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“Follow your heart!” Proverbs 16:1-6.

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1 “Follow your heart!” Proverbs 16:1-6

2 The Heart Created in the image of God, Gen. 1:26-27; 2:25
Born innocent, Matt. 18:3; Rom. 7:9 “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; Who can know it?” (Jer. 17:9) What happened? Eccl. 7:29

3 Temptation and Sin Lusts from within and enticements from without, Jas. 1:12-16 “They have sought out many schemes” Eccl. 7:29 Sin takes opportunity, Rom. 7:8, 11 “Sin lies at the door” – Must rule over it, Genesis 4:7

4 Temptation and Sin Foolish to trust your heart as your standard and guide, Prov. 28:26; 16:25 Our ways are pure to us, but God judges, Prov. 16:1-3 Contrast man’s heart and God’s counsel, Prov. 19:21 Cain & Abel: Do not “follow your heart”

5 “Follow your heart!” In personal faith, Gen. 4:3-5; Heb. 11:4
Cain: Followed his heart; Not righteous Abel: Acted by faith; Righteous Saul, Acts 26:9; 1 Tim. 1:13 Heart may convince us we have personal faith, but what does the Bible say?!

6 “Follow your heart!” In religious service, Gen. 4:3-5; Heb. 11:4 (Jas. 1:26) Cain: Gave what he knew & valued: It was what he wanted to give – Rejected Abel: Gave what he knew & valued: It was what God wanted him to give – Accepted

7 “Follow your heart!” Service offered without God’s word of approval is rejected, Matthew 7:21-23 Worship (Jno. 4:24) The church (Matt. 16:18; Eph. 1:22-23; 4:4; 5:23) Doctrine (Col. 3:17; 2 Tim. 3:10) -Proverbs 16:25; Jeremiah 17:9-

8 “Follow your heart!” In personal morality, Gen. 4:8 (Mk. 7:21)
Cain: Anger, hate and murder Works were evil, 1 Jno. 3:12, 10 Anger, Gen. 4:5-6 Premeditation, Gen. 4:8 Liar, Gen. 4:9 Abel: Works were righteous, 1 Jno. 3:12

9 “Follow your heart!” In personal morality
Evil language, Eph. 4:29; 5:4 Heart that is not converted to purity Worldly values & conduct, 1 Pet. 4:1-3 Mind that is controlled by the flesh Dishonesty, Eph. 4:25; 1 Pet. 2:12 Heart that is deceiving itself -Proverbs 16:25; Jeremiah 17:9-

10 “Follow your heart!” In family values, Gen. 4:9 (1 Jno. 3: 11-12)
Cain: “Am I my brother’s keeper?” No love in his heart Family love and brotherly love, Col. 3:19; Titus 2:4; 1 John 3:13-15

11 “Follow your heart!” Many unloving things while “following my heart,” Gen. 4:9 (1 Jno. 3:11-12) Divorce, Matthew 19:6 Demanding and selfish, Eph. 5:21, 33 Disobey parents, Ephesians 6:1-3 Disrespectful of each other, Matt. 7:12 -Prov. 16:25; Jer. 17:9-

12 The heart is deceitful Not because God created it that way
Because we yield to temptation Sin distorts, damages and destroys the heart’s purity and innocence Cain: Following heart led to vain worship, anger, hatred, murder, lying and curse (Jude 11) Abel: Lived by faith in God & His word

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