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UNDE National Executive Meeting

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1 UNDE National Executive Meeting
Conflict Resolution Program UNDE National Executive Meeting Nathalie Neault DGADR May 8, 2013

2 Outline Mandate and Vision New Conflict Resolution Model
Current Challenges My Priorities Impact on Services Conclusion

3 Mandate and Vision Mandate:
To enable the Defence Team to resolve workplace conflicts in a timely and effective manner through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) awareness, education and interventions Vision: To continuously build conflict management within the Defence Team and innovate our service delivery model 3

4 New Conflict Resolution Program Model
CMP ADM(HR-Civ) PM Corp HQ NDHQ DCRP FA AA CRC-A RM CRC-E RM CRC-C RM CRC-W RM ADR Prac ADR Prac ADR Prac ADR Prac ADR Prac ADR Prac ADR Prac ADR Prac ADR Prac ADR Prac ADR Prac ADR Prac ADR Prac ADR Prac ADR Prac ADR Prac Mil Adv (Capt) Mil Adv (MWO) Mil Adv (Capt) ADR Prac Mil Adv (Capt) Atlantic Region Halifax (NS, NB, PE & NL) Eastern Region Ottawa/Gatineau (QC, NCR & OUTCAN) Central Region Kingston (ON less NCR) Western Region Edmonton (MB, SK, AB, BC, YT, NT & NU) 4

5 Current Reality Reduced Military Resources Reduced FTEs Gaps
bulk of training cadre gone lack resources to provide training on weekends and evenings to Reserve units and Cadets Reduced FTEs 9 of 25 remaining positions are vacant (36%) Increased travel for practitioners Gaps Reallocation of key functions from positions affected by WFA Staff/Managers need training consistent with their responsibilities Administrative assistance Service Delivery Revise our service delivery model (interventions and training) Perceived increase in conflicts 5

6 My Priorities Staffing Data Collection System Services
Advertised selection processes for AS-05 and AS-06 Hired casuals as temporary measures Requested to retain existing ADR trained military members pending one year training of new members Initiated training for managers consistent with their role and responsibilities Data Collection System Developed a data collection system in latest version of Sharepoint Piloting data collection system since April 1st, 2013 Looking at long-term options for case management system (Prot B) Services Use available technology to innovate our services 6

7 Impact on Services Interventions Education Awareness
1-800 phone line in each region to access services Service standards will change Exploring the use of existing technology (DVCS and Centra Saba) Education Targeted training will be prioritized - Regular Force, Civilian, Reserve and Cadets Exploring new technology for training (DL and in-class, Centra Saba) Awareness Maintain contact with Defence community and stakeholders Develop Communication Strategy and update website Participate in local events when possible 7

8 Conclusion Continue to deliver professional services
Full implementation by 1 April 2014 Dynamic Concept of Operations 8

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