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Power Point by: Emily & Miriam Substance Misuse Prevention: CAPP/HACE.

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1 Power Point by: Emily & Miriam Substance Misuse Prevention: CAPP/HACE

2 What is this drug? lysergic acid diethylamide a powerful hallucinogenic drug manufactured from lysergic acid LSD stands for: Dextro lysergic acid diethylamide tartarate- 25

3 Description of LSD What does it look like? It is usually liquid, packaged in small bottles Or it can be a capsule or a small pill What forms does it take? It can be blotter paper, which is small paper squares that has been dipped in LSD or it can be applied to blotter paper, sugar cubes, gelatin squares, and tablets

4 This is what it looks like

5 What are the effects of misuse of LSD?

6 Mental Changes in the Senses The outlines of objects begin to waver and distort A glow or halo may appear over another person's head Can have flashbacks of depressing events from the past after using LSD Which they call Hallucination

7 Emotional Changes in Emotion It can sharpen or exaggerate the ups and downs a person would usually experience Swing rapidly from one emotion to another, like: suddenly breaking into laughter, then becoming very sad for no reason at all

8 Physical It can cause: A speeding of heart beats A rise in blood pressure and body temperature Cold and sweaty palms; hands & feet can shake A flushed face or pale face Widely dilated eye pupils Nausea, vomiting Loss of appetite

9 What are the legal consequences of misuse? The US government made LSD illegal in October 6,1955. If you are caught with LSD, it will lead to 6 months in jail or a 5000 dollar fine.

10 Why do people use or misuse this drug? People sometimes can enjoy the hallucinations & they can find it stimulating But they can also be disorienting & disturbing and result in a bad trip

11 3 current statistics about use/misuse of LSD: LSD used by students at least once Grade2002200320042005 8th - -1.8%1.9% 10th - -2.8%2.5% 8 th & 10th3.8%2.8% - - 12th - -4.6%3.5% Ages 18-25 15.9%14.0%12.1% - All ages 12 & up - -9.7% -

12 Continued… Since 1966, it has been illegal to buy, sell, or make. The law will punish you according to how much drug you posses. In 2002, a survey was taken in Montreal and 56.2% of them had taken LSD. In schools, 8% of boys and 3% of girls in Grade 10 reported having used LSD during the year.

13 Story of Jeremy I first took LSD when I was 15 years old., Jeremy admits. A friend of mine gave it to me. I really did not know what I as taking and probably if I had known what it was, I would have passed. I kind of thought it was going to be like ecstasy, which I had taken once before. Ecstasy mellowed me and made me fell warm, but it didnt make me see things. I wasnt prepared at all for what happened to me. Thank goodness I was with my friends who knew what as going on. Jeremy remembers feeling dizzy, then beginning to see familiar objects change shape before him. My buddys backpack started morphing into a monkey that was riding on him. I thought it was hilarious, colors changed and became more vivid and fluid things looked like they were melting. At first, I thought it was really cool, but after awhile, everyones speaking voice got distorted and I got scared, more and more scared as the night went on. I was shaking little and started sweating a lot. I didnt know what was happening. My friends took me to a quiet room in the house and sat with me. After two hours, I guess, the hallucinations started tapering off and I was okay. I know some people think LSD is a really cool trip. But I dont think I will ever do it again. I didnt like feeling out of control of my mind and perceptions.

14 A Video of LSD hGPgaU&feature=related

15 The Christian worldview

16 Gods Perspective God says we should take care of our bodies so we shouldnt eat or take any drug including LSD because our bodies belong to God. God gave us our minds to use, not twist or alter. When someone is high on drugs, everything is being altered. It may seem nice, but it is not real. God, on the other hand, is the ultimate reality and drugs are not the way to Him. Having a humble heart is.

17 What does the Bible say about the care of our bodies? 1 Corinthians 6:19 Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own? In this verse, it states that our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. With this in mind, we should know that taking drugs and destroying your body is destroying the temple of the Holy Spirit. As Christians, we are in a constant battle against Satan, and we shouldnt be unprepared. LSD has effects mentally, emotionally, and physically. These can cause bad traits of a godly warrior. Satan is always around, ready to devour us, in this case, we must be very self-controlled and alert. We must realize that anything that weakens us is evil.

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19 The End Hoped you enjoyed the power point presentation!

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