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The Northwest Regional Context

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0 Merseytram & Regional Economic Development

1 The Northwest Regional Context
Northwest Regional Economic Strategy Key Activities Liverpool Vision regenerating deprived areas improving the quality of the built environment housing renewal improving physical accessibility to job opportunities championing strategic transport initiatives maximising the existing economic infrastructure 25 designated employment sites University Edge, Liverpool Wavertree Technology Park, Liverpool King’s Business Park, Knowsley The Estuary, Speke/Garston, Liverpool Regional Transport Strategy Strategic Transport Priorities Liverpool South Parkway (Allerton Interchange) Merseyrail Electrics System Merseytram Network

2 Merseytravel’s Roles and Responsibilities
Buses Merseyrail Electrics Mersey Ferries Mersey Tunnels TravelSafe TravelWise Information Interchange Merseytram Bus Strategy New Concession Investment Programme Parliamentary Bill TravelSafe Board Programme Partnerships Traveline Strategy Implementation 3-line Network

3 Merseytravel’s Vision & Objective
“We want transport to contribute to our quality of life, not detract from it. The way forward is through an integrated transport policy.” Merseytravel is committed to delivering a Single Integrated Public Transport Network that is accessible to everyone. Our focused objective is Putting the Passenger First

4 Merseyside Economic Context
60% of households dependent upon public transport 35% of population live in officially recognised deprived areas Up to 70% unemployment in worst areas 38 Pathways areas of deprivation 8 Strategic Investment Areas – a focus for new employment 2nd period of Objective 1 status until 2006; £840m investment But regeneration underway £700m Grosvenor retail development increase in city centre living

5 Merseyside Transport Context
Public Transport is major feature of Merseyside life, with over 200m passenger journeys a year Bus is dominant mode 38% of households have no access to a car Road traffic forecast to grow by 30+% in next 10 years Objective 1 programme to create 56,500 new jobs in key development areas & provide jobs for 12,500 residents in deprived areas….our challenge is to ensure the latter can get to the former and that the developments take place in a sustainable manner

6 The Merseyside Local Transport Plan
Supporting Sustainable Inclusive Regeneration A Multi-modal package of measures A SINGLE INTEGRATED PUBLIC TRANSPORT NETWORK, including: Merseytram – 3-line network Merseyrail Upgrade/Re-franchise 15 Quality Bus Corridors (90km bus lanes) Interchange Strategy Information Strategy Park & Ride Strategy Liverpool City Centre Movement Strategy £210 million indicative settlement 4 Major Schemes: Merseytram Line 1 Liverpool South Parkway (Allerton Interchange) Central Station Upgrade Hall Lane Scheme Merseyside Centre of Excellence Public Transport Transport Planning ClearZone Trailblazer

7 A Single Integrated Public Transport Network
PTA Policies: No Household on Merseyside shall be more than 400m from a bus stop No household on Merseyside shall be more that 800m from a “steel wheels” stop

8 Merseyrail Electrics (MEL)
20th July history made Process started by extensive public consultation and genuine listening Merseyrail Electrics “local solutions to local issues by local people” Serco/Nedrailways : new partner - new ideas

9 MEL : What It Means for the Passenger
Totally modernised fleet by 2005 Units already running on the network Station modernisation programme Higher standards and monitoring of service quality and performance

10 Public Transport Aiding Regeneration
A Case Study: Wavertree Technology Park Station £3 million investment Objective One grant of £1.1m Merseytravel contribution of £1.9m Opened August 2000 Over 13,000 residents within 1km catchment Provides direct access to the Park with over 20 companies, employing over 6000 people Includes staffed booking office, fully accessible platforms and lifts, CCTV and direct interchange with SMART buses Successfully generated new trips of approximately 3000 passengers per week

11 Merseytram – High Quality Public Transport

12 Merseytram Aims & Objectives
To provide a high quality segregated tram system To develop a network that will promote sustainable, inclusive regeneration To promote social inclusion… offering a fully accessible system To provide a system that integrates with the existing transport network To enhance the local environment… by adopting best practice urban design principles

13 Merseytram 3-line Network

14 Merseytram and Regeneration
City Centre Line 1 Line 2 Line 3 Major Developments Bus interchange Rail interchange Major Hospital University Pathways Areas Strategic Investment Areas District Centres Free-standing Towns Airport Park & Ride Designated Employment Sites

15 Merseytram Line 1 Merseytram Line 1 19km route length
95% of route segregated 30 stops Low floor, level boarding system 21 trams with conductors (TravelSafe Initiative) Operations and Control Centre – 300+ jobs Park & Ride site £225 million capital cost 5 minute frequency

16 Merseytram City Centre Loop
Interchange with: Lime Street Station Merseyrail Queen Square Paradise Street Bus Station Links between: Commercial District Cultural Quarter Existing Retail Area Future Retail Area Waterfront developments Culture & Tourism Links National Museums of Liverpool sites Boost for visitors & tourists

17 Merseytram and Social Inclusion
Merseytram Line 1 Kirkby Corridor serves: London Road Shopping Area Royal Liverpool University Hospital West Derby Road local centre Broadway District Centre Eastern Fringes Housing Renewal Stonebridge Cross Development Area Approach 580 SIA Knowsley Industrial Park Kirkby Town Centre 2 SIAs and 6 Pathways areas 94,000 residents in Merseytram catchment 38 primary schools, 10 secondary schools – total over 17,000 pupils 20 adult training centres 64% of residents have no access to car 10% unemployment, £11,500 average household income

18 Merseytram and Key Development Sites

19 Merseytram and New Developments

20 Merseytram and New Developments

21 Pier Head – with Merseytram

22 Merseytram Update - Overview
Liverpool awarded European Capital of Culture 2008 Liverpool’s World Heritage site status awarded Merseyside Local Transport Plan – 2003 Annual Progress Report Objective 1 EU funding – Mid-term Review completed Liverpool City Centre Movement Strategy progressing Merseytram – detailed stakeholder discussions continue Merseytram Procurement progressing

23 Line 1 Progress £170 million (75%) funding approved by Government
25% of funding from local sources required Public Consultation exercise completed – 90% support Merseytram Transport & Works Act Order awarded 21 December 2004 Preferred Partner to be appointed for 3-line Network

24 Line 2 Progress Alignment option workshops with partners and key stakeholders Liverpool City Council Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council Liverpool Land Development Company Kensington New Deal 1:1000 scale alignment plans completed Eastern Approaches SIA – alternatives being considered Annex E Investment Appraisal submitted to Government Public Consultation – over 90% support

25 Line 2 – Key Features 15km route, 22 stops
Kensington route option no longer being considered Route serves two Strategic Investment Areas: Eastern Approaches and Huyton/Prescot 5 Pathways Areas Route links: City Centre Loop Metropolitan Cathedral University Campus Wavertree Technology Park Old Swan District Centre Page Moss King’s Business Park M57 Park & Ride Prescot Town Centre Whiston Hospital

26 Liverpool Cathedral and Merseytram

27 Line 3 progress Range of route options being considered
Full segregated route is an issue property impacts Alternative route on rail corridor being considered Corridor serves: Wavertree Technology Park Liverpool South Parkway Speke/Garston SIA Estuary Business Park Liverpool John Lennon Airport

28 Merseytram Line 3 – Rail Corridor Alternative

29 Conclusions Close fit between Merseytravel and NWDA objectives
Merseytram is a 3-line Network Line 1 & the City Centre Loop is the “first phase” The Transport and Works Act is ready to be submitted The shortlisted Candidates are now engaged The Government has provided “in principle” funding We now need your support

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