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ACM SIGecom Business Meeting at EC10 Thanks to our sponsors.

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1 ACM SIGecom Business Meeting at EC10 Thanks to our sponsors

2 What is SIGecom? Association for Computing Machinery Special Interest Group on Electronic Commerce Founded 1999 by Stuart Feldman; Elected officers, th year of SIG and 11th EC Conference 300+ members Main activities: EC Conference & Exchanges Newsletter …dedicated to the advancement of electronic commerce, principles and practice. As the leading computing-centric professional organization in the field, SIGecom seeks to promote the informed development of commerce automation technology, employing the best available engineering methods and economic understanding.

3 What is ACM? Association for Computing Machinery Non-profit computer society Supports computer science research (SIGs), practice, education, and policy Well run, competent CEO, staff, solid finances even through recession Understands incentives! –SIGs keep conference profit –SIGs share in Digital Library revenue for SIG publications

4 Who are we? David Pennock, Chair Joan Feigenbaum, Vice Chair Amy Greenwald, Treasurer SIGecom Exchanges Editor, Vincent Conitzer Dan Reeves, Information Director –

5 Who are we? David Pennock, Chair Joan Feigenbaum, Vice Chair Amy Greenwald, Treasurer –(Second) term ends June 2011 SIGecom Exchanges Editor, Vincent Conitzer –New editor named! (*) Dan Reeves, Information Director –Dan has new role (*); Call for volunteers –From Dans TimePie: / min/wk (*) More later

6 Thanks David Parkes, General Chair Chris Dellarocas, Moshe Tennenholtz PC Chairs Record attendance! 1st > 200 Rahul Sami, Workshop Chair Jason Hartline, Tutorials Chair Yiling Chen, Jenn Wortman Vaughan Local Arrangements Sven Seuken, Haoqi Zhang Student Co-Organizers Ann Marie King, Webmaster PC members, Invited speakers, Submit-ers, Contributors, Participants! CombineNet Facebook NEW! Google Microsoft Yahoo! Harvard ACM

7 Announcing EC 2011 San Jose, CA, June 4-11, 2011 Yoav Shoham, General Chair Yan Chen, Tim Roughgarden Program Co-Chairs

8 Congrats 2009 ACM Awards John Riedl, Past PC Chair ACM Fellow Tim Roughgarden, next PC Chair The Grace Murray Hopper Award For his research combining computer science and game theory to analyze network routing among self-interested parties Andrew Goldberg, Past PC, author ACM Fellow

9 Electronic newsletter Published 2/year since 2000 Surveys, letters, conf reports, book reviews, original research Announcing new editor! –Yiling Chen, Harvard –Daniel Reeves, Puzzle Ed. Rejuvenation under Vince Conitzer ; Publishing timely and topical surveys from area leaders; Editors puzzle. + Website revamp by Dan Reeves Past Editors –07-10: Vince Contizer –06-07: William Walsh –04–06: Amy Greenwald –00–03: Peter Wurman

10 ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce Strengths Rigorous technical standards, reputation Participation by top CS researchers in Theory, AI; academia & industry Advancing young leaders careers Attendance increasing Participation and financial support from Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!,... Solid finances Bridging disciplines: economics/incentives with computation/technology Serving a growing discipline: Cornell, GTech, Harvard, Northwestern, Stanford, Umich, UPenn; Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!; AGT, AMMA, BAGT, GEB, EI, NYCE, SAGT, WINE, WWW DateCityCo-LocAttSubAcc Nov 99DenverOOPSLA % Oct 00MinneapolisOOPSLA % Oct 01TampaOOPSLA % Jun 03San DiegoFCRC % May 04New YorkWWW % Jun 05Vancouvernone % Jun 06Ann Arbornone % Jun 07San DiegoFCRC % Jul 08ChicagoAAAI % Jul 09StanfordTARK % Jun 10CambridgeSTOC, WEIS % Jun 11San JoseFCRC Jun 12Barcelona? Premier forum for CS research on commerce and economics

11 Finances Discretionary funds per member: $231.00

12 CS Econ Ecosystem Repeat co-located workshops at EC –Ad Auctions 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010 (90+ registered!) –TAC 200?, 2010 (50 registered) –NetEcon 2006, 2007, 2009 ; ~80 people –Prediction Markets 2007, 2008 In cooperation conferences –RecSys, SAGT, Web Science, BQGT Growth in field: endorsed events, gov, industry –AMMA,BAGT,COMSOC,NYCE,WINE, WWW –Journals, books: AGT, GEB, EI –NSF funding –Ebay, Facebook, Google, HP, Microsoft, Yahoo! Short term goals –Best dissertation award –Journal of Economics and Computation, Vince Conitzer

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