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European System of Classifications Eurostat EUROPEAN UNION 6 9 12 15 - ??

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2 European System of Classifications Eurostat

3 EUROPEAN UNION 6 9 12 15 - ??

4 European Statistical System (ESS) the Statistical Programme Committee (SPC) the Committee on Monetary, Finance and Balance of payments Statistics (CMFB) the European Committee on Economic and Social Information (CEIES)

5 Less formal cooperation structures Partnership group of chief statisticians Joint training centre (TES) Leadership group (LEGS) Detachment of staff from National Institutes

6 Integrated statistical classifications

7 ISIC Rev.3 International Standard Classification of All Economic Activities

8 NACE Rev. 1 Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community

9 The 5239 Christmas tree

10 SPC, NSI and FEBI National Association Company European Association SPC D1 NSI ?Economists? ?Academics?

11 CPC Central Product Classification Version 1.0

12 CPA Statistical classification of products by activity in the European Economic Community

13 Basic Product Classifications HS Harmonised commodity description and coding system CN Combined Nomenclature

14 Lessons learned The Positive Side The geographic area of application is growing far beyond the borders of EU The advantages of a harmonized system are acknowledged by all The detail of NACE Rev.1 is close to the optimal level National transformation of NACE Rev.1/CPA have caused no major problems

15 And the bad….. Lack of solid methodological base Good tools are a prerequisite for a successful implementation CPA of limited use in transportable goods. Aggregates used for publication are not compatible

16 …more bad news The aggregates of NACE Rev.1/CPA are not optimal –Lack of aggregates which existed in the old classifications. –The levels with 2-digit and 2-letter cannot serve all purposes –Data at the 3-digit level is not always available –An intermediate level of around 100-120 positions is missing.

17 Sector specific problems Construction. Non-specialized trade. Textiles ECSC. Detail in services (or lack of same)

18 The hardest part The implementation of a new classification takes a very long time Cost

19 The FAMILY I Economic activities Reference ISIC Derived NACE Related ANZSIC NAICS Products Reference CPC HS Derived CPA CN PRODCOM SITC Related Trade in Services

20 Evolution Short-term pragmatic maintenance of the system Pragmatic because of lack of time Mechanisms Operation 2002 Operation 2007

21 Convergence Medium term pragmatic convergence with North America and Japan 2000 - 2015

22 REVOLUTION Long term revolution international, regional and national classifications 2015+ Mechanisms Precondition: Advanced research UN Expert Group

23 Interim solutions Collection of all proposals Nomination of best practice Wide circulