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3 Aint it great to be alive! And to be thankful for it 2011 is up and running and at MM we have set our focus on what we are believing for to achieve, accomplish and create The MM Mission Statement “To partner with people to Maximize their success with Extraordinary products and service The MM Brand Motto EXCELLENCE “The Difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the little extra” That is our continued “focus” our mission statement and our goals, together as a team, we are guaranteed to be successful. Masters in Success Dynamics Trusting you have set your focus and your hope for 2011 – enjoy the article, may it motivate and move you to stay focused Cheers MM Team

4 Hope is a very powerful force. “The happy anticipation of good” “Eager longing, strained expectancy, watching with head out, ignoring any distraction from anything else that might engage your focus or attention”.

5 Hope is a very powerful force, “it helps sustain “focus” on the things that are not seen until they are.” Hope & Focus with the right thoughts. “To a large extent our lives are made by our thoughts and ideas ……’ Norman Vincent Peale

6 Focus The ability to persist on achieving any given task in a committed time frame. Focus Plant your hope, if you focus it on a particular problem in your life, it will grow up and become greater, greater than what? Greater than the problem. Focus Plant your hope, if you focus it on solutions in your life, the solution will grow up and become greater, greater than what? Greater than the problem. Courage & Confidence – Materialises in a person’s life when they can focus on their future with the power of hope!

7 Focus – How to achieve your goals. To experience the satisfaction and enjoyment of success in life, a definite goal is essential. Many people fail at this vital point. The goal must be definite and specific, not in any sense vague or fuzzy. And to improve attainable, its image needs to be sharpened and resharpened continually, so that it stands out vividly in your thoughts. You must know, at all times, precisely and for certain what it is you want to accomplish and achieve. Strong and organised purposefulness towards a definite objective will focus your powers into a strong motivation in attainment of your goal. A frustrated young man once consulted me about his repeated failures. ‘Success completely eludes me. I want to get somewhere,’ he said rather dully. ‘Good,’ I replied, ‘and exactly where do you want to get?’ His reply was a masterpiece of inconclusiveness: ‘Well, I don’t know for sure; never figured that one out. But I’m not happy the way it is. I think I’m entitled to a better break. I want to get somewhere.’ ‘Well, what can you do the best? What particular skills or leaning toward certain abilities do you possess? What do you think you’re cut out for? He pondered this question. ‘I don’t believe I have any particular skills. In fact, I have no idea what I’m cut out for or what I can do the best. Never thought of it.’ I tried again. ‘Let me ask you, what would you like to do? If you were told you could have any job you wanted or any achievement, what would you choose? Tell me, just what do you want to do? Again a vagueness and a lack of direction were revealed. ‘I can’t tell you. Really, I just don’t know what I like the best,’ he replied sort of desperately. ‘It never occurred to me to ask myself questions like these. I just take the next job that comes along. And I haven’t liked any of them much, to tell you the truth. ‘But yet you want to get somewhere?’ He nodded. It was obvious that a minor motivation, though not a very strong one, was working within this apathetic person; but it jacked cohesion, sharpness, objectivity. I said, ‘You want to get somewhere, but you don’t know just where. And you don’t know what you like to do or what you can do best. Look – you must fix on a goal, then sharpen and clarify it. Hold it in your conscious mind until it sinks by a process of intellectual and spiritual osmosis into your subconscious. Then you will have it because it will have you. You will begin to move toward that goal on a direct road; not to a vague “somewhere”, but to a definitive, specific objective.’ This defeated man did begin moving toward the accomplishment of specific goals. His personality fused into a driving force that pushed him forward when he learned to know what he wanted from life. To definiteness of goal must, of course, be added enthusiasm, persistence, and hard work.

8 Life its worth doing, it’s worth doing with focus. “Steve Penny” Nothing is impossible to the person who can stay focused on their dreams. There are five things that destroy vision focus. 1. Deception-Believing a lie 2. Distraction-The greener grass myth 3. Division-Trouble in the team 4. Discouragement- Loss of enthusiasm 5. Defeat- Not dealing with failure Focus A good example of the power of focus can be when you take a magnify glass and just hold it in the sun, sure you may see things a little bigger but nothing actually happens, nothing is created. When you take the same magnify glass and turn it to focus on a particular spot, on a single piece of dried leaf on the ground, it will create heat, even start burning and create a fire. You can create a “fire” in your life with the same focus and create things that were not there before.

