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Enhanced Design Experiences for Duke BME Students

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1 Enhanced Design Experiences for Duke BME Students
George A. Truskey Department of Biomedical Engineering Duke University

2 Current Situation – Several distinct and non-interacting activities
Students select from a suite of one-semester design courses covering a range of topics Students may also take BME 120 to learn about developing a successful business plan Co-curricular activities such as Duke Start-Up challenge and DuHatch No exposure to idea generation and needs finding

3 Goal Create an enhanced and integrated design experience so that students are involved in all aspects of the design process including clinical needs finding and validation, project identification and definition, design, prototyping and early stage translation

4 Specific Aims Create a course on Biomedical Device Innovation
Establish a Clinical Needs Finding Practicum Offer expanded design sequence Integrate BME design experience with curricular and co-curricular activities in technology translation and entrepreneurship

5 1. Create a course on Biomedical Device Innovation
Introduced in Spring 2011 for undergraduates and Fall 2011 for masters students. Students work in teams (a) literature review and immersion in a medical specialty area (b) needs specification, regulatory and legal issue assessment, prioritization, and conceptual design (c) comprehensive plan for detailed design

6 2. Establish A Clinical Needs Finding Practicum
Two teams of four students One week of introductory material Two clinical rotations from list of four Develop list of needs and discuss top 3 needs Present work to BME and Medical Center faculty peid=bbc8fbea6e aade44216cbfe Team leaders spent an additional two weeks refining needs.

7 Clinical Practicum Four experiences Observed procedures
Mechanical cardiovascular assist devices Neuroradiology Ophthalmic surgery Physical therapy Observed procedures Met with physicians, residents, staff and engineers Established criteria to filter and state needs Identified 124 needs Challenge – identifying needs w/o bias towards solution

8 Lessons Learned Students and clinical faculty were extremely enthusiastic about program Establish closer interactions with Surgery Identified needs used in design courses, biomedical device innovation course, and business development course Issues to examine Integrating needs finding with design courses Balance between future needs identification and further developing needs identified One or two clinical experiences Providing depth in Biomedical Device Innovation Course

9 Going Forward Present summary of program to date to advisory board
Begin work on Aims 3 and 4 Develop an organized program for undergraduates and masters students integrating innovation and design

10 Acknowledgments NIH R25 EB013127
Clinical mentors: James Provenzale, MD; Michael Richard, MD; Joseph Rogers, MD; Kathy Shipp, PhD Andrew DiMeo, NCSU Bob Barnes, PhD Ricardo Pietrobon, MD, MBA The students

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