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FACT OR FICTION? Self Esteem as an Explanatory Phenomenon for Student Problem Behavior.

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1 FACT OR FICTION? Self Esteem as an Explanatory Phenomenon for Student Problem Behavior

2 Self Esteem What is it? Operational/observable definition? How does one improve their self esteem?

3 JJ JJ is a 9 th grade student in a Behavior School. Behavior of Concern: self deprecating comments; Im stupid, Im dumb, I hate my life, Im horrible, Im bad at this Teacher says behavior is related to extremely low self esteem and a longing for positive attention from adults and peers

4 ABC Observation ABC 5 of 7 occurrences were preceded by teacher correction for an incorrect response 7 incidents -Im horrible -I suck at this -I hate my life -F this… Im bad at this -No ones gonna like it, its stupid -Why am I so stupid? -Well I messed up -student most often recd 1:1 adult support, talk quietly supportively Get Adult Attn In a 37 minute observation during Literacy Arts – LANGUAGE! Instruction -7 occurrences of self-deprecating comments




8 JC Example 2

9 JC Behavior Classroom 1 st grade student Math group – small group instruction Wont try – fear of failure Teacher says Low Self Esteem

10 ABC Observation ABC 12:35T: J count from 25-30No responseT: J count from 25-30 No responseT: 25, 26, 27.. 12:36T: 25, 26, 27..No responseT: Count w/ me 25, 26, 27… 25, 26, 27T: What comes next? J: picks up pencil & begins to draw T: No pencil, if you dont count now, have to do at free choice time & takes pencil T: No pencil… & takes pencil No responseT: Jimmy 25.. 12:36T: Jimmy 25..J: 25…29,30T: Good see I knew you could do it





15 FROM NURTURESHOCK BY BRONSON & MERRYMAN (2009) Summary of self-esteem research

16 Self Esteem Branden (1969) The Psychology of Self Esteem Wrote (opined)) that self esteem was the single most important facet of a person the belief that one must do whatever he can to achieve positive self-esteem has become a movement w/ broad societal effects

17 Self Esteem By 1984 California created an official Self Esteem Task Force Believing that improving citizens self esteem would do everything from lower dependence on welfare to decrease teen pregnancy Self esteem turned into a unstoppable train Anything potentially damaging to kids self esteem was axed E.g. Competition (not keeping score, trophies for all), red pencils, etc.

18 Self Esteem 2003 Review of Self Esteem Literature by Baumeister From 1970 to 2000 there were over 15000 scholarly articles written on self esteem BUT results were often contradictory or inconclusive ALSO polluted w/ flawed science Only 200 studies employed scientifically sound way to measure self-esteem and its outcomes

19 Self Esteem Review of 200 sound studies found: (Baumeister, 2003) High self esteem didnt: Improve grades Improve career achievement Reduce alcohol use Lower violence Found highly aggressive, violent people tend to think very highly of themselves

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