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GOTOEX is a modern information technology. Extracting information from the world wide web is a thing of the past. Realistic sense of action is something.

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2 GOTOEX is a modern information technology. Extracting information from the world wide web is a thing of the past. Realistic sense of action is something we can experience now, this minute! FROM THE VIRTUAL TO THE LIVING REALITY!

3 GOTOEX is a hardware/software system that enables the user to visit many exhibitions and museums of the world online via the Internet. The objective of GOTOEX is to provide online access to limitless numbers of users to displays of participants of exhibitions in many countries around the world, including museum exhibits.

4 Exhibitions alive Possibility to visit any exhibition at the same time as it takes place, without leaving home or your office, with a possibility to directly communicate with any of the exhibition participants – all that is GOTOEX. It is a reality determined by the annually increasing pace of life and distances between the worlds business centers. It is a new way of developing business activity and increasing the level of information exchange, both between professionals and between ordinary people.

5 Since 2005 attempts have been made to bring out internet technology appropriate for the use. However all that has been brought forward down to this day still cannot come to a level of their large use due to a number of major drawbacks: The first drawback is too high costs (1.5-2 mln. euro per 2 hours) of videoconferencing in a tele bridge format. The second one is the limitations that exist when web-cameras are used, consisting of inability to connect a large number of internet users at the same time and to enable their interactive communication live with online exchange of information. Thirdly, it is the high demand for human resources and time budget as the problem the exhibitors face in the arrangement of the broadcasting from the exhibition and when making the broadcasting program.

6 A very good example is the Russian presidential elections that were held on 4th of March 2012, when the technology of online broadcasting from the polling stations was first implemented. There was a total of 300000 cameras in the country as a whole. With the budget of 375 mln. Euros and the preparation time of 3 months the cameras only had the capability to record what was happening and broadcast it to the Internet, severely limiting the number of the website visitors due to required pre-registration because of potential risk of the site failure.

7 1The cost of the online access service for an exhibition participant goes down and becomes economically advantageous both for the participants and exhibitors. 2The number of the exhibition participants can be unlimited, at the same time you get ultra-high quality of picture transmission, which doesnt impose any extra costs on the internet users. 3Possibility of online communication between the exhibition participants and visitors. 4It takes less than 10 people and just 2 to 3 weeks to prepare an online-exhibition for an average of 1000 participants.

8 What needs to be done to access a virtual exhibition stand? INTERNET+COMPUTER

9 Internet with a bit rate that can be less than 1 megabits/ sec (starting from as low as 0.5 megabits/sec) per each camera An electrical power socket Info on the exhibits (photos, videos, 3D models, texts, instructions)

10 System mobility and quick deployment; Ease of the system setting and use for the owners of the exhibits; Maximum ease, usability and accessibility for the visitors of the online exposition; Reliability and high quality of video data flow transmission to the user, which is based on special tools for organization of Internet broadcasting; Simultaneous accessibility of expositions for virtually limitless numbers of user without any geographical limitations for the access; Solutions for establishing commercial access to the exhibits; Possibility of multilingual communication for users and owners of the exhibits with one another via a modern machine translation systems.


12 1Owners of expo centers 2Exhibitors 2Internet providers

13 Accumulating exhibition audience interested in the company products/services, immediate feedback; Creation of demand for products simultaneously in different cities/countries; Multiple channels of communication with visitors and partners, possibility to provide connection to the exhibition for the whole office (sales and advertising departments, engineers) Affordability

14 Possibility to visit an attractive exhibition and to communicate with its participants, regardless of in which city the exhibition is taking place, i.e. the effect of real presence; Simultaneously receiving information on the product/service; best cost and time efficiency etc.

15 GOTOEX is: A possibility to visit events in any country A possibility to converse with achievements of science and technology in various areas of human activity Ability to put a finger on the worlds cultural values. GOTOEX means active participation in public life for: Physically challenged people Older people Even the deprived stratum of the society. GOTOEX breaks the following barriers to communication: Space-time Language Financial



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