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Copyright © 2008 ReachLocal, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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1 Copyright © 2008 ReachLocal, Inc. All Rights Reserved

2 Their Time is Spent Searching and Surfing Searching on Yahoo (getting married, needs wedding dress) Clicks on sponsored ad provided by eZanga SEM Visits the eZanga advertiser (bridal) website eZanga SEM targets people who are ready to buy and are searching online. eZanga Display targets potential customers in your area who are surfing online. Visits the eZanga advertiser (bridal) website Browsing popular fashion site Clicks on display ad provided by eZanga SEM Web Site (Surfing) Search Engine (Searching)


4 Copyright © 2008 ReachLocal, Inc. All Rights Reserved eZanga SEM + eZanga Display= Sales Synergy Source: See You Here Click and Buy Here INCREASES

5 Copyright © 2008 ReachLocal, Inc. All Rights Reserved eZanga Display Expands Your Reach Online While Search Engine Advertising is a must, using eZanga Display will make you stand out from the search crowd. For the first time local businesses can conveniently access local ad space across the largest network of popular sites online. Build a big brand on a small budget advertising on nationally recognized sites. and many more… Even on national sites, your eZanga Display ads are targeted to local visitors.

6 Copyright © 2008 ReachLocal, Inc. All Rights Reserved Remarketing: 101 3 Through Internet cookie technology, we can tag visitors and follow them across a wide network of sites. 2 Browses the Advertisers web site. While Searching While Surfing Original Site Proxy Site Tip: Ask about placing a remarketing cookie directly on your site for additional remarketing benefits! Searcher leaves. Did they convert? Most will not the first time to your site. 4 This allows businesses to remarket each search visitor as they surf the web to bring them back to their site. Searcher Clicks on Local Text Ad 1

7 Copyright © 2008 ReachLocal, Inc. All Rights Reserved eZanga Display Reporting Proves Results Geographic spread of people interacting with your ad Number of Impressions Cost Per Thousand Impressions Number of Visits Budget Used Remarketing (People who previously visited your site) - 4,144 impressions Geographically/Contextually/Demographically - 221,047 impressions Drip Pro PlumbingJan 24, 2009Feb 02, 2009$1,700.00$455.31225.191$2.02511 (Click here to learn how to get more impression)

8 Copyright © 2008 ReachLocal, Inc. All Rights Reserved eZanga Display Uses Eye-catching Banner Ads 70% of all graphical banners online are the four most popular sizes: Leaderboard (728 x 90) Medium Rectangle (300 x 250) Wide Skyscraper (160 x 600) Standard Banner (468 x 60) Can be static or animated (.jpg,.gif,.swf) Lets create an ad that best fits your message

9 Copyright © 2008 ReachLocal, Inc. All Rights Reserved Appendix

10 Copyright © 2008 ReachLocal, Inc. All Rights Reserved Q & A: How Is eZanga Display Unique From Other Display Offerings? The eZanga Display network extends to over 150 billion monthly impressions across the internet leveraging the largest ad networks and many of Americas most recognized websites. Expansive reach is crucial for display advertising. Remarketing requires casting a very wide net to find your sites previous visitors across the web, wherever they may go online. The more sites we reach the easier it is to find them and bring them back to you. The more premium sites we cover, the more selective you can be with your geo-, contextual, and demographic targeting. Buying power is key. More premium sites means access to the best sites (and potential consumers) at the best price for you. You should expect an integrated solution for your search and display advertising to enable effective remarketing, reporting, cross-channel optimization, and ROI analysis. With you always get best-in-class optimization and eZanga SEM and eZanga Display are the leading local solutions. Put them to work for you today!

11 Copyright © 2008 ReachLocal, Inc. All Rights Reserved Lift in Retailers' Online and Offline Sales among Internet Users Exposed to Display Ads Total U.S., Home/Work/University Locations Monthly Sales ($) per Thousand Exposed Consumers ControlTestLift Online Sales$994$1,26327% Offline Sales$9,905$11,55017% Source: comScore Brand Metrix, Norms Database, November 2008 Stats & Facts: Display + Search "There is a connection between display and search ads," said David Hallerman, senior analyst at eMarketer. "Often it's not the search ad alone that gets consumers to act, but the context of all the marketing that preceded it. Source: Study: Without Display, There Is No Search, iMediaConnection eMarketer Not only does online marketing have the benefits of more attractive advertising rates and a faster growing retail channel, but it's clear from the results of our studies that Internet marketing also generates incremental sales in retail stores. Center for Media Research, Research Brief: Click-Through Plus View-Through Completes ROI Measurement The combination of a display and search campaign delivers substantial synergy, with sales lift from the combined strategy being greater than the sum of the individual components. comScore Dec. 2008 – How Online Advertising Works: Whither the Click? Display advertising does not normally result in an immediate click. That makes sense because the ad is not being presented in a moment of purchase intent, like a search ad is. But the ad does create interest in the product or service which is realized at some later date in the form of a site visit, a search query, and possibly on online or offline purchase. Venture Capitalist Fred Wilson summarizing comScores, How Online Advertising Works 2008 report (

12 Copyright © 2008 ReachLocal, Inc. All Rights Reserved Stats & Facts: Remarketing Significant increases in click-through rates and especially conversion rates are typically seen when comparing [remarketing] campaigns to standard contextual advertising and even to campaigns that utilize other targeting techniques. ValueClick Media network During a one year study with remarketing, Health Institutions saw a 141% click thru rate increase [to their search campaign]. From Valueclick Media November 2008 A general rule-of-thumb in advertising is that a potential consumer must be exposed to your brand and message a minimum three times before they take action. Since you have invested in each potential buyer brought to your site through search, invest a little to remarket those consumers and bring them back to you. Remarketing is the most effective way to build frequency online. Nathan Hanks - Chief Distribution Officer, ReachLocal

13 Copyright © 2008 ReachLocal, Inc. All Rights Reserved Stats & Facts: Promoting National Brands By examining comScore data for its clients, Specific Media found that searches jump by 155 percent after consumers are exposed to display advertising. Source: Study: Without display, there is no search, iMediaConnection Display advertising significantly impacts search, site visitation and engagement, Chris Vanderhook, COO at Specific Media Display and search are directly correlated, judging by a Specific Media study of comScore data. Brand- and segment- related searches (ex. cars, automakers and vehicle classes) jumped by more than 100% in several categories after consumers were exposed to display ads for those brands. Source:eMarketer.comSpecific Media comScore

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