9 Newnes -“Pocket English Dictionary” Hope – Desire, expectation, to bring desired success, expect or trust. Goal – Aim, target, objective Focus – Central point, attraction, bring to see, concentrate Extract from “Success system that never fails” W Clement Stone (Billionaire Businessman and Author) So power is the mystical motor of your spirit; It is the inner urge that can drive you to success. Its fuel is emotion focused on a desire in hope to achieve a goal. All personal achievement starts in the mind of the individual. Your personal achievement starts in your mind. The first step is to know exactly what your goal and desire is. If you’re not clear about this, then write it down and rewrite it until the words express precisely what you are after. Every disadvantage has an equivalent advantage – If you take the trouble to find it, learn how to do that and you’ll kick the stuffing out of adversity every time.

10 Comment from Marty Morris This article we have talked on focus, hope and goals. I trust you can continue to develop these in your own life environment I enclose an extract from “Courage and Confidence” by “Norman Vincent Peale”. It encompasses a story of focus, hope and goals. Let me tell you about one of my favourite personalities, whose life teaches pre-eminently how to reach goals. I met one of the world’s great positive thinkers in the wilderness of Judea, where, in the long ago, John the Baptist preached. His name is Musa Alami and he has made the desert to blossom as the rose – a desert that in all the history has never blossomed before. He succeeded because he believed that he could, and he kept at it until he did, which, of course, is the way you succeed at anything. Musa, an Arab boy, was educated at Cambridge, went back to Palestine where he became a well-to-do man – well-to-do that is, by Middle Eastern standards. Then, in political turmoil, he lost everything, including his home. He went beyond Jordan to the edge of Jericho. Stretching away on either side was the great, bleak, arid desert of the Jordan valley. In the distance to the left, shimmering in the hot haze, loomed the mountains of Judea, and to the right the mountains of Moab. With the exception of a few oases, nothing had ever been cultivated in this very hot and weary land, and everyone said that nothing could be, for how could you bring water to it? To dam the Jordan River for irrigation was too expensive and, besides, there was no money to finance such a project. ‘What about underground water?’ asked Musa Alami. Long and loud they laughed. Whoever heard of such a thing? There was no water under that hot, dry desert. Ages ago it had been covered by Dead Sea water; now the sand was full of salt, which added further to the aridity. He had heard of the amazing rehabilitation of the California desert through subsurface water. He decided that he could find water here also. All the old-time Bedouin sheiks said it couldn’t be done; government officials agreed, and so, solemnly, did the famous scientists from abroad. There was absolutely no water there. That was that. But Musa was unimpressed. He thought there was. A few poverty-stricken refugees from the nearby Jericho Refugee Camp helped as he started to dig. With well-drilling equipment? Not on your life. With pick and shovel. Everybody laughed as this dauntless man and his ragged friends dug away day after day, week after week, month after month. Down they went, slowly, deep into the sand into which no man since creation had plumbed for water. For six months they dug; then one day, the sand became wet and finally water, life-giving water, gushed forth. The Arabs who had gathered round did not laugh or cheer; they wept. Water had been found in the ancient desert. A very old man, sheik of a nearby village, heard the amazing news. He came to see for himself. ‘Musa,’ he asked ‘have you really found water? Let me see it and feel it and taste it.’

11 The old man put his hand in the stream, splashed it over his face, put it on his tongue. ‘It is sweet and cool,’ he said. ‘It is good water.’ Then placing his aged hands on the shoulders of Musa Alami he said, ‘Thank God. Now, Musa you can die.’ It was the simple tribute of a desert man to a positive thinker who did what everyone said could not be done. Now, several years later, Musa Alami has fifteen wells supplying a ranch nearly three miles long and two miles wide. He raises vegetables, bananas, figs, citrus fruit, and boys. In his school, he is growing citizens of the future, farmers and technicians, experts in the trades. Imitating Musa, others have also dug until forty thousand acres are under cultivation and the green is spreading over the sands. I asked this amazing man what kept him going, kept him believing when everyone said it couldn’t be done. ‘There was no alternative. It had to be done,’ he said, then added, ‘God helped me.’ As twilight turned the mountains of Moab and the Judean hills to red and gold, I sat watching a huge stream of water gush from the heart of the desert. And as it splashed into a deep, wide pool, it seemed to say, ‘It can be done, it can be done!’ So, don’t let your difficulties get you down and do not believe those croakers who say you cannot do it. Remember Musa Alami, positive thinker of the wilderness of Judea. Cheers Marty Morris Need Motivating, maybe a kick-start for 2011 or in fact the rest of your life Try these Membership coaching tools  MM1: More Motivation –learn the secrets to be a self motivator  MM4 :Maintaining Motivation –have a system to keep you going regardless of your feelings  MM5: Momentum Movement –learn how to get momentum working for you not against you

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