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Developing an Erosion Control Plan

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1 Developing an Erosion Control Plan
Toni Presnell, P.E. Hannum, Wagle & Cline Engineering Terre Haute, IN

2 Overview Rule 5 Background Plan requirements Narrative Specifics
Plan Development Summary

3 Rule 5 327 IAC 15 Goal Applies to projects of one (1) acre or more
NPDES Permit Rule Program Goal Reduce Sediment Loadings to Water Bodies Applies to projects of one (1) acre or more

4 Plan Requirements Two (2) Documents Required Narrative
Construction Drawings 3 Sections A – Basic Plan Elements B – Active Construction Component C – Post Construction Component

5 Section A - Basic Plan Elements -

6 A5 – Legal Description of Project
Indiana GIS Atlas htm Section, Township/Range, Latitude/Longitude Coordinates

7 A7 – 14-Digit Hydrologic Unit Code
Indiana GIS Atlas Layers > Hydrology > Watersheds & Quality > Watershed HUC14

8 A8 – State or Federal Water Quality Permits
Indiana Permit Wizard

9 A10 – Wetlands, Lakes, Water Courses
Indiana GIS Atlas a) Layers > Hydrology > Hydrography > Wetlands b) Layers > Reference > Contours…> Topo Map (USGS)

10 A12 – Potential Discharge to Groundwater
Indiana GIS Atlas Layers > Hydrology > Hydrogeology > Sinkhole Areas…

11 A13 – 100 Year Floodplains FIRM Maps FEMA
emaWelcomeView?storeId=10001&catalogId=10001 &langId=-1 FIRMettes > Map Search Find Location of Project Collect FIRM Map # Go to Product Catalog & Create FIRMette as *.pdf

12 A14 – Peak Discharge Pre/Post-Construction
No Proposed Detention, Single Watershed Rational Method: Q = C*I*A No Proposed Detention, Multiple Watersheds TR-55 Method Proposed Detention and/or Pipe System Computer Software

13 A18 – Soils Map and Descriptions
Maps NRCS Website Descriptions Provide soil limitations for specific type of construction activity

14 Section B - Active Construction -

15 Principles of Erosion & Sediment Control
Control erosion on site Capture sediment on site Control outlet energy to control off-site erosion

16 B4 – Sediment Control: Sheet Flow
Low Depth, Low Velocity Lawns, roofs, driveways, parking lots, etc. Acceptable Erosion Control Practices Silt Fences Straw Bale Dam Vegetative Filter Strip Etc.

17 B5 – Sediment Control: Shallow Concentrated Flow
Greater Depth, Greater Velocity Ditches, swales, etc. Acceptable Erosion Control Practices Erosion Control Blankets (Velocity< 5 fps|Slope<5%) Rip-rap Lining (Greater velocities/slopes)

18 B6 – Storm Sewer Inlet Protection
Curb & Paved Area Inlets Stone Bag Block & Gravel Drop Inlets Geotextile Fabric Straw Bale Excavated Etc.

19 B7 – Runoff Control Measures
Control Direction, Quantity/Velocity of water Type of Practice Used dependent upon Need NEED to Control… USE… Direction Diversion Dikes/Ridges, Temp. Slope Drain Velocity Rock Check Dam, Grade Breaks, Water Bar

20 B8 – Stormwater Outlet Protection
Reduce outlet energy, reduce scour erosion Acceptable Erosion Control Practices Energy Dissipater (Rip-rap) Rock-Lined Chute (Rip-rap) Concrete Block Chute Etc.

21 B9 – Grade Stabilization
May not be necessary Acceptable Erosion Control Practices Rock-lined chutes Toe walls Drop Structures Etc.

22 B11/12 – Surface Stabilization
Most Important EC Measure Control Erosion On Site Establish vegetation/Soil Cover on Unvegetated Areas Acceptable Erosion Control Practices Seeding (Temporary/Permanent) Mulching Erosion Control Blankets (Steep Grades) Rip-Rap Slope Protection

23 Plan Development Obtain Proposed Topography
Locate Boundary of Land Disturbance Add Construction Entrance (if Necessary) – [B3] Map out Flow Directions for Entire Watershed For Each Flow Path: Add Appropriate Sediment Control Device – [B4/5] Identify Storm Sewer/Water Conveyance Inlets Determine if Sediment might go into inlet Add Appropriate Inlet Protection Devices – [B6]

24 Plan Development Significant Off-Site Drainage Coming on-site?
Add Appropriate Diversion Devices – [B7] Significant Drainage over Severely Grades Slopes? Add Appropriate Grade Stabilization Structures – [B7/9] Identify Stormwater Discharge Locations Add Appropriate Outlet Protection Devices – [B8] Identify Disturbed Areas Add Appropriate Surface Stabilization – [B11/12]

25 Plan Development Concrete Work Required?
Design Concrete Washout Area Other ‘Special’ Measures Required Add Appropriate Measures Finished

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