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FedEx Operation Feed 2011 Kick Off Meeting

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1 FedEx Operation Feed 2011 Kick Off Meeting
May 5, 2011

2 Agenda Welcome and Introductions Why is Operation Feed so important? Campaign Details 3 R’s: Resources, Rules, and Regulations Tracking and Reporting WHQ Resources (Skip Howard) Tips for successful campaign Questions?

3 Contact:
FedEx Team Susan Krigbaum, Campaign Chair Jessica Hunter Dessia Blank Ray Lipham Jamie Myers Janet Mathis John Coop Alan Herbers Contact:

4 Susan Krigbaum VP FedEx Express

5 About Operation Feed Operation Feed is a LOCAL campaign that directly impacts OUR community Operation Feed is a major fundraiser for the Mid-South Food Bank Mid-South Food Bank serves over 300 emergency organizations and shelters in the Mid-South Over 186,500 people a year depend on the Food Bank for their next meal One-third of these emergency clients are children Summer is a time of large need Organizations and business from around the Mid-South participate

6 Why Operation Feed?: Hunger Continues to Get Worse:
A 2010 national study estimates that 5.7 million people receive emergency food assistance The same study indicated that the Mid South Food Bank was #1 in Hunger and Poverty rates per capita Emergency food distribution continues to grow!

7 The Food Bank

8 This Year’s Theme: FedEx Feeds the Growing Need
Hunger Relief and Food Distribution is not only a FedEx priority, but it lets us do what we do best—distribute! Operation Feed is a cause FedEx has supported for over 20 years We are the largest employer in this community – WE CAN HELP MAKE IT BETTER!

9 Results from Last Year’s Campaign…
Last year FedEx raised Over $60,000 and thousands of pounds of food All totaling over 2.2 million points But the need still grows! Contact:

10 Campaign Details Timeline
May 5 – Coordinator Kick Off Meeting May 18 - FedEx Operation Feed begins June 1 - Online Auction opens June 17 – Online Auction ends July 1 – FedEx Operation Feed ends July 8 – All results are due TBD – FedEx Operation Feed Finale

11 Campaign Details The Role of the Coordinators…
Department Coordinators are critical to the success of the Operation Feed campaign. There are 3 primary responsibilities: Communicate information Serve as liaison between the central planning committee and your department, communicating important dates and how the program works Plan activities Take a leadership role in planning how your department will support the campaign. (See tips later in this presentation) Track contributions Report points earned by your department

12 Campaign Details How it all works…
The FedEx campaign, just like the citywide campaign, is structured as a competition among departments in which the top contributing teams are recognized with awards. Points are earned in 2 ways: Food Donations For Competitive Teams: See the Points List included in your Coordinator’s Handbook for the point value of various food items Monetary Donations Every $ is worth 25 points!! The Food Bank is able to make funds go much further toward food purchases than any individual can.

13 Campaign Details Operation Feed Website
Keyword: Op Feed Punch out for Quick Demo

14 Questions? Contact:
Other Web Resources Web Page to support Online Auction Web Page for Points Reporting Watch for instructions and web conference training invite in your ! Questions? Contact:

15 Online Auction Rules and Regulations
Find items to sell ($35 value minimum) Solicit from local businesses and restaurants A letter, explaining the cause, may be helpful (will be available online) Also, donating business’ info will be displayed on the auction site with the item description - in essence, this is free advertising for the business Ask for creative donations from friends, family, colleagues Consignment items are welcome! As in previous years, auction items involving Executives at the VP level and above will be centrally coordinated. No points can be awarded for auction proceeds for these listings. Do not solicit VPs and above for their time Do not solicit Sponsorship Marketing for other FedEx sports-themed items It is OK to approach MDs or Managers within your own group for local activities. However, these activities cannot be facilitated via the auction.

16 Online Auction Rules and Regulations
Fill out the online form to post the item An auction administrator will review and post to the auction The form will be available on the auction web site Answer questions from the buyers Collect the money from the winner and deposit it into Op Feed account by July 8 and send him/her the item The Seller of the item (NOT the Buyer) receives the points generated by the winning bid amount

17 Campaign Details Logistics
Food drop off (Hub has a separate schedule) Locations: WHQ Bldg G, WTC Lobby of Bldg 50, (see other details on the web site, volunteers needed!) Dates: 6/24 (Friday) Times: 11:30am - 1:30pm Need alternate time or location? Let us know—we will add a drop-off if there is enough need! Please drop off food at the specified locations in BOXES! Do not let the boxes exceed 30lbs. As a general rule, if you can’t pick it up, neither can we. Copy Paper boxes are PERFECT!!!!! Write “FedEx/OpFeed” on the boxes.

18 Campaign Details Tracking and Reporting
Points submission will be done electronically Report points at the end of the campaign Submit points by 7/8 Watch for job aid with information, and separate web conference to explain! Keep a running tally of your group’s points until it’s time to enter points.

19 Campaign Details Tracking and Reporting cont.
Reporting your monetary contributions needs to be handled differently this year New Charitable Activities Policy covered in Profit Manual Section 4-8 Four new forms: Fund Custodian Assignment Form  - Designates custodian and responsible manager. Cash Receipts Log – Logs funds received. Cash Request Form – For reimbursing employees/vendor for expenses. Net Proceeds Statement – Completed at end of campaign. More details later.

20 Campaign Details Tracking and Reporting cont.
Depositing Funds: Make deposits to FEC Credit Association, Operation Feed Account (7 zeros) For Checks: Payable to Operation Feed, with employee number on the front Endorse checks “Operation Feed deposit only, acct # ” on back All cash donations / contributions must be deposited by 7/8 Keep your deposit receipts – you will need them under the policy! Another Option: online donation with credit card at Food Bank website Log on to Click on General Donations under the red “Feed the Need” donate button. Fill in the required information. Click on FedEx as the company of choice in the Program drop menu. If you don’t select your company, you will not receive point credit! After reviewing and completing the transaction, a printable receipt will appear. Print, sign and make a copy for yourself, per policy, and give the original to your Operation Feed coordinator.

21 Campaign Details Awards
Top performing groups will be recognized with awards at the FedEx Operation Feed Finale. Awards will be presented at several levels, opening many opportunities for friendly, internal competition:

22 Campaign Details Rules and Regulations
Accurate employee headcounts for each MD and VP department are critical, since most of the awards are judged on a per capita basis. Headcounts will be obtained from HR data on June 1. We will share these headcounts once received. Headcounts will not include department vendors or interns. All literature or posters regarding the campaign must be placed in break rooms or on bulletin boards designated for non-work materials. Please follow your location’s flyer posting policy.

23 WHQ Building G Policies & Reservations
Skip Howard Global Learning Institute Contact Skip for any activities in Building G For questions regarding solicitation or distribution, contact: Veronica Swink Labor Relations

24 Tips for a Successful Campaign
Start early in the campaign! Share what you heard this year about the growing need! Find a way to get your group excited and motivated to participate: Goals Competition may help do the trick! Management Incentives Thank them, thank them, thank them Personalize your campaign

25 Additional Communications to Coordinators
This year, we will improve our communications with you, to: Reach you in multiple methods Provide information just in time Give you the chance for asking questions We want to try the following: Weekly Tuesday s during the campaign Additional remote conferences to: Provide Q&A / cross-coordinator sharing of tips and best practices Demo auction site Explain “campaign wrap-up”—drop-off, and points entry Let us know what else we can do to make your campaign successful! Contact:

26 Thank you for volunteering!
QUESTIONS??? Thank you for volunteering!

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