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Z im- ex. Bringing Trust and Mobility to the Digital Age.

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1 Z im- ex. Bringing Trust and Mobility to the Digital Age

2 zim-ex. Zim-ex Overview Zim-ex offers authentication solutions based on Biometrics, smart card, and PKI technologies. We focus on 3 main markets: ID Card Projects Access Control (airport, building…) IT Security Which involve mainly: Government, Military, Large Corporations, Banking and Healthcare Zim-ex offers innovative, easy-to-deploy and user- friendly solutions

3 Zim-ex. Zim-ex Overview Private Company founded in 1995 Deployed ID system and PKI for: Government Transportation Police Department Military Public Security Ministry Foreign Affairs Department Airport Bank and Corporation Hospital Factory Leader in Authentication Solution

4 Zim-ex. What brings the need for Authentication ? Terrorism Internal fraud (employees) False/Fake ID card Identity theft Credit card fraud Lack of security on the Internet (B2B & B2C transactions) New security laws and standards Unauthorized access to sensitive corporate information Biometrics revenues are expected to reach $2.6 billion by 2006. Frost & Sullivan

5 Zim-ex. What is PKI ? PKI stands for : Public Key Infrastructure PKI offers security services such as : Confidentiality Protects sensitive information. Integrity Guarantees that information remains accurate, not tampered with or altered. Non-repudiation User cannot refute the transaction (need Biometrics) Authentication Verifies the identity of communicating parties and binds identity to transaction. Access Control Determines who may have access to which resources.

6 Zim-ex. What is PKI ? A PKI will issue certificate to each person A certificate its: Asymmetrical Key-pair (Private Key + Public Key) for encryption Key-pair for signature Users information (name…) Authority who issue the certificate Expiration date Etc. The Key length can varies from 64 to 2048 bits (RSA, DSA…) Each Private Key is unique to each person and must be protected. Normally, its stored on a disk drive and protected by a password, this is not secure enough, so its better to stored it on a smart card and control the access by the fingerprint.

7 Zim-ex. Who are the PKI vendors? The main PKI vendors are : Entrust Verisign They offer cryptography and electronic signature services. Zim-ex integrated and support all of theses vendors Zim-ex knows how to deploy a PKI, and has a proven track record: Central Bank of Canada Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Department of National Defense Several Canadian Banks Baltimore RSA

8 Zim-ex. Biometrics Others type of biometrics Eye Scan (Iris & Retina) Intrusive (People dont like to put their eye in a hole) Expensive to deploy Voice recognition Easy to record and play back Inconsistency of ones voice Facial scan Not for mobile application Hand Geometry Big and cumbersome Expensive to deploy Signature verification Not a mature method

9 Zim-ex. Biometrics The best biometrics technology Fingerprint Universally Recognized Method Used since decade (central database already exist) Perfect for Mobile application Not intrusive to users Inexpensive to deploy Not cumbersome (small reader) Fast reading (less than 1 second) Highly secure (High FAR and low FRR) Very precise imaging (500 DPI) Very liable (no mechanical system)

10 Zim-ex. Available Fingerprint Sensors 2-D reading Optical Sensor Easily Spoofed by an image or a photo of a finger If press too hard, reading is difficult 3-D reading Capacitance Sensors Very Good Quality & Reading-Area Size Electric Field Sensors Low DPI (250) Thermal Sensors (strip) Thomson-CSF (Swiping Problems) Zim-ex product used Capacitance Sensors

11 Zim-ex. SmartPrint Sensor Active Sensor Size : 18.0 x 12.8mm Array Size : 256 x 360 pixels Ultra-Hard Protective Coating Image Resolution : 508 DPI ESD Protection : 8 KV

12 Zim-ex. Fingerprint Minutiae are unique characteristics of individual fingerprints using around 250 bytes of memory space. 8 minutia points make a legal identification according to the FBI and NSA. FAR : False Acceptance Rate (1/100,000) FRR : False Rejection Rate (1/15) Bifurcation End line

13 Zim-ex. ID Card Applications

14 Zim-ex. SmartPrint Applications ID CARD Passport VISA National ID and drivers License Election Card Healthcare Card Social Security Card Mass Transportation

15 Zim-ex. SmartPrint Applications ACCESS CONTROL Airport Tarmac Access Control Nuclear & other Power Plants Navy Ship, Army and Air force Factory and Warehouse Time & Attendance Car Parking Secure Room Vault Server Room EDUCATION & UNIVERSITY Library (rent book) Examination (check ID) Cafeteria (pay with card) Dormitory (Access Control) ID On-line identification

16 Zim-ex. IT Security Applications e-Banking e-Trading Secure logon Secure e-mail Secure web access VPN and Extranet e-commerce (B2B & B2C)

17 Zim-ex. Enroller Used by central authorities to issue citizen ID card Connects to a PC by serial port Electronic ID (PKI digital certificate) is stored on the smart card Combined contactless (or contact) smart card and fingerprint reader Mobile Used by security officers to verify citizen identity Hand-held unit, battery operated Display citizens information on the LCD display Combined contactless (or contact) smart card and fingerprint reader For National ID and Access Control Application

18 Zim-ex. SmartPrint Processor The StrongARM is a 32 bit RISC processor running at 206MHz. The Intel © StrongARM Microprocessor is optimized for requirements of portable and embedded application. Processing of the fingerprint minutiae extraction and matching is done locally by the embedded system Power management

19 Zim-ex. MIFARE Smart Card MIFARE ISO-14443 Type A 13.56 MHz Operating frequency 1 Kbytes EEPROM 100 000 read/write cycles 10 Years Data Retention Encrypted RF Memory Map Enrollment Officer Info. = 212 Bytes Citizen Fingerprint = 250 Bytes Citizen Information = 338 Bytes MIFARE Proprietary Data = 224 Bytes Total 1024 Bytes

20 Zim-ex. Software Suite Generation of Authority Signature Key Security Officer enrollment Citizen enrollment Citizen verification Date & Time management PC Based software (English, French, Chinese or any language)

21 Zim-ex. PC and Embedded SDK (Software Development Kit) SDK Allows our partners to develop their own application PC SDK Supporting Visual C and Delphi Offers a complete suite of functions: Key generation and backup User and security officer enrollment User verification Date and Time management Read and write on a specific smart card location PIN management (to access smart card) Embedded SDK (for Mobile firmware development) Supporting C language (compiled with StrongARM environment) Offers the following functions LCD and keypad management Date and Time management Read and write on a specific smart card location

22 Zim-ex. SmartPrint Access Control Used to control access of a door Connects to access control management system Wall-mount chassis Weigand, RS-485 or RS-232 interface Control door latch Can support combo card (HID+MIFARE+contact) For Access Control Application

23 Readers: Smart Card and Fingerprint : USB and USB Key Smart Cards Standard 16 Kbytes 32 Kbytes, Cryptographic functions (to perform key-generation and electronic signature onboard the card) Combined on the same card HID access control Proximity (125 KHz) MIFARE (13.56 MHz) Printing 4-colors process on both side (User picture, name and ID info) Magnetic stripe Security features such as: holograms, micro-printing, UV Complete Solution: Zim-ex. For IT Security Application

24 Software Components: SmartLogon for Windows SmartPKI 2 for Entrust ® (Cryptographic applications, authentication + secure and portable profile-storage for Entrust users) SmartLogon for CheckPoint/VPN (Authentication, geographically-distant user) SmartPKI 2 for windows ® (Outlook) SmartProfile (Single Sign-On for almost any application) Complete Solution: Zim-ex. For IT Security Application

25 TruBlue Zim-ex fingerprint and smart card readers: USB Contact smart card interface ISO-7816 Entrust Ready Microsoft WHQL Certified PC/SC driver included Zim-ex. TruBlue

26 USBkey Zim-ex fingerprint and smart card readers: USB Contact smart card interface SIM module Entrust Ready Microsoft WHQL Certified PC/SC driver included Zim-ex. USBkey

27 SmartSign: Zim-ex Smart card readers: Serial port @ 115 kbps Flash Memory (firmware can be updated in the field) Landing contact instead of swiping contact (200,000 insertions warranty) Screwable base Entrust Ready Microsoft WHQL Certified PC/SC driver included Zim-ex. SmartSign

28 Zim-ex. Coming Products Mobile Readers with RF capabilities RF communication: GSM and other Mobile communication Blue Tooth WiFi Wireless LAN Will allows link to central database for: Background check Send fingerprint for verification Check citizen status and information

29 Zim-ex. Benefits of a ID Card Project with Fingerprint and Smart Card

30 Zim-ex. Benefits of Smart Card / Fingerprint Smart Card: Citizen information's and fingerprint stored inside the smart card Impossible to issue fake cards Can be used for Multi Application Information on the card, can be updated by the authority Fingerprint: Cannot take someone identity More easy to track criminal Can be link to a central database

31 Zim-ex. SmartPrint Advantages For ID Card Project Tracability : Each card issued is linked to its enrolment officer Integrity : Any information change on card will be detected Trustworthiness : Accountability of enrolment officers prevents temptation to fraudulent issuing of cards Rapidity : Authentication in 0.6 seconds Portability : Allows for Mobile ID verification Maintainability : Quick firmware updates in the field (flash memory) Flexibility : Multi-lingual interface; supports any foreign character Compatibility : Can support different AFIS systems Security : Impossible to issue fake cards

32 Zim-ex. ID Card Project Around the World

33 Zim-ex. Chinese Project National ID Card: For every citizen older than 16 years old Around 900 millions cards 5 to 8 years to deploy Control by the MPS (Ministry of Public Security) We partner with: TriRing: one of the 500 biggest company in China GMCC: first authorized company to manufacture credit card in China. They print Chinese paper money. We received an order of 20,000 readers from GMCC The biggest biometrics order in the world The MPS will needs 1,000,000 readers for the project They used contactless smart card (MIFARE and Hua Hong) Status: Official launching soon, already have temporary citizen card bids

34 Zim-ex. Alcohol Agency of Quebec IT Security and Access Control Card: Used to control access of computer and building Single Sign-On (SSO) for: Windows NT and 2000 Netscape and Internet Explorer Tivoli CheckPoint VPN for more than 20 different applications Will be used by 6,000 employees We partner with Motus and CGI We used contact and proximity smart card Status: Full deployment in 3 months

35 Zim-ex. Montreal Airport, Canada Access Control: Used to control access of secure area (Tarmac, control center…) Used by Airport Employees Reader installed at specific doors and used by security officer to check truck delivery We used contactless smart card

36 Zim-ex. Bank in Europe e-banking For one of the biggest bank in Europe Used to secure banking transaction and to protect account number Will be used by Corporate and VIP customer of the Bank We used contact smart card A digital certificate of Verisign is stored on the smart card Status: Our partner is doing the pilot test

37 Zim-ex. Bank in China e-banking For one of the biggest bank in China (CITIC Bank) Support the CFCA of China CFCA: Chinese Financial Certification Authority Used to secure banking transaction and to protect account number Will be used by Corporate and VIP customer of the Bank We used contact smart card A digital certificate of Entrust is stored on the smart card

38 Zim-ex. Pharmaceutical Company in USA Secure e-mail and PKI For the biggest Pharmaceutical Company in the world (Novartis) Support Entrust PKI and Lotus Notes The FDA (Food Drug and Administration) required pharmaceutical companies to send encrypted e-mail Used to secure e-mail (encrypt) Will be used by 60,000 Novartis employees worldwide

39 Zim-ex. Conclusion Zim-ex offers: The Best Solution in the Market Innovative and unique solution for Authentication To closes the gap between physical and IT security A wide range of products Multi-language products Its extensive PKI expertise An experience and hard-working R&D team

40 Zim-ex. Canada, Headquarter 400 Jean-Lesage, Hall Ouest Suite 30 Québec, Québec G1K 4W1 (418) 692-3137 Zim-ex. Bringing Trust and Mobility to the Digital Age

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