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The Missing: Book 1-Found

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1 The Missing: Book 1-Found
By Margaret Peterson Haddix Book review by Denise Bashline

2 Characters Jonah- He is the main character. He is adopted and has a sister who is not. He becomes friends with the new boy down the street. He gets the first note that says “You are one of the missing.” Katherine- She is Jonahs little sister. She helps her brother solve the mystery of where Jonah and Chip even come from. Chip- He is Jonah’s friend and he starts to have a crush on Katherine. He finds out that he is adopted when he starts getting strange notes in the mail like Jonah.

3 Plot I never thought about being adopted as all that complicated until Jonah and Chip find out that their past isn’t what they had expected. 13 years before, they and 34 other crying babies were found in an airplane at Sky Trails Air. Angela Dupre walked onto the plane finding 36 babies with no pilot or plane crew. They were all taken and put into adoption agencies in different states, then 13 years later they were all to be found in 1 of 3 cities in the state of Ohio. Chip moved to the same street as Jonah. The day they actually started hanging out was the day Jonah got the first letter. It came in the mail and it had no return address. It said, “You are one of the missing.”

4 Setting The Main Settings-
At Jonah’s house, in his room and in the drive way. At Chip’s house, in his basement on the computer and phone. In a cave, at the Adoption get together. Minor Settings- At the library. In Mr. Riordan’s office and in the bathroom at his work. In the 1800’s…

5 Conclusion This book has a lot of surprises. Jonah, Katherine, and Chip get themselves in a situation where no one but them can help. What happens to Katherine when they find out she isn’t one of the missing? Where does everyone end up? Who are the bad guys? They didn’t think that they had been babies from so long ago that had been brought back to the future. Until…

6 What I think… Found was a very good book. I liked it because it was written by my favorite author. Margaret Peterson Haddix is my all time favorite book author. I especially liked this book because it was a very complex mystery at the beginning then it started giving out clues and hints to what was going to happen. I would give this book 5 stars and 2 thumbs up!!!! I plan to read the next book in the series, Sent.

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