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Further LIT training in Slovenia Amalija Maček University of Ljubljana.

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1 Further LIT training in Slovenia Amalija Maček University of Ljubljana

2 Further training in Slovenia 2/ 10 I. Status quo (certification and study) II. EULITA/TRAFUT – impact III. Seminars: DZTPS-Section IV. Courses: Department of Translation

3 I. Status Quo – Certification 3/10 Interpretation provided at all stages Ministry of Justice – CIP Seminar: 12 hours (law, constitution) Workshop: EN, DE, 6 hours Written and oral exam: every month Register of court interpreters Seminar in November - Police, asylum - Interpreting technique

4 II. Status Quo – Study 4/ – Department of Translation at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana Cooperation with the Faculty of Law Translating legal texts (criminal law, EU- law, law of obligations), EN, DE, IT, FR Plan: Specialized joined MA-study

5 II. TRAFUT/EULITA 5/10 TRAFUT Workshop Ljubljana November 2011 First Slovenian LIT Association: DZTPS-Section – December 2011 (150 members, member of EULITA) Združenje stalnih sodnih tolmačev in pravnih prevajalcev Slovenije – March 2012 (56 members)

6 III. Seminars: DZTPS-Section 6/10 Ministry of Justice, January further-training-certificates in 5 years DZTPS-Section: - 6 seminars - 40 – 75 participants per seminar - topics: criminal procedure, terminology, ethics, police, cultural background, finances, translation strategies, corporate law

7 IV. Department of Translation 7/10 Department of Translation Consecutive, 2 days, 2012/2013 Specialization: 5 seminars, 30 ECTS, 2013/2014 Joined MA Course

8 IV. Department of Translation 8/10 Consecutive technique topics: theory, ethics, note taking, memory training, feed-back, body language and voice control speech repository

9 IV. Department of Translation 9/10 Specialization Oslo, Tampere 5 two-days-seminars, 30 ECTS e-learning topics: interpreting, translation and new technologies, EU-law, criminal law, corporate law basic + novelties What is basic?

10 Thank you!

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