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Let’s Talk About Special Education

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1 Let’s Talk About Special Education
Exceptional Children Division July 2013

2 Let’s Talk About The Law

3 North Carolina Policies
IDEA 2004 Article 9 Section 504 FERPA North Carolina Policies Give out copies of Fed. Regs, Art. 9, State policies 504 questions should be directed to Elissa Brown FERPA- you may want to read this on line

4 Let’s Talk About Staff Requirements

5 Employ licensed, highly qualified EC teachers.
As you all are aware, Charter Schools may employ 50% non certified staff for secondary schools and 75% for elementary Schools. This does not apply to the EC staff. They must be certified.

6 Let’s Talk About The IEP Team Required Membership NC 1503-4.2
34 CFR Page 80 of NC polities

7 The parent(s) NC 1500-2.24 34 CFR 300.30 Definition of Parent
Look at page 14 in NC policies for the definition of parent Talk about divorce and custody When you can have an IEP meeting without a parent

8 Not less than one regular education teacher of the child, Not less than one special education teacher of the child,

9 LEA representative, An individual who can interpret the instructional implications of evaluation
Qualifications of an LEA rep.---Page 80 of NC policies

10 All decisions about an IEP are:
Remember All decisions about an IEP are: Made by a team, Based on the individual needs of the child, and Not based on administrative convenience, schedules, personnel, or money.

11 Let’s Talk About Continuum of Services NC 34 CFR

12 A full continuum of alternative placements must be available to meet the needs of children with disabilities for special education and related services. Page 27 in state policies Continuum and transfer students/ comparable services page 83 nc policies Don’t change the continuum just because…. Remember the LEA has to provide prior written notice explaining why the action was taken and what data was used to support the decision

13 So……. Don’t say or post on your website, “We only do total inclusion”.

14 Let’s Talk About Discipline for Students with Disabilities
NC through , , , and 34 CFR through , , and Article 9 of Chapter 115C-107.7;106.3 as amended Page in NC policies

15 What constitutes a removal?
When do the removals constitute a disciplinary change of placement? What is a manifestation determination and when is it required? What is the requirement for services? What about homebound services? Training Module 15 on EC website

16 Let’s Talk About Statements to Avoid

17 “We can’t/don’t do that here.”
“We only do inclusion.” “We will make that up next year.” “We are closed in the summer, so we don’t offer extended school year.” “Take him home for a few days to cool off.” “ We did not expel him, we excluded him.”

18 What do you want to talk about?

19 Monitor Contact Information Regions 1 & 7: Marie Massengill Regions 2 & 5: Terri Hayes Regions 3 & 6: Paula Kitzke Region 8: Vacant as of August 1, 2013 Regions 4: Glendora Hagins Bobbie Grammer Refer to map

20 References

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