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Context For Breakthrough Projects And Key Steps in Design And Implementation.

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1 Context For Breakthrough Projects And Key Steps in Design And Implementation

2 2 Context In Which Strategy Is Traditionally Designed Extrapolated From The Past

3 3 Context in Which A Breakthrough Future Is Designed From An Invented Future

4 4 Context In Which Breakthrough Projects Are Designed To Close The Gap

5 5 In what way does the project you are about to design going to forward the Strategic Intent? In what way is this a breakthrough project - what is the breakthrough? How will it help to close the strategic gap? Key Step 1 What Gap is Your Project Designed to Close?

6 6 Step 2 Create the Objectives of the Project What is the end-state result - what, by when? End-state results are invented from your commitment and stand to realize the future strategy They are not predictions from the present to the future They represent a breakthrough - not more of the same of business as usual

7 7 Step 3 Name the Project Describe the project succinctly so others can get it quickly

8 8 Step 4-10 Please contact for full

9 9 Step 5 Whats So Today? What is the starting condition - current results and trends? Not whats wrong - just facts stripped of opinions or judgments What is the gap between what you are committed to accomplishing and the trend - will closing the gap call for a breakthrough?

10 10 Step 6 Create Milestones What are the key milestones - backwards from the future? If we have X at end date, what must be so at a preceding date - and so on back to the present? Milestones must be measurable and by a specific date Milestones are key outcomes - not activities

11 11 Given end state results and whats so now, what strategies will best get us to the outcome? What is missing now? What structures do we need to put in place - at least to get us to first milestone? Who needs to be on the team? What resources are needed? What are the dependencies? Who needs to be accountable for what - and to whom? Put in place the key accountabilities Step 7 Align on Structures and Actio ns

12 12 Step 7 (Continued) Align on Structures and Actions How will you track progress? Establish a structure How will work as a team - frequency of meeting, ways of being in communication, operating agreements (like after action reviews) and promises? Schedule next meetings What breakdowns are likely to occur - how can you resolve them before they occur, prepare to minimize damage or prepare to make rapid recovery?

13 13 Step 8 Select Project Leader and Build Team The leader is someone committed to the project being successful and who will not give up - someone who can be counted on to manage the conversations of the project to completion The leader is the person accountable for the result being produced - not someone who will do everything or give orders to others about what to do Get to know the team - what I bring - skills, strengths and passions, what I can be counted on for, what might stop me - build on each other

14 14 Step 9 Align on Commitment to Project Now that you have a clear sense of what it will take to produce the end result - it is time to re-assess: Is the project a breakthrough project? If not raise the end results or shorten the time frame, or both Am I committed to this project - really - or am I just going along with the program? If you are not committed to the project - either join another project team or revise the parameters of this project

15 15 Step 10 Get to Work - Align on: ns Who will do what by when? Make promises, requests and offers Record all promises and requests and offers Are the actions promised sufficient to get to the first milestone? If not have conversations for possibility till you have sufficient opportunities for new actions Who needs to know about the project? How is the project to be incorporated into existing accountabilities?...

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