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Get more prospects faster than a speeding bullet Eric Gruber PR LEADS Article Marketing Experts

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1 Get more prospects faster than a speeding bullet Eric Gruber PR LEADS Article Marketing Experts

2 What You Will Learn Today The best strategy to get more prospects to visit your site so you can make more money How to write articlesthe easy way How to publish articles on the web

3 What Youll Learn Today! How to get more clients faster than a speeding bullet Without Google Ad Words Without Expensive public relations agencies Without tricking Google into visiting your site

4 Do You Want More Prospects? More Publicity? More Profits? More Power?

5 Balance of Power Celebrity Specialists Generalists

6 Publicity, Prospects, Profits and Power Comes From 1 Thing


8 My story I was just like you Before I graduated college, I had 3 job offers When I graduated, 3 offers went to zero offers No one was hiring Took me 15 months to find a job Laid off after a couple months Opened my own business – Everything Communications

9 My Story Continued Still in debt and put parents into debt Had to ask grandparents for money – how embarrassing! Asked for my mentor – now JV Partner Dan Janal for help. He told me to look into article marketing.

10 Why you are going to love articles How many of you would like to see more links on Google? How many of you would like to see more prospects? How many of you would like to have your best year ever? How many of you would like to have these benefits without doing any work? How many of you would like to become the most famous person in your field?

11 Article marketing propelled me from ZERO to HERO in LESS than 6 Months! It also gave me ACCESS

12 Gave me access to people of influence like Yanik Silver

13 Wow! I cant believe you reached so many people (Over 300,000 readers), in just 1 week! You helped me establish even more credibility, drive pre-qualified, targeted traffic to my website and sell more products and services. Thank you Dan and Eric! – Yanik Silver

14 And Alexandria Brown – The Ezine Queen

15 Make More Money Tracey Mallett Fitness expert, As a result of my articles being published on sites like Modern Mom, Body Concept and newsletters like Through Your Body, I got at least 17 more orders than usual. And that was just yesterday. Im totally amazed.

16 Get more traffic Lesley Mattos Founder, Addesso Albums There are three reasons to use the PR LEADS Article Marketing Service: Traffic, Traffic and More Traffic. By tripling our traffic with just one article submission you have not only met our expectations, you blew right past them

17 Have your best year ever Dani Kaplan President, SMC Data Systems As a result of having my articles published using the PR LEADS Article Service, I have achieved the status of being Distribution Industry Expert who can be counted on as the trusted advisor This publicity has resulted in a new surge of business opportunities making 07 the best year in 27 years in business! Dani Kaplan built credibility by sending his top placement links to IBM resellers. You should be doing this with your customers and prospects!

18 Attract targeted prospects Mac Macintosh Sales trainer I even got a large spike in ezine subscriber number. And when I say targeted, I mean targeted. They get me thousands of targeted links like chief,, ceo, management to my website. And it saves me hours and hours of time from doing it myself or having to teach someone else how to submit articles for me.

19 Create a best-selling book Mark Stockman Marketing manager PR LEADS service helped in our succesful quest to push Ultrametabolism to the #2 spot on the New York Times Best- Seller List. More than just getting exposure for our articles, the PR LEADS service also helped establish relationships with website publishers that will continue to deliver value for many months and years to come!

20 I got a mid-five figure project with a new company Kevin Berchelmann I procrastinated in getting the article finished and kick myself daily for doing so. Within 8 days, I had 45+ new newsletter subscribers, doazen uniuqe google mentions and a 5 percent increase in daily website traffic. Not to mention a front-page on – a gift that keeps on giving in Google mentions! Thats just from one article!

21 Ari Galper – Unlock the Game Too much time to manage Google Articles are easier to use! Articles get great traffic! Articles get quality traffic!

22 James Lange, Author Retire Secure If you want a flawless system to get your articles on the web, position yourself as an expert in your area and drive traffic to your websites, this is the service to use! Eric Gruber understands his market and gives excellent recommendations for edits and improvements. He knows how to tweak articles so that ehy get noticed.

23 Heres the truth about article marketing If youve tried article marketing in the past and it hasnt worked as well as youd like, dont worry. It isnt your fault. You didnt know the right system. Im here today to show you the right system – and it is easy!

24 The best strategy to attract prospects People buy from people they know People buy from people they trust People dont trust advertising Thats why youre going to love articles!

