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Suggetions are heartily appreciated!

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1 Suggetions are heartily appreciated!
REVISION LESSON The Passive Voice Suggetions are heartily appreciated!

2 We can use the passive voice when
1.It is obvious who performs the action. 2. We do not know or cannot remember who performed the action. 3. We think the action is more important than the person who performs the action.sometimes we add “by+doer” at the end of the sentence.

3 Work out the rule!! Tense Active Voice Passive Voice
Simple Present Tense do \ does Simple Past Tense did Simple Future Tense will do Am,is ,are done Was,were done Will be done

4 Tense Active Voice Passive Voice Continuous Tense Be doing
Present Perfect Tense Have\has done Past Perfect Tense Had done Modal Verb Must\should\ Can\may... Be being done Have\has been done Had been done Must\should\can\ May be done

5 Kitty:Who designed this educational
CD--ROM? Peter:It was designed by Nancy Jackson. Kitty: What is it called ? Peter: It is called “Travel around …..”

6 A: Who discovered radium ?
B: It …………… A: What is radium used for ?

7 A: Who starred the film? B: It was………………. A: Will you see it in the cinema? B: No, it will……..on Movie Channel.

8 A: Will you go to see the football match next Wednesday?
B: No.It will … on TV.

9 A: What happened to the man ?
B: He ……………………. A: What will happen to the woman ? B: Of course she will ………….

10 “ Tiger Watch” A: Where was this documentary taken? B: It ……………….
A: Will it be ……on TV? B: Yes. A:It’s sad that now tigers are……..(kill) for their skin and bones. B: Yes. something must …...(do) to stop it . “ Tiger Watch”

11 A: Do you know the charity?
B:Yes, it is…… ORBIS. A:How many patients have been …….. so far ? B: A large number of patients ………by the ORBIS doctors .

12 A: Amy was running hurriedly, was she late ?
B: No,She was just in time for the film. When she got to the cinema, her friends …… …….(buy ) the tickets. A: And all the drinks ……….(drink)by her friends.

13 A: Do you know the rules in the library?
B: Yes . All the magazines can’t ……out of the library. And snacks can never ……..there.

14 A: Look! These people must…… from cutting down trees.
B: Yes ,you are right.

15 苏州、吴江、昆山、常熟、张家港、太仓


17 Suzhou Amusement Land

18 Liangfeng Middle School

19 Dried meat floss


21 沙家浜 Shajiabang is located (坐落于) in……

22 Silk produce

23 Instant noodles

24 苏州、吴江、昆山、常熟、张家港、太仓

25 链接05年中考题: –How often______ your school sports meeting ____?
--Once a year. A.does, hold B. was,hold C. is , held D. did , hold 2. --Why didn’t Jacky come to the party ? --Because he_____. A. didn’t invite B. wasn’t invited C. didn’t invited D. isn’t invited 3. On May 30th,2005,one bowl in the Ming Dynasty _______ at the price of 30,36 million Hong Kong dollars. A. sell B. sold C. is sold D. was sold 4. – Doctor, it seems that you like to work with animals. -- Yes, I think animals should ________as our friends. A. regard B. be regard C. regard D. be regarded

26 链接05年中考题: 1.It is said that the church _______ from the year ( build ) 2. I won’t go to his dancing party unless _______.( invite ) 3. It is _______(know) to all that “Sudan 1” does harm to our health. 4. – Shall I hand in the papers tomorrow ? --No, all the papers ______ ( must hand ) in right now. 5. ---How many of your friends _______ ( invite )to the party next week ? All of my friends except Bob. 6. All of the students in the class except the sick boy ________(encourage) to plant trees yesterday. 7. 英语被作为一种重要的工作语言使用。 8. 这些照片是去年在北京拍的。

27 Make some social morality: ( 社会公德)
Disabled people shouldn’t _______________. 2. Bikes and cars ought to _________ in the right places. 3. Dogs must __________ by the master. 4. Rubbish must ________ into the dustbin. 5. Old people are _____________ politely.

28 Homework for today: Translate the following sentences .(using the passive voice) 1.—我能回家吗?—不,直到作业完成,你才能回家。 _____________________________________________ 2.因为他昨天没被邀请,所以他不去晚会. 3.当我们到达的时候,大桥正在建造。 4.到去年年底为止,已卖出200双鞋子了。 ____________________________________________ 5.不应该嘲笑残疾人。 6.课上应认真听老师讲。 ______________________________________________ 7.在我国,老人和孩子都照顾得很好

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