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Introduction to Staff Personnel Files

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1 Introduction to Staff Personnel Files
Danielle G. Schulte Employee Relations UCSD-Human Resources

2 Topics to be covered today:
What goes in a personnel file? What should stay out of the file? Who can see the file? What to do with the file when the employee leaves? How long do you need to keep the file?

3 Personnel Files: Generally
The department maintains the employee’s official personnel record The file follows the employee Not everything goes into the file

4 Personnel Files - What goes in:
Employment application and resume Requisition form College transcript (if applicable) Job descriptions (current & former) Hiring, promotion, demotion, transfer, layoff, rates of pay, other forms of compensation (e.g. PANS) Include old job descriptions too.

5 Personnel Files: What goes in cont’d:
Emergency contact information Service credits Military leave documents (i.e. orders) Letters of recognition Disciplinary notices or documents Performance evaluations

6 Personnel Files: What goes in? cont’d
Training Personnel data form Patent Agreement Confidentiality agreements Computer use & security forms

7 Personnel files: What stays out
Any records that contain medical information (FML, Workers Comp, disability); Immigration Forms: I-9s, Visas; Safety Training Records; Grievances/complaints

8 Personnel Files: Access
Within the department: MSO/DBO, Supervisor (with need to know), HR contact, employee Outside the department: (official business need to know) Campus Counsel Risk Management AMAS Campus HR (i.e., ER/LR) Anyone that the employee provides written authorization to view his/her file Anyone within the UC system acting in their official capacity with a legitimate business need….. Legitimate business need does not include trying to decide if you are going to hire the person. [DISCUSS EVALUATION]

9 Personnel Files: Access cont’d
Employment Candidates: Prior to an offer being made and accepted: You do not have the right to access a current UC employee’s personnel file without his or her authorization. You may ask the candidate to share a copy of his/her most current evaluation Long time rule/practice here on campus. If former employee (i.e. no longer with the UC and wanting to come back) you can look at his or her file (assuming it still exists). If you ask one you must ask them all

10 Personnel Files: Access cont’d
Employees May they view their personnel files? Make an appointment Private location Do not leave employee alone with file May an employee get a copy of his/her file? 1 x free after that pay

11 Personnel Files: Retention
When an employee goes to another department? When an employee leaves the University? Send to new department when asked or call department and let them know you will be sending it 5 years, or indefinitely if disability retirement or disciplinary termination

12 Personnel Files: Questions?

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