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LAR Learning Series - Part III Outlook 98 & Exchange 5.5 October 1998 Emily A. Geuder Corporate Account Manager Microsoft Press.

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1 LAR Learning Series - Part III Outlook 98 & Exchange 5.5 October 1998 Emily A. Geuder Corporate Account Manager Microsoft Press

2 Agenda Microsoft Press Overview Overview of Exchange & Outlook Titles - End User - ISIT Professionals Exchange & Outlook in the Corporate Space Microsoft Press Account Team Upcoming Microsoft Press Training Questions

3 Microsoft Press Road Map All User Training All User Reference Quick Course Field Guide Running Microsoft Press Interactive Strategic Technology Series Resource Kits Step by Step Starts Here At a Glance Official Professional Editions MCP / MCSE & Readiness Review Programming Professional Developers Notes from the Field Microsoft Press has over 200 titles in print. Our books are written by highly respected authors who are industry experts and who know the inside story.

4 Microsoft Press: Volume Licensing Cost-effective alternative to standard manuals Microsoft Press offers choices Titles to cover the range of user needs within a large organization Electronic training and reference available on Open, Select & Enterprise Agreements Books, books, books! Additional 10% discount on Microsoft Press Select bundles

5 Exchange & Outlook A new study shows that large organizations can substantially boost their return on investment by switching from legacy messaging systems to Microsoft Exchange Server. The survey of 26 large organizations, conducted by Giga information Group, found that migrating to Exchange Server from legacy mail environments such as Lotus cc:Mail and Microsoft Mail provides companies with average annual savings of $2,393 per employee.

6 Exchange & Outlook Microsoft, which announced the results of the survey in September at the Microsoft Exchange Conference 98, said the savings are due to lower budgeted costs, lower indirect costs associated with downtime, and less need for end-user peer support, and employee productivity gains.

7 Exchange & Outlook Customers are clearly benefiting from their investments in the superior messaging infrastructure with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook, said Rich Tong, Vice President, Applications Product Management at Microsoft. This study confirms how important reliability is for the messaging infrastructure, and the business benefits of a reliable, cost-effective messaging system.

8 Exchange & Outlook The installed base of Exchange Server has grown by more than 200 percent since this time last year, with more than 16.6 million users currently making Exchange Server and the Outlook 98 messaging and collaboration client their messaging system of choice. Microsoft Press has training and reference solutions for organizations making the move to Microsoft Exchange and Outlook!

9 Microsoft Press: Exchange & Outlook Microsoft Press offers a variety of training and reference solutions to assist you in planning, deploying, and using Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 and Outlook 98. Quick Course in Microsoft Outlook 98 Microsoft Outlook 98 Step by Step Microsoft Outlook 98 At a Glance Microsoft Outlook 98 Field Guide Running Microsoft Outlook 98 Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 Managing and Maintaining Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 Training Kit

10 Self Paced Training Series Step by Step Self-paced tutorials for classroom instruction or individualized study Starts Here Interactive instruction on CD-ROM that helps students learn by doing BeginnerBeginner to Intermediate Quick Course Fast, to-the-point instruction for new users

11 Quick Course in Outlook 98 ISBN: 1-57231-846-5 ERP: $14.99 192 Pages / No CD Learn to have a great Outlook! Perfect for educators and trainers, QUICK COURSE IN MICROSOFT OUTLOOK 98 demonstrates in easy steps the ways to maximize productivity with the hottest new application in the Microsoft Office 97 software suite. Topics covered include: Organizing information on the desktop Communicating and sharing information with others Managing e-mail, calendars, contacts, tasks and to-do lists, documents, and files Deploying new Internet mail protocols (POP3, LDAP) and taking advantage of other refinements in the user interface

12 Starts Here Computer Based Training (CBT) Does not have a title dedicated to Outlook 98; however, 20% of the Office 97 Starts Here title is dedicated to Outlook topics. ISBN: 1-57231-303-X ERP: $29.99 No book / 1 CD

13 Outlook 98 Step by Step ISBN: 1-57231-717-5 ERP: $29.99 320 Pages / 1 CD With this book and Microsoft Outlook 98, you'll learn to: Send and receive e-mail within your company and via the Internet using Outlook's support for a wide variety of e-mail services--SMTP/POP3, IMAP4, HTML mail, and more. Schedule meetings and share your calendar with others in your company and on the Internet. Use Outlook Today--a customizable "home page" from which you can view and manage all the information that's critical to your day. Manage your contacts and tasks. Set Outlook to automatically handle junk e-mail. This book provides comprehensive preparation for the Microsoft Office User Specialist exam for Microsoft Outlook 98 at the Expert level. Put the full power of Microsoft Outlook 98 to work!

14 Reference Series Field Guides Concise, task oriented A-Z references for quick easy answers - anywhere BeginnerIntermediate At a Glance Quick visual guides for task-oriented instruction Running Comprehensive reference alternative to standard documentation

15 Outlook 98 At a Glance ISBN: 1-57231-719-1 ERP: $16.99 224 Pages / No CD Here's the visual way to quickly get to work using the powerful e-mail and desktop information management features of Microsoft Outlook 98. MICROSOFT OUTLOOK 98 AT A GLANCE lets you focus on a particular task and shows you, with clear, numbered steps, the easiest way to get it done. You'll be assisted by these handy visual guides: Tip--a special technique that will help you use the software more efficiently--such as opening Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 with a right mouse click instead of the Start menu. Try This--a short example that helps you apply the procedure you're learning to other tasks. See Also--points you to related information elsewhere in the book. Master Microsoft Outlook 98 the easy, visual way!

16 Outlook 98 Field Guide ISBN: 1-57231-728-0 ERP: $12.99 208 Pages / No CD Here's the fast way to find practical answers about Microsoft Outlook 98. With this handy reference and guide, accurate information about everything from tools to terms to techniques is always close at hand. Step-by-step instructions and screen illustrations help you accomplish exactly what you want to do. Alphabetic entries make it easy to find the information you want. Troubleshooting section shows you simple, effective solutions to the most common problems--solutions that new users in particular will find indispensable. Quick reference section lets you quickly review the functions of menu commands, toolbar buttons, shortcut keys, and more. Master index helps you find any subject in any section of the Field Guide. Quick, easy answers on Microsoft Outlook 98--anywhere!

17 Running Outlook 98 ISBN: 1-57231-840-6 ERP: $34.99 672 Pages / 1 CD It's packed with everything from quick, clear instructions for new users to comprehensive answers for power users. And it's complete in one volume. In short, RUNNING MICROSOFT OUTLOOK 98 is the authoritative handbook you'll keep by your computer and use every day. COMPREHENSIVE Discover Outlook 98, including how to navigate its improved interface, send e-mail via the Internet, share your work and schedules, and more. Learn to streamline your work by using Outlook 98 as the one-stop location to find and use any other application, file, or Web site. Unlock the power of Outlook 98 as an integrated part of Microsoft Office 97--as you work with other tools, use Outlook 98 to communicate and share work via e-mail, schedule appointments and meetings, instantly track and contact colleagues and clients, and more. In-depth reference and inside tips from the software experts

18 Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 ISBN: 0-7356-0529-7 ERP: $39.99 330 Pages / 1 CD Discover a unique, real-world view on deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 with DEPLOYING MICROSOFT EXCHANGE SERVER 5.5. IT professionals, technology integrators, and CIOs alike will learn about the best practices and techniques from Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) to optimize deployment from start to finish. This book details the expertise, processes, and resources needed for successfully planning, developing, and deploying Microsoft Exchange 5.5. It also features proven scenarios and case studies that reveal issues, pitfalls, and benefits that provide valuable help for creating successful deployment strategies. Consulting DEPLOYING MICROSOFT EXCHANGE SERVER 5.5 is like having MCS right there to help you decide on the best approach. You get critical deployment strategies-right from the source-that help you put Microsoft Exchange 5.5 to work immediately and effectively. Big ideas that fit on a desktop-and in an organization's migration plans.

19 Managing & Maintaining Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 ISBN: 0-7356-0528-9 ERP: $39.99 300 Pages / 1 CD MANAGING AND MAINTAINING MICROSOFT EXCHANGE SERVER 5.5 lets you leverage Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) resources and make the most of Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5, the messaging and collaboration component of Microsoft BackOffice®. IT professionals, consultants, and technology integrators can learn about the issues and benefits of implementing Microsoft Exchange 5.5 and use this information to develop the most efficient messaging system possible. "How to" information derived from extensive field experience helps you set up and fine-tune procedures for administration, maintenance, disaster recovery, and other crucial system areas. Have best practices and techniques at your fingertips 24 hours a day.

20 Exchange Server 5.5 Training Kit ISBN: 1-57231-709-4 ERP: $99.99 1504 Pages / 1 CD Self-paced training for success! The MICROSOFT® EXCHANGE SERVER TRAINING KIT contains everything you need to succeed on the MCP exams and on the job. Working at your ideal pace, use step-by-step lessons and hands-on lab exercises to learn to support and administer Microsoft Exchange 5.0 and Microsoft Exchange 5.5. Use specialized test study materials to fully prepare for success on Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) exams 70- 076 & 70-081. Plus, this is the only self-paced training kit that's made by Microsoft, which makes this training kit the ultimate preparation-for the job and the MCP exams. Upon completion of this self-paced training course, you'll understand how to install, configure, and support Microsoft Exchange 5.0 and 5.5.

21 Microsoft Press Account Team Corporate Account Managers Emily Geuder, PA, WV, VA, NC, SC, GA, AL, MS, FL, MD, DE, DC, Federal D. Lynn Watts, ND, SD, MN, WI, IA, NE, KS, MO, IL, IN, MI, OH, KY, TN, AR, OK, TX, LA Patrick Bouvet, AK, W, MT, OR, ID, WY, NV, UT, CO, CA, AZ, NM, HI TBH NY, NJ, CT, RI, NH, VT, MA, ME

22 Training Opportunities Last Conference Call (same time) November 9th or 16th - Office 2000


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