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Perencanaan SDM (HR PLANNING) Perencanaan SDM (HR PLANNING)

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1 Perencanaan SDM (HR PLANNING) Perencanaan SDM (HR PLANNING)

2 Suatu proses review yang sistematis atas kebutuhan- kebutuhan SDM, untuk meyakini bahwa jumlah dan keahlian yang harus dimiliki, tersedia pada saat diperlukan. Proses analisis dan identifikasi kebutuhan dan ketersediaan SDM, sehingga organisasi dapat mencapai obyektifnya. HR PLANNING

3 Linkage of Organizational and HR Strategies

4 Factors That Determine HR Plans

5 HR PLANNING Strategi korporat  Target Penjualan  laba Strategi fungsional  Produksi  Pemasaran  Pelayanan Rencana divisional Strategi bisnis  Jumlah produksi  Omzet penjualan HR planning Strategic Planning Kebutuhan SDM (demand) Pemenuhan SDM (supply)

6 HR PLANNING (process)

7 Strategic Planning Forecasting Human Resource Requirements Comparing Requirements and Availability Forecasting Human Resource Availability Surplus of WorkersDemand = Supply No Action Restricted Hiring, Reduced Hours, Early Retirement, Layoff, Downsizing Shortage of Workers Recruitment Selection HR PLANNING Human Resource Planning

8  Demand for firm’s goods or services must be forecast  Estimate of numbers and kinds of employees the organization will need at future dates  Forecast is then converted into people requirements Forecasting HR Requirements

9  Determining whether the firm will be able to secure employees with the necessary skills, and from what sources these individuals may be obtained  Show whether the needed employees may be obtained from within the company, from outside the organization, or from a combination of the two sources Forecasting HR Availability

10 Internal Assessment of the Organizational Workforce Auditing Jobs and Skills  What jobs exist now?  How many individuals are performing each job?  How essential is each job?  What jobs will be needed to implement future organizational strategies?  What are the characteristics of anticipated jobs? 1

11 Forecasting the Demand for Human Resources  Organization-wide estimate for total demand  Unit breakdown for specific skill needs by number and type of employee  Develop decision rules (“fill rates”) for positions to be filled internally and externally.  Develop additional decision rules for positions impacted by the chain effects of internal promotions and transfers. Internal Assessment of the Organizational Workforce 2

12 Organizational Capabilities Inventory  HRIS databases— sources of information about employees’ knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs)  Components of an organizational capabilities inventory  Workforce and individual demographics  Individual employee career progression  Individual job performance data Internal Assessment of the Organizational Workforce 3

13  Restricted hiring – employees who leave are not replaced  Reduced hours  Early retirement  Layoffs Surplus of Employees

14 Shortage of Workers Forecasted  Creative recruiting  Compensation incentives – premium pay is one method  Training programs – prepare previously unemployable people for positions  Different selection standards – alter current criteria

15 Internal vs. External Staffing

16 HR Forecasting Techniques Zero-based forecasting – uses current level as starting point for determining future staffing needs Bottom-up approach – each level of organization, starting with lowest, forecasts its requirements to provide aggregate of employment needs

17 HR Forecasting Techniques Mathematical models – Assist in forecasting. Relationship between sales demand and number of employees needed is positive one. Simulation – technique with experimenting with real-world situation through a mathematical model

18 Proses pengawakan eksternal Permintaan SDM (demand) Tuntutan eksternal Keputusan organisatoris Faktor ke- TK-an Teknik peramalan Expert Proyeksi trend Metoda lain Kebutuhan SDM Jangka Pendek Jangka Pendek Jangka Panjang Jangka Panjang Pemenuhan SDM Internal Eksternal Rencana rotasi/ mutasi Rencana suksesi Hasil audit SDM Hasil analisis bursa TK Penambahan Jangka pendek & panjang HR planning Jangka pendek & panjang HR planning Proses pengawakan internal = =

19  Better view of the HR dimensions of business decisions  Lower HR costs through better HR management.  More timely recruitment for anticipate HR needs  More inclusion of protected groups through planned increases in workforce diversity.  Better development of managerial talent Benefits of HR Planning

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