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Dr Bridie McCarthy Supervisor: Dr Tom Andrews Co-supervisor: Professor Josephine Hegarty.

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1 Dr Bridie McCarthy Supervisor: Dr Tom Andrews Co-supervisor: Professor Josephine Hegarty

2 Background to study Research methodology The emergent substantive theory

3 Interest in family members Clinical experience Teaching experience Personal experience Chemotherapy units Colo-rectal cancer Literature on communication

4 To explore family members experiences when their loved ones were undergoing chemotherapy treatment for colo-rectal cancer.

5 Grounded theory (classical) Data collection – Interviews (n=35) Analysis: Constant comparative analysis Field notes and memoing Ethical approval

6 Main concern: Fear of emotional collapse Core category: Emotional Resistance Building (ERB)

7 Phase 1 Figuring out Emotional reflecting Information seeking Advanced planning Emotional shielding Phase 2 Getting on with it Burden relieving Emotional releasing Emotional holding Phase 3 Uncertainty adjustment Pragmatic adjusting Reality adjusting Reconciliatory adjusting

8 Emotional reflecting Time taking Explanation seeking Comparison making I couldn't believe it. I had to take time to think, was it real or just a bad dream. How could it be real, she is too young.

9 Information seeking Attending medical appointments Active listening/questioning Establishing trust in HCPs I never knew he was so lonely until he told the doctor why he couldnt sleep at night. I was just thinking it was depression and at him to pick himself up. It was a real wake-up call for me

10 Advance planning Action planning Disclosing the diagnosis Re-normalising We are in this together and we will get through it together

11 Emotional shielding Emotional hiding Physical hiding Emotional containing It was terrible at the start. I didnt leave the house, I just didnt want to meet or see anyone. I just wanted to be by myself and have a good cry

12 Burden relieving Responsibility taking Openly communicating Illness fighting We have to fight this. We are getting the best treatment and I believe my wife will come through this We are both very positive and I have to believe it. We have small children, my wife is not even 40 yet and we have our whole lives ahead of us.

13 Emotional releasing Externalising emotional displays Externalised burden sharing Spiritualised burden sharing God has spared me my husband for which I am most grateful. Now if He will save him for me and my family I will do whatever it takes, anything he wants me to do to save my husband, I will do it

14 Emotional holding Emotional postponing Maintaining hope Illness detachment No matter how bad the news I would never cry in front of my partner or HCPs. I would hold back until I get to the first loo or until I got home

15 Pragmatic adjusting Planning Negotiating support Illness disclosure I work shift hours so I had to arrange my dads chemo around times that suited me. If I couldnt do that I really dont know how wed manage

16 Reality adjusting Getting through each day Letting go Confidence layering My wife got so sick with the chemo that I had to do everything. It was hard going at the beginning with young children as well, but I just took one day at a time

17 Reconciliatory adjusting Valuing time Balancing Accommodating disruption You never know from day to day or week to week what is gong to happen. Even if they will have the chemo. So you have to be ready for setbacks

18 Policies and reports highlight the need to include and support family members (FMs) of patients with cancer (WHO 2006 & DoH&C 2012). That nurses should have an awareness of the emotional impact of cancer on FMs (DoH&C 2012). This explanatory theory highlights the many concerns that FMs experience and how they process them to avoid emotional collapse. Future - Need to intervene at an earlier stage, to reassure, support and guide FMs during this process

19 Thank you for listening Bridie

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