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Cast metal Full Crown,Cast metal Complete veneer crown

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1 Cast metal Full Crown,Cast metal Complete veneer crown
Zhu ziyuan Staff Room of Prosthodontics

2 Contents What is the full crown?
How many types of the full crown are there? What’s the advantage of the metal cast crown? Which teeth need crowns? How are crowns done?

3 What is the full crown A dental restoration that completely reproduces the clinical crown of a natural tooth

4 Types of the crown Metal full crown (金属全冠) Non-metal full crown

5 Types of the crown Combinatorial crown (金属—非金属混合全冠)

6 Metal crown( posterior tooth)
Cast (铸造) metal crown Wrought (锤造) metal crown Computer aided design and computer aided manufactory ( CAD/CAM ) metal crown

7 Non-metal crown( posterior and anterior tooth)
resin crown ceramic crown Cast glass ceramic crown CAD/CAM ceramic crown Porcelain crown

8 combinatorial crown (posterior and anterior tooth)
Porcelain fused to metal crown Metal-resin crown

9 Definition of cast metal crown
Cast metal crown is a full crown restoration which is cast with dental alloy.

10 Advantages of cast metal crown
high Strength tooth removed less fitness Long lasting Fine protection

11 Indications of metal crown
Posterior tooth with large defect

12 Indications of metal crown
Malposition (错位), torsoclusion (扭转)or malformation of posterior tooth(形态不良) Weak posterior abutment (基牙) of removable partial denture

13 Posterior retainer of fixed partial denture

14 Posterior tooth after RCT ( Root canal therapy 根管治疗)

15 Contraindications of metal crown
Incontrollable caries People allergic to the metal Tooth with esthetical requirement

16 Contraindications of metal crown
Residual root

17 Design of metal crown Material selection

18 Design of metal crown The position of gingival margin of the crown
To reduce the occlusal force

19 Tooth preparation Occlusal reduction:
Provide the adequate room for the crown

20 Tooth preparation Occlusal surface: Amount of tooth reduction:1.0mm

21 Essentials of Occlusal preparation
Reduce the inclination of cusp

22 Essentials of Occlusal preparation
Prepare ladder on large filling material

23 Buccal and lingual reduction:
Provide the adequate room for the crown Amount of tooth removing:1.0mm



26 Essentials of buccal and lingual preparation
The functional cusp bevel preparation

27 Proximal reduction: Provide the adequate room for the crown
Amount of tooth removing:1.0mm

28 Essentials of axical preparation
Axial convergent angle 2°~5°

29 The axial surface angel preparation
To keep the contour of the crown

30 Cervical preparation Chamfer or bevel Width of shoulder
Non-noble metal:0.5~0.8mm Noble metal:0.35~0.5mm

31 Position of gingival margin
At the gingiva 1.0mm above gingiva 0.5~1.0mm under gingiva

32 Finish 1.0mm 1.0 0.5 to 0.8

33 Impression of metal crown
An imprint of the teeth and surrounding tissues, formed with a plastic material to provide a mold for use in making restorations

34 Impression steps Impression of opposite teeth Impression of abutment
Bite Registration

35 Gingival retraction Retraction cord

36 Impression procedure

37 Impression method Two step method One step method

38 Try in of metal crown Check the gingival margin and tissular surface of the crown Try in on the die

39 Try in of metal crown Placement onto the abutment Occlusal adjustment

40 Essentials Pulp protection Gingiva protection Dental tissue protection

41 Essentials Correct tool selection Application of temporary crown
Occlusal adjustment

42 Essentials Indications and contraindications To improve the retention

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