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Leveraging E-Z Datas Valuable Service Offerings E-Z Data Confidential.

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2 Leveraging E-Z Datas Valuable Service Offerings E-Z Data Confidential

3 Rules (You have to have them, right?) 1.The speaker is the judge 2.Judges decision is final and uncontestable –Please try to make eye contact with the judge –…and being nice to Judge will improve your chance of winning 3.If we ran out of gifts, tough luck! –Pat yourself that you are among Smart people 4.And finally….winners are responsible for Federal and State tax implications E-Z Data Confidential

4 Quiz 1.What was SmartOffice Online (SOO)s uptime during business hours in 2007 E-Z Data Confidential a. 99.98%c. 95.34% Answer: 99.98%99.98% 2.What was the prestigious security certification E-Z Data received in 2007? a. Emmy Awardc. Golden Globe Answer: ISO 27001 b. 75.34%d. 98.95% b. ISO 27001d. Oscar

5 Quiz 3.Which is the busiest day of the week for SOO systems? E-Z Data Confidential 4.How big is SOOs database size with 4,500 users? a.Tue b.Sun c.Wed d.Fri Answer: Wed Source: SmartMonitorWed a.5 TB b.50MB c.500MB d.500GB Answer: 500 GB

6 Quiz 5.How often does E-Z Data voluntarily conduct vulnerability threat assessment (VTA)? E-Z Data Confidential a.Once a decade b.Once a year c.Once a week d.Once a quarter Answer: Once a quarter 6.What is the average duration a typical SOO user spends during a business day? a.15 minutes b.18 hours c.5 hours d.1 hour Answer: 5 hours Source: SmartMonitor

7 Quiz E-Z Data Confidential 7.What is the average number of clicks a typical SOO user makes during each business day? 8.What percentage of SOO users enforce security within the office? a.3,500 clicks b.300 clicks c.15 clicks d.150 clicks Answer: 300 clicks Source: SmartMonitor a.100% b.50% c.20% d.0% (none) Answer: 20%

8 Update on Services Offered 1.Hosting Services E-Z Data Confidential 2.Conversion Services 3.Business Consulting

9 Update on Hosting Operation E-Z Data Confidential

10 E-Z Datas Track Record Over a dozen segregated hosted environments - including many large enterprises 1,000s of small businesses (Agency, BGA, Banks, Credit Unions) 10s of 1000s of users 9+Terabytes of production databases under management E-Z Data Confidential

11 Security Practices ISO 27001 Certified Hosting Operation World class ISO or SAS70 certified data centers Ongoing security awareness training for employees 3 rd party Security Audit –Vulnerability Threat Assessment (VTA) on a quarterly basis –Penetration Test on an annual basis E-Z Data Confidential

12 Release and Patch Management Best Practices on Releases and Patches –Reliable, quick and proven best practices –Auditable Change Management System Best Practices on Monitoring –Proactive, live and historical monitoring –24x7 NOC analysts monitoring the system E-Z Data Confidential

13 Last but not the least… Dedicated team of 50+ professionals exclusively working on SmartOffice hosting including E-Z Data Confidential –System Administrators –DBAs –J2EE Administrators –Network Administrators –Storage Administrators –Security Administrators –NOC Analysts –Conversion Analysts –DXE Analysts

14 E-Z Data Confidential

15 Self-Hosted Customers For self-hosted customers, our consulting services are available in implementing the best practices on –Database maintenance –Monitoring –Security –Business Continuity Planning/Disaster Recovery E-Z Data Confidential

16 Conversion Services Conversion Logistics adds a new dimension to the challenge Data Conversions from E-Z Data Confidential –CDS –CommerceAgency –CPU Tracker –Act! –Goldmine +Many, many others

17 E-Z Data Confidential Data Conversion Support Matrix PROGRAMVERSIONS Client Data for Windows4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 6.0 Agency Data for Windows4.1 Commerce Agency4.5.3b8f Advisors Assistant 2.7 ACT! 4.0, 5.0, 2000, 6 Agency Works 3.0 Brokers Ally 6.0 Client Info Plus 2.04a, 3.0 CPU Tracker 9 Commission$Due 5 DataMax (National) 6.00.083 DbCAMS 3.5, 3.7, 4.5 Goldmine 3.0, 3.2, 5.0 FDP (Contact Partner) 2.5, 2.6, 5.0 GBS 4.0 thru 6.4.1 IRelay Ontra 4.0 Prowler 7.0 Siebel's DataPlu$ Sales Explosion 3.1.538.92 ZeBU 2.0, 5.0 Spot Light5.1 Zunture6.0

18 E-Z Datas Track Record E-Z Data have developed best practices on conversions that are –Repeatable for consistency –Scalable for volume –Auditable for security & peace of mind 2,400+ conversions of CDS/Act! for Ameriprise 750+ conversions for retail users Take advantage of the proven practices that we have built over many years! E-Z Data Confidential

19 Leveraging E-Z Datas Valuable Service Offerings E-Z Data Confidential

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