilitation skills.  PROGRAM GOALS  Review the crisis theory, models, frameworks and prevention strategies  Incorporate practical accelerated learning strategies into the design of all your educational programs  Designing programs that are congruent with trauma-informed and anti-oppression values  Enhance your confidence and effectiveness in teaching the physical skills  Network with fellow trainers from around the province and share “lessons learned”  Receive an introduction on the principles of accelerated learning to apply to your facilitation skills  TUITION  $100.00 per person (snacks).

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