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Microsoft Exchange 2007: Unified Messaging J. Peter Bruzzese (with Brien Posey) Co-Founder of ClipTraining Triple MCSE/MCT/MCITP: Messaging for Exchange.

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1 Microsoft Exchange 2007: Unified Messaging J. Peter Bruzzese (with Brien Posey) Co-Founder of ClipTraining Triple MCSE/MCT/MCITP: Messaging for Exchange 2007

2 Who is J. Peter Bruzzese? MCSE, MCT, MCITP: Messaging 2K7

3 What is Unified Messaging Allows the following to come through your Exchange Server into a single Inbox: Email Incoming Faxes Voicemail Allows you to manage your email, contacts, calendars and appointments through: telephone, desktop, mobile, or IM.

4 UM Features Explored Voice and Fax Messaging Outlook Voice Access Play on Phone Calendar Management on Phone Auto Attendant Multiple Languages Administrative Features

5 User Experience

6 Outlook Voice Access Quick Start Guide

7 UM Fundamentals What is: –PSTN –PBX –IP-Gateway –IP-PBX –VoIP –SIP –RTP

8 The View from Above

9 Planning for Unified Messaging Server? We encourage 4x Processor Cores and at least 2GB of RAM (show you why in next slide) What about your legacy PBX? –Consult the Telephony Advisor from Microsoft for supported VoIP Gateways, PBXs and IP-PBXs ( us/library/cc164342.aspx ) us/library/cc164342.aspx If you have a legacy PBX… try a VoIP Gateway the PBX is functional. If you are starting fresh… go with an IP-PBX

10 UM Metrics with 1/2/4 Cores Source: HP

11 Installing the Role

12 Configuration of the UM Role UM Dial Plans UM IP Gateways UM Mailbox Policies UM Auto Attendants

13 The End Result

14 UM Test Phone A great way to test your UM configuration is with the Microsoft UM Test Phone

15 UM meets UC with OCS 2007 Offers Choices on real-time collaboration and communications Expands on the UM features by offering –Presence and contact information –Audio and video conferencing / Live Meeting –Speech technology-enabled Interactive Voice Response –Instant messaging

16 OCS Enterprise Voice features Ability to upgrade IM conversations to Voice Calls Additional features –Call forward –Simultaneous ring, –Redirect unanswered calls –Set ring (in sec.) before re-direct Escalate to Group IM, voice or video

17 Brien Posey Five time Microsoft MVP (Windows Server, IIS, Exchange, File System Storage) Written or contributed to three dozen books, and published thousands of articles and whitepapers.

18 My Agenda The OCS / UM Architecture The most troublesome parts of the OCS deployment What it takes to make OCS and Exchange work together

19 OCS Roles Front End – The heart and soul of OCS. IM, presence, conferencing Mediation – Enterprise Voice Edge – Facilitates external connectivity Archive – Archival server QoE Monitoring Server – Quality of Experience

20 Simplified UM Diagram

21 Simplified OCS Diagram

22 UM and OCS Together

23 The SIP Protocol SIP (Session Initialization Protocol) is Microsofts UC protocol of choice. SIP is an application layer protocol, and is designed to work parallel to other multimedia protocols, such as the Real Time Streaming Protocol and the Real Time Transport Protocol. the Session Definition Protocol provides SIP with a session description. This allows SIP to be aware of the type of session that needs to be established. The Real Time Streaming protocol is controls the delivery of streaming audio or video. The Real Time Transport Protocol provides QoS feedback to ensure that the appropriate amount of bandwidth is being reserved for the session.

24 Deploying OCS OCS is complicated to deploy. Deploy and test a front end server first. Focus your troubleshooting efforts around DNS records and certificates.

25 Certificates The front end server requires a computer certificate that uses the pool name as the subject name. The subject alternate name must match the name of the SIP domain. IIS must also be configured with a certificate that it can use for TLS encryption. The mediation server also requires a computer certificate.

26 DNS Entries.contoso.comHost Record _SIPINTERNALTLS._TCP.contoso.comSRV RecordPort 5061 _SIPINTERNAL._TCP.contoso.comSRV RecordPort 5060 _SIP._TLS.contoso.comSRV RecordPort 5061 These are the minimum required DNS entries for front end OCS server functionality and Microsoft Office Communicator automatic sign on.

27 Troubleshooting DNS Entries MOC Login If you make a mistake, you may have to flush the DNS cache (IPCONFIG /FLUSHDNS)

28 Event Viewer Choose Tools | Options from OCSs administrative Console. Use the Options properties sheet to enable application logging.

29 NetStat -A Use NETSTAT-A to find out which ports the server is actually listening on. This is also handy for troubleshooting the mediation server

30 The Mediation Server Required for Enterprise Voice Acts as a bridge between the front end server and the PBX.

31 The Location Profile You need a location profile for each facility. You can use the default location profile, but you must rename it. The location profiles name must be in FQDN format (this is required by Exchange, not OCS).

32 Normalization Rules Create normalization rules that convert phone numbers into E.164 format (+18035552001). Normalization rules are typically configured for four, seven, and ten digit numbers. It is possible to make a catch all normalization rule, but it is easier to create separate rules.

33 Normalization Rules (Cont) Normalization RulePhone PatternTranslation Pattern Four Digit^([0-9]{4})$+1803555$1 Seven Digit^([0-9]{7})$+1803$1 Ten Digit^([0-9]{10})$+1$1 Universal\+?[\s()\-\./]*1?[\s()\- \./]*\(?\s*(\d\d\d)\s*\)?[ \s()\-\./]*(\d\d\d)[\s()\- \./]*(\d\d\d\d)[\s]* +1$1$2$3

34 The Enterprise Voice Route Helper ( -fb0b-4de9-962f-c56b70a8aecd&displaylang=en )

35 UM Server Certificate The Unified Messaging server must be assigned a computer certificate. Both the UM server and the Mediation Server must trust the certificate authority You MUST verify that the UM server is using the computer certificate, and not its self signed certificate.

36 Creating a Dial Plan The dial plan name must match the OCS location profile name. The URI type must be set to SIP URI VoIP Security should be set to Secured

37 Dial Plan (Continued) After creating a dial plan, you must associate a subscriber access number. This is the number that is used by OVA. When you finish, you have to tell UM to use the dial plan that you have created.

38 Auto Attendant You must create a speech enabled auto attendant that uses a dedicated phone number.

39 Setting Permissions CD\ Exchange\Scripts ExchUcUtil.ps1

40 Set-UMIPGateway –Identity -port 5061

41 Configure OCS C:\ Program Files\Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007\Server\Support\OCSUMUTIL.EXE Click the Load Data button.

42 Add a record for your auto attendant and for OVA.

43 Verify Your Records Auto attendant and OVA should appear on list of users. Users must be provisioned separately for OCS and UM

44 Latency vs Jitter Latency is the time between when something is sent and when received Jitter is a variation in the arrival time of packets. More critical than latency when talking about voice and video streams. Can measure with Wireshark ( Source: HP

45 Planning UM Trunks and # of UM Calls Use an Erlang B Calculator Example: 1000 calls per hour @ 45 sec per call = (1000*45)/(3600 sec per hour)= 12.5 Erlangs Source: HP

46 Baseline Performance Counters MSExchangeUMGeneral –Current Calls, Average (Recent) Call Duration, Total Calls, User Response Latency MSExchange Availability –Directory Access Failures, Call Answer Queued Messages, HT Access Failures MSExchangeUMCallAnswer –Fetch Greeting Timed Out, Calls Disconnected During UM Audio Hourglass

47 Counters of Interest Baseline and Monitor –Current Auto Attendant Calls –Current Play on Phone Calls –Current Subscriber Access Calls –Average Subscriber Access Calls –Average Subscribe Call Duration –Average Voice Message Size –Average Greeting Size –Subscriber Access

48 Again, Some Testing Tools UM Test Phone Pathping Test-UMConnectivity

49 Contact J. P. B. Email me @ – Watch my training clips @ – – – Read my blog @ –

50 Contact Brien Posey

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