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Blackout Sample

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2 Blackout Sample

3 Found Poems Using text to create something new, powerful, and beautiful

4 Wikipedia Definition Found poetry is a type of poetry created by taking words, phrases, and sometimes whole passages from other sources and by altering the text by additions and/or deletions (The form we are using is known as Blackout Poetry!)

5 Another Sample

6 Your Mission Create a Found Poem, blackout style, using one of the book pages provided. Select the words of your poems and artistically black out the surrounding words.

7 Steps for Writing Your Poem 1. Underline words you might want to use. 2. Box the words you definitely want to use. 3. “Find” a poem in the words on the page. Be sure your poem makes sense. 4. Write out your poem on another piece of paper; you can play with the line breaks and punctuation of your poem when you’re writing it out. 5. Think about images that could enhance the meaning of the poem. Decorate around your poem. 6. Black out other words as needed.



10 Your Task Construct your poem so that it accomplishes some purpose: - Character Analysis ◦Theme ◦Conflict ◦Issue ◦Setting


12 Your Mission You must choose between 10 and 20 words or phrases to use for your poem Artwork should enhance the meaning of the poem you have “found”




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