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CQUniversity Embedded Professional Learning 4 Primary/EC Putting it all together.

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1 CQUniversity Embedded Professional Learning 4 Primary/EC Putting it all together

2 Add to the wall Words Pictures Experiences Favourite moments Quotable quotes

3 Final year focus Consolidation of skills which support and underpin the work of a Learning Manager Being workplace ready and futures oriented

4 You need to know your stuff! What have you learnt? What do you still need to learn? How are you making the links between what youve done at uni and what you do at school?

5 Activity Take an example of work from your EPL 3 experience Identify what it shows evidence of Link it to the QCT Standards Practice explaining to someone else. What it is, what it is evidence of, what you achieved.

6 Remaining final year experiences EPL 4 – Formal supervised placement – 4 weeks Mentor Teacher provides regular feedback, weekly reviews etc EPL 5 Internship – guided partnership – 6 weeks BLM student prepares a mid-point progress report, Mentor Teacher provides feedback to that and brief final statement (the workload for them in relation to provision of feedback is minimal).

7 Expectations You must have a current blue card You need to be at school 45 mins before start of day and available for discussions/meetings after school You need to make up any days off for illness etc (not public holidays) You need to let us know of any variation of Internship dates

8 EPL 4 - 4 week block Planning and engaging in all aspects of the Learning Managers role In primary teaching role for at least 50% of the time Involvement at other times is still in an active role – co-teaching, working with small groups, observing, involvement in co-curricula activities etc

9 Portal Task Components Appropriate progress during the four week continuous block (including maintaining the Professional Folder) which includes evidence of taking on all aspects of the professional role An updated ILP A unit plan (and other levels of planning) Professional Review (summative report)

10 ILP – this time in terms of QCT areas Teaching & learning Relationships Reflective practice & professional renewal

11 Still reflecting & building your professional portfolios Standard 1 Design and implement engaging and flexible learning experiences for individuals and groups Standard 2 Design and implement learning experiences that develop language, literacy and numeracy Standard 3 Design and implement intellectually challenging learning experiences Standard 4 Design and implement learning experiences that value diversity Standard 5 Assess and report constructively on student learning Standard 6 Support personal development and participation in society Standard 7 Create and maintain safe and supportive learning environments Standard 8 Foster positive and productive relationships with families and the community Standard 9 Contribute effectively to professional teams Standard 10 Commit to reflective practice and professional renewal

12 A unit plan – What are the key characteristics, no matter the format? What is the process you go through? What makes your unit plan an effective one?

13 Also consider Different levels of planning


15 Working with the Essential Learnings 65.html 65.html Using the ELs to plan a unit of work 66.html#3846 66.html#3846

16 Planning for the term? You need to be organised for the 10 weeks You need to do all the kinds of planning teachers engage in (weekly plan, lesson plans etc) Focus should not be on filling in boxes and name of activity – but learning focus You need to plan what you teach, rehearse it, be organised for it and document it.

17 Term planning – engaging in different levels of planning Teachers engage in long, mid and short term planning – you need experience in all these levels Long term plans – School Curriculum Plan, Year Plan, Semester or term plan, unit plan Term plan – so you know the scope of the learning intentions for the whole of the planned curriculum (for the 10 weeks) and know what kind of data you need to collect

18 If you know where youre headed… It makes all the other levels of planning so much easier You map out the term calendar, see what time you have What assessment and data you need by when Work out the goals/outcomes for each week Work out the goals/outcomes for each day Work out the goals/outcomes of each lesson

19 E.g. of part of a term plan (two formats in Teaching Schools Kit, one for Prep, other Primary)

20 Classroom Management Plan Should complement the School Behaviour Management Plan & build on work with Essential Skills Its about thinking through specific strategies, having a range of strategies and practicing them so you dont get lost in the heat of the moment Its about a staged approach – all the different things you can do before reaching corrective strategies

21 Preventive Management Strategies (Adapt these and add specific examples) This includes strategies and documentation which focus on: Clarifying and communicating expectations and requirements (including displaying these) Involving students in clarifying/revisiting rules and consequences Class routines (entrances etc) Physical organization and layout Teaching expected behaviours for the term/unit/learning experience Modelling expected behaviours Effective instruction giving Establishing a positive and supportive classroom environment Designing learning experiences that are engaging for students, using a variety of strategies and ways to involve them Providing incentives and acknowledging student learning and progress

22 Supportive Strategies This includes strategies and documentation which focus on: Non-verbal communications – list specific things you can do to reinforce desired behaviours and address inappropriate behaviours Verbal reinforcement/reminders (list specific things you could say) Redirecting behaviours (least obtrusive means) Focussing on curriculum matters Preparing for smooth transitions between activities Invoking consequences – in least intrusive ways Preventing escalation Follows plan – reminding, encouraging, acknowledging positive behaviours/developments

23 Corrective Strategies This may include strategies and documentation which focus on: Providing behavioural choices to the classroom student Follow through on expectations and consequences Stimulus change (appropriate environmental change to change the context/situation) Conferencing as relevant Individual behaviour plan/contract Progressive steps in School Behaviour Plan This work draws on the following resource: Hutson, S (2005) Managing Student Behaviour: A Workbook for Teachers Maroochydore, Qld: unpublished manuscript

24 What you need to do (when booklets arrive) Go through EPL 4 requirements with your mentor teacher Be part of planning for the term You need to be involved in planning across all the KLA/ Early Learning Areas (even if youre not implementing them all) Negotiate time for sharing planning before the beginning of term You need to engage in the full cycle of learning management (including assessment and data gathering)

25 Get organised for employment applications Forms for EQ from their website orms-guides.html Forms for Queensland College of Teachers (Provisional registration) Catholic Education You need certified copies of a range of documents Dont leave it until the last minute!

26 Any issues, concerns or cause for celebration let us know!!! =related GY&feature=related GY&feature=related (starfish) GY&feature=related GY&feature=related (Teddy Stoddard) videos-to-lift-your-spirit videos-to-lift-your-spirit (range of teacher inspirational videos, see Hero of the Hallway) (100 ways to show children you care – for parents, but much is of relevance to teachers)

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