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Perencanaan SDM (HR PLANNING).

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1 Perencanaan SDM (HR PLANNING)

2 HR PLANNING Suatu proses review yang sistematis atas kebutuhan-kebutuhan SDM, untuk meyakini bahwa jumlah dan keahlian yang harus dimiliki, tersedia pada saat diperlukan. Proses analisis dan identifikasi kebutuhan dan ketersediaan SDM, sehingga organisasi dapat mencapai obyektifnya.

3 Linkage of Organizational and HR Strategies

4 Factors That Determine HR Plans

5 HR PLANNING Strategi korporat Strategi bisnis Strategi fungsional
Target Penjualan laba Strategi bisnis Jumlah produksi Omzet penjualan Strategi fungsional Produksi Pemasaran Pelayanan Strategic Planning Rencana divisional Kebutuhan SDM (demand) Pemenuhan SDM (supply) HR planning

6 HR PLANNING (process)

7 HR PLANNING Strategic Planning Human Resource Planning
Forecasting Human Resource Requirements Comparing Requirements and Availability Forecasting Human Resource Availability Demand = Supply Surplus of Workers Shortage of Workers No Action Restricted Hiring, Reduced Hours, Early Retirement, Layoff, Downsizing Recruitment Selection

8 Forecasting HR Requirements
Demand for firm’s goods or services must be forecast Estimate of numbers and kinds of employees the organization will need at future dates Forecast is then converted into people requirements

9 Forecasting HR Availability
Determining whether the firm will be able to secure employees with the necessary skills, and from what sources these individuals may be obtained Show whether the needed employees may be obtained from within the company, from outside the organization, or from a combination of the two sources

10 Internal Assessment of the Organizational Workforce
1 Auditing Jobs and Skills What jobs exist now? How many individuals are performing each job? How essential is each job? What jobs will be needed to implement future organizational strategies? What are the characteristics of anticipated jobs?

11 Internal Assessment of the Organizational Workforce
2 Forecasting the Demand for Human Resources Organization-wide estimate for total demand Unit breakdown for specific skill needs by number and type of employee Develop decision rules (“fill rates”) for positions to be filled internally and externally. Develop additional decision rules for positions impacted by the chain effects of internal promotions and transfers.

12 Internal Assessment of the Organizational Workforce
3 Organizational Capabilities Inventory HRIS databases—sources of information about employees’ knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) Components of an organizational capabilities inventory Workforce and individual demographics Individual employee career progression Individual job performance data

13 Surplus of Employees Restricted hiring – employees who leave are not replaced Reduced hours Early retirement Layoffs

14 Shortage of Workers Forecasted
Creative recruiting Compensation incentives – premium pay is one method Training programs – prepare previously unemployable people for positions Different selection standards – alter current criteria

15 Internal vs. External Staffing

16 HR Forecasting Techniques
Zero-based forecasting – uses current level as starting point for determining future staffing needs Bottom-up approach – each level of organization, starting with lowest, forecasts its requirements to provide aggregate of employment needs

17 HR Forecasting Techniques
Mathematical models –Assist in forecasting. Relationship between sales demand and number of employees needed is positive one. Simulation – technique with experimenting with real-world situation through a mathematical model

18 = Kebutuhan SDM Pemenuhan SDM HR planning Rencana rotasi/ mutasi
Rencana suksesi Hasil audit SDM Expert Tuntutan eksternal Kebutuhan SDM Jangka Pendek Panjang Internal Proyeksi trend Permintaan SDM (demand) Keputusan organisatoris Pemenuhan SDM = Teknik peramalan Faktor ke-TK-an Eksternal Metoda lain Hasil analisis bursa TK Penambahan Jangka pendek & panjang HR planning Proses pengawakan internal Proses pengawakan eksternal

19 Benefits of HR Planning
Better view of the HR dimensions of business decisions Lower HR costs through better HR management. More timely recruitment for anticipate HR needs More inclusion of protected groups through planned increases in workforce diversity. Better development of managerial talent

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