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1 C ONFEDERATE G ENERAL S TONEWALL J ACKSON By: Alexa Kelly and Amanda Johnson

2 E ARLY L IFE Born in Clarksburg, now West Virginia on January 21, 1824. Named Thomas Jonathan Jackson Trained at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Appointed to cadetship in June of 1842 Graduated on June 30, 1846.

3 M EXICAN W AR Began his military career as a second- lieutenant Served in the Mexican-American War from 1846-1848 Fought in battles with General Winfield Scott

4 R ELIGION Studied the Bible until he finally united with the Presbyterian Church in 1851 Extremely devout Christian Referred to as “Deacon Jackson” Had unwavering confidence in his religion

5 E CCENTRICITIES Tried to avoid fighting on Sundays Ate entire lemons, including the skins Believed his body was off balance Stood for hours with his right arm over his head at times

6 T EACHER Resigned from the army for a while Began teaching at the Virginia Military Institute on August 13, 1851 Some accounts say he was not a good teacher and students called him “Tom Fool Jackson” Funded a Sunday School for slaves with his own money

7 H ARPER ’ S F ERRY On October 16, 1859 abolitionist John Brown led a raid to seize federal arsenal in Harper’s Ferry, Virginia He wanted to help slaves rebel Jackson was summoned to Harper’s Ferry Stood guard at the execution of Brown

8 N ICKNAME Earned nickname “Stonewall” at the Battle of First Manassas during the Civil War Given to him by General Bernard E. Bee who stated, “There is Jackson standing like a stonewall.” Still a mystery what Bee meant: Did he consider Jackson brave and determined or too stubborn?

9 V ALLEY C AMPAIGN In October 1861 promoted to Major General and put in charge of Valley of Virginia (Shenandoah Valley) Began a series of bold operations and was defeated once at Kernstown on March 23, 1862. Overall campaign was successful. Won at Front Royal, Winchester, Cross Keys and Port Republic.

10 V ALLEY C AMPAIGN C ONTINUED After success with the Valley campaign, was sent to Richmond to join General Robert E. Lee Displayed ineffective leadership during Seven Days Battles Was sent back to the Valley

11 V ICTORIES Once back at the Valley, fought at Cedar Mountain Captured Manassas Junction Fought Battle of Second Manassas on August 30, 1862 and destroyed Northern General John Pope’s supply base Helped create conditions for a Confederate victory

12 V ICTORIES C ONTINUED Jackson led the capture of Harper’s Ferry on September 15, 1862 Gained 11,500 prisoners and a large amount of arms and stores Promoted to Lt. General in October. Became in charge of half of Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia Fought in the Battle of Fredericksburg on December 13, 1862

13 C HANCELLORSVILLE Battle of Chancellorsville began on May 1, 1863 Jackson was shot by friendly fire while talking to members of his staff His troops mistook him for the enemy

14 D EATH Jackson was taken to a nearby field hospital His arm was amputated Pneumonia set in, died eight days after being injured General Stuart succeeded Jackson

15 L EGACY Afterwards Lee said, “I have lost my right arm.” Monument erected at his grave in Lexington, Virginia Next to Lee, most revered of all Confederate generals Defeated Confederates stated “if only Stonewall had lived”

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