25 Its not your fault you arent getting results from your articles You were not taught the formula Im here to teach you the right formula for using articles to get more prospects

26 If you can write a shopping list, you can write an article in 30 minutes. Im going to do it in 10 minutes right now.

27 How to write articles Headline -- Benefit oriented with am outrageous proposition you can fulfill Opening paragraph paints a picture of pain in 3 or 4 sentences Body of article explains how to solve the problem Last paragraph shows the results Identify your audience

28 Article Writing Exercise List three problems that your audience is coming to you for help with.

29 Headline Secrets Define your Audience Use POWER words Create a headline that begins with the words HOW-TO Use headlines that tells the number of steps or reasons Place your keywords in the first 4 words of your title

30 More Headline Secrets Offer a great benefit to the reader. Make your headline engaging Peak curiosity. What can you make them do with a curiously hypnotic headline? Offer an outrageous proposition Be Specific

31 "Your customized service helped to get my article featured in this new major women's publication. Who knew that tweaking the title of my article would help it make a bigger impact. Thank you for your expertise. Jill Lublin, Promising Promotion

32 Article Writing Exercise #2 Write 3 Headlines Using My Secret Headline Formula: Keywords benefit keywords

33 Article Writing Exercise #3 List 7 Tips You Can Provide to Solve the Problem

34 Article Writing Exercise #4 Write down the results people can get if they follow your advice

35 How to write an article that positions you as an expert I discovered this by accident when I wrote an article about my company, and it will work for you too! Find five key things you do that no one else does When people read the article, they will think you are the best resource available

36 How to Write Your Bio Box What You Do How Your Targeted Audience Will Benefit Your Call to Action Link to Website

37 5 Offers That Will Convert readers into Website Visitors 1. Special Report 2. EBook 3. Sneak Preview 4. FREE Video 5. Checklist

38 2 Step Process to Creating Landing Pages That Convert

39 How to Make Even More Money from Articles *Ebook * Systems * Teleseminars * Home study courses * Special Reports * Membership sites * Membership programs * Books * Seminars * Speeches

40 Got Published on Denise Landers Author and President of Key Organization Productivity expert seen on the Nightly News. Author of Destination: Organization, A Week by Week Journey.Destination: Organization, A Week by Week Journey. Creator of The Productivity Series.The Productivity Series. Spotlighted in a television interview for William Shatners Heartbeat of America series.Heartbeat of America Featured in the book, Masters of Success, with Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul), Ken Blanchard (The One Minute Manager), and John Christensen (Fish Tales).Masters of Success "Most people would love to be quoted by and The Well, I wasnt just quoted, I had my articles published by and The Thank you, PR LEADS Article Marketing Service!" Now she has a column on driving traffic to her website in hordes every single day!

41 Major article marketing campaign killing mistakes you want to avoid:

42 1.Failure to complete a targeted article submission campaign. You want to select the best sites, ezines and directories that accept article submissions within your niche.

43 Failure to read each sites guidelines. Get our personalized directory at

44 Using automated software to submit articles.

45 Submitting your articles to unscrupulous sites that are not ranked by Google or Alexa.

46 Failing to handle the day-to-day correspondence with website and ezine publishers.

47 Article doesnt differentiate you from your competition.

48 Not giving your audience what they want.

49 Thinking people wont pay attention to you because youre in an overcrowded market and there are people more famous than you

50 CASE in POINT Valerie Di Carlo is an SEO Expert At first she thought people wont want to read her stuff because shes not a big name and there are too many people like Brad Fallon that people will want to read rather than her. She received more leads in 1 day with article submissions than any other Internet Marketing strategy!

51 Failure to put your article on steroids

52 If you want to get prospects All you have to do is follow my system Why would you want to recreate something thats already been done for you Dont think Dont work Dont create Just do exactly what Ive told you to do

53 Did I Deliver as Promised? Have you learned one new thing that will help you get more prospects and make more money? Or have you been reminded of an important point that you already knew?


55 Win My FREE A to Z Article Marketing System

56 Get My FREE EBook Article Marketing Secrets Revealed: Top 10 Mistakes Most Article Marketers Make

57 My Favorite Resources Get my FREE Article Marketing Secrets Newsletter at Check out the PR LEADS Article Marketing Secrets Blog – Invest in my Complete A to Z Article Marketing System : Learn how to write articles in 30 minutes or less with Article Writing Templates Get published on the top websites, ezines and article directories:

58 Get access to article writing and marketing coaching from top Internet marketing experts including Bob Bly (Americas Greatest Copywriter). Article Directory Submission Service Get the publicity you need and want. Invest in PR Leads and in the article marketing service and you can be seen in print and all over the Web:

59 Turn your articles into audio products with Great -- The complete, reliable solution to all your teleseminar needs! One call sets up your bridge line, recording, editing, CD duplication, shipping and transcripts! For more info, go to



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