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Marketing possibilities 2013 Persoonlijk. Flexibel.

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1 Marketing possibilities 2013 Persoonlijk. Flexibel.

2 Content 1.Introduction 2.Sales-Office & Database Segmentation 3.Marketing possibilities; *Please notice that some POE material contains the old Actebis Computers logo. Banners I-mails Direct Mail Ads on IT related websites and magazines Social Media Single vendor campaign Multi vendor campaign 4.ALSO Call Center 5.Full-focus sales force day + Call Center + SPIFF 6.ALSO Exclusive Partner Event 7.Sales training at ALSO 8.Meet & Greet 9.ITPRODEALS ***NEW*** 10.ALSO Application ***NEW*** 1/2/2014

3 1 Introduction ALSO Nederland B.V. has been an authorized distributor of components, computers, peripherals, network products, software and storage products since 1994. We offer every IT-reseller an excellent base for its purchase process. We maintain this base by responding to market developments. Therefore we often make an inventory where improvements are possible through a personal approach. Our dedicated account managers respond to the current client situation and anticipate customers needs, but also our targeted website with many features contributes to this base. The efficient logistics process at ALSO provides a proper settlement of the order. In short: ALSO realizes that every client is unique and it continually maintains a personal, yet flexible approach, tailored to the various business situations. An unique combination ALSO Nederland B.V. is part of the ALSO Holding AG with offices in 12 European countries. With a turnover of 6,3 billion, ALSO belongs to the top 3 of IT, telecommunication and consumer electronics distributor in Europe. Because of this, ALSO Nederland B.V. is able to offer its customers a unique combination in the Netherlands; a very personal and flexible approach, but also the benefits of a major European player. 1/2/2014

4 2 Sales-office & Database Segmentation A. Retail Managed Accounts Large Database1000 resellers LoyaltyMonthly 100% MarketingTailor made - Threshold promotions - Events - Giveaways B. SMB Managed Accounts Large Database500 resellers LoyaltyMonthly 100% MarketingBased on customer needs C. SMB Unmanaged Accounts Large Database5000 resellers LoyaltyModerate MarketingLost customers strategy (breadth) J003 SMB UNMANAGED ACCOUNTS J001 RETAIL MANAGED ACCOUNTS J002 SMB MANAGED ACCOUNTS C B A ALSO SEGMENTATION MARKETING 1/2/2014

5 3.1 Marketing possibilities: Banners (creation included) Banner on login page 468 x 60 350,- Banner on login page 180 x 150 350,- Banner on contentpage 185 x 290 375,- Banner on contentpage185 x 600 450,- Banner on contentpage468 x 60 550,- Banner on webshop 185 x 90 400,- Banner underneath HTML468 x 60 150,- Banner in components HTML468 x 60 150,- Banner linked to customized promopage 300,- 1/2/2014

6 Dedicated I-mail 550,- Shared I-mail ( maximum of 2 or 3 products by vendor ) 250,- 4000 addresses Opening rate Ø 40% 3.2 Marketing possibilities: I-mail (creation included) 1/2/2014

7 3.3 Marketing possibilities: Direct mail Its possible to send a DM to a large number of customers in co-operation with ALSO. The campaign, promotion or informative message will be created completely by ALSO. Direct mail package Creation DM Printing Segmentation database Sending Price on request 1/2/2014

8 3.4 Marketing possibilities: Ads on IT related magazines and websites Do you want to reach a large number of potential customers? Show your brand and products by advertising in IT-magazines or on websites. ALSO maintains an intense relationship with several IT- magazines and websites: DealerInfo CBM ChannelConnect Digitailing Hotspot Retail CRN Tweakers Pro Dutch IT-Channel ALSO will create the banner or advertisement. Price custom made 1/2/2014

9 3.5 Marketing possibilities: Social Media Twitter is one of the biggest marketing phenomenon of the online business world. In fact, it has been growing faster than any other social network and is expected to grow at a faster rate in the near future. As a marketing platform, Twitter offers many benefits to businesses. ALSO_NL ALSO_Software ALSO_ Laptops LinkedIn is one of the biggest world's largest professional network. As marketing platform, LinkedIn offers many benefits to businesses. ALSO Product Managers inform the followers about their own brands. Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. ALSO has an own Facebook company page: Please go to Facebook and Like us. We use social media to keep our likers and followers updated by posting news about products, campaigns and corporate information. 1/2/2014

10 3.6 Marketing possibilities: Single vendor campaign Get your own custom made campaign. Promotion of the campaign by for example placing banners, sending I-mails, sales incentive etc. is all possible. Campaign goal Rumour around the brand Sales boost Loyalty Target group Managed Retail group (1000 resellers) Managed SMB group (500 resellers) Unmanaged SMB group (5000 resellers) Price custom made 1/2/2014

11 3.7 Marketing possibilities: Multi-vendor campaign ALSO initiates several times a year campaigns for all vendors. These multi-vendor campaigns take, for example, place at the following moments: Seasons Special events like soccer (EK/WK) or the Olympics Campaign goal Rumour around the brand Sales boost Loyalty Relationship management Target group Managed SMB group (500 resellers) Unmanaged SMB group (5000 resellers) Retail Price custom made 1/2/2014

12 The ALSO call center has a segmented database of ± 5000 customers to its disposal. Each customer can be segmented on for example the following points: Commonly buying Yes/No (customer breadth) Stock keeping Product group X Etc. In association with the ALSO marketing team an appropriate campaign will be developed on a segmented customers group. The support will take place by a call script, DM or I-mail. At the end of the incentive a report/summary will be given to the supplier with feedback. (Including ROI calculation) Effectiveness: The range depends on the action and call script. Ø 350 customers a day. Price 400.- a day Customized Custom-made call center days are also possible. 4 ALSO Call Center 1/2/2014

13 5 Full-focus sales force day + Call Center + SPIFF Standard 08.30 – 9.00 Briefing 9.00 – 17.00 Call out action (retail + managed & unmanaged accounts) 17.00 Distribute the price for best account manager Price 950,- (Call Center included) Before the focus day an I-mail is established, in which the action is communicated towards the resellers. ALSO will develop the I-mail. After that the battle between all account managers can begin. ALSO can arrange a breakfast, lunch or drinks on request (additional 100,-) The cost of the SPIFF prices are not included. Customized Custom-made focus days are also possible. 1/2/2014

14 6 ALSO Exclusive Partner Event A unique occasion for promoting your brand or products in a very personal manner to create a top of mind position of the customer. Several ways are used for inviting guests; letter, i-mail, banner and call out campaign. The supplier supplies content, we will arrange the location. Customized Custom-made events are also possible if needed. 1/2/2014

15 7 Sales training 1/2/2014 A training or presentation for the ALSO sales team can take place at the following moments: Breakfast08:30 - 09:00 Lunch 12:00 - 12:30 Dinner 17:30 - 18:30 Priceon request Customized Custom-made events are also possible if needed.

16 8 Meet & Greet 1/2/2014 By a Meet & Greet you can inform resellers about your company and your products. The large meeting room at ALSO is at your disposal the whole evening. A luxury buffet will be served during the Meet & Greet. Location: Large meeting room at ALSO in Nieuwegein Time: 18.00 – 22.00 Number of persons Max. 40 Price on request Customized Custom-made events are also possible if needed.

17 ITPRODEALS FACTS Circulation: 1.3 million all over the Netherlands; Distribution: 6-8 times a year; Each reseller has its own exclusive rayon; Folder is also digitally available* Duration folder: 2 weeks; Size: 8-page A4 glossy folder. Excluding the front and backside the folder consists of 40 positions; Contents: A folder with not just the best deals but also extensive product information; Extras: POS material, like (pavement board) posters and shelf cards; Free shipping during the folder period. Reseller: 52 resellers, 67 stores! * Contractually agreed that the digital version of the folder is not listed by price- and comparison sites at SKU level. 9 ITPRODEALS 1/2/2014 ALSO launched the first edition of ITPRODEALS in January 2013. ITPRODEALS is an 8-page glossy A4 folder and is developed from the following point of view: Our resellers are professionals, they have a passion for IT and have knowledge of IT products. We believe especially they deserve focus and personal attention. By bundling forces, the IT professional can offer good deals and we give them a strong position to compete with the large retail concerns.

18 What does ITPRODEALS mean for you as a supplier? This means more exposure of your brand. Your brand is visible all over the Netherlands, both at the end users home as well as at the stores of the IT professional! We contractually agreed with our resellers that your products will be presented properly*. With ITPRODEALS you will communicate directly with the end user. * If POS material available ALSO will submit this. Your products in ITPRODEALS? Thats possible! Together with us you will decide how many and which products you would like to expose in ITPRODEALS. Per position you can choose to show one large image or multiple smaller ones (with a maximum of 3 products per position). You yourself are responsible for price stability of your ITPRODEALS products. Contribution per position: 750,-. * * This contribution is additional to the standard marketing & communication quarter agreements with ALSO towards the reseller 1/2/2014 More information? Please contact: Dominick Joosten Marketing & E-business Manager Tel. direct: +31(0)30 – 608 47 23

19 Available for 10. ALSO Application 1/2/2014 With this application ALSO keeps resellers informed about relevant and unique promotions, campaigns and events. The ALSO application is the perfect tool to centralize all information about ALSO or the channel. With this application, resellers can find the information where and when it suits them. The app is specifically designed for resellers of IT-products and is available for Apple, Android and Windows. Push notifications Our vendors can make use of this functionality. Rule: Only unique and relevant channel or product info Coming soon: ALSO mobile shop in ALSO application. This mobile webshop will adjust the size of the screen to the device of the user. In this manner the placement of the order can be done on every location.

20 ALSO Nederland B.V. Archimedesbaan 26 3439 ME Nieuwegein Netherlands Tel: 030 - 608 47 00 Fax: 030 - 608 16 80 FR CH AT DE NL DK LT LV EE FI SE NO

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