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Principles of Information Systems

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1 Principles of Information Systems
Exercises Chapter 10 Information and Decision Support Systems Pn Hasnah Hashim Lecturer Faculty of Information Management Universiti Teknologi MARA Puncak Perdana Campus

2 Chapter 10 Quick Quiz 1 What is the first step in the decision-making model?  The two stages of the problem-solving process that come after the decision-making phase are ____________________ and ____________________. Which stage of the decision-making model involves selecting a course of action?   Which stage of the decision-making model involves developing alternative solutions?  What kind of model finds the best solution? What are commonly accepted guidelines or procedures that usually find a good solution called?

3 Chapter 10 Quick Quiz 2 What type of report can provide increasingly detailed views of information concerning situations of interest?   What type of report is generated on a regular basis? What type of report can a manager obtain by request?

4 Chapter 10 Quick Quiz 3 ____________________ is a process that ensures that the finished product meets the customers’ needs.  ____________________ involves analyzing the financial condition of an organization and determining whether financial statements and reports produced by the financial MIS are accurate. The ____________________ is the quantity that should be reordered to minimize total inventory costs. What functional MIS provides aggregate information on accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and many other applications?

5 Chapter 10 Quick Quiz 4  True or False: DSSs are more flexible than MISs. What DSS type is concerned with recurring situations?   Which decision-making levels use the DSS?

6 Chapter 10 Quick Quiz 5 What component of a DSS is used to house models used in different functional areas? What types of models are used to coordinate large projects? Which DSS model type provides cash flow information?

7 Chapter 10 Quick Quiz 6 What name is used to describe teams of people located around the globe, working on common problems? What GSS alternative should be used for infrequent meetings of geographically centralized people? What GSS alternative is best suited to geographically dispersed participants that meet frequently? True or False: The group consensus approach is a decision-making approach that forces members in the group to reach a unanimous decision. True or False: GSSs are also called computerized collaborative work systems.

8 Chapter 10 Quick Quiz 7 What type of DSS is specifically designed for use by senior management?  True or False: ESSs have a future orientation.  True or False: ESSs can only be used by upper management.

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