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Club Website Features Our customers most favorite features

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1 Club Website Features Our customers most favorite features

2 Easy To Maintain New posts added automatically, no need to Edit Pages and reorganize your site every time you have new information

3 Simple to Use Add New Posts, Edit Pages, and Update information with a simple, yet robust interface. Fits both basic and advanced user skills perfectly!

4 Yet It Still Looks Eloquent This is how your posts turn out. It only Took 1 minute to create this post (as show from previous slide)

5 Great Events Calendar Options Just as easy to use! Allows people to keep track of upcoming events. Users can Subscribe to email updates, get directions via google maps, and even register (and pay) for an event

6 Registration Forms People can join online (and print to mail checks OR pay via PayPal online.

7 Email Notifications Your club website can automatically alert new members every time you add new info, so you no longer have to send separate email newsletters!

8 Amazing Looking Photo Albums No more messy pages of hard to manage photo albums. Also allows option for club members to post photos to your group pool to display on website (more’s always better)!

9 Sample of Photo View/Slideshow (note website darkened in background)

10 Facebook Auto Sync Posts to Facebook wall anytime you update your website. Cut’s down on having to maintain two things!

11 100+ website Theme layouts Find the perfect fit for your site (or use our network’s favorite theme!) Many themes offer unique customizations to change the layout or specific skins. Fully customizable background, headers, and sidebars. Easily add anything to any page!

12 Amazingly Affordable Only $5 a month Custom, perfect solution designed for your club! The others can’t match this!

13 Custom Setup Available Save time and let us set you up with a great looking & impressive website that will help you recruit new club members for only $150.

14 Great Support Living in MN, we have a long list of outdoor passions. We totally get what your club is about! We are available by phone and email. Video Tutorials allow you to easily train your club members so they can help maintain your club’s site. Fact.. most Pilipino Support Staff for our competitors have never seen a snowflake or a redneck mud pull

15 Please contact us a call with any questions: 320-515-HOST (ps, we hate powerpoint. Sorry for the poor slides. $5 a month product doesn’t give us enough budget for the fancy clipart stuff!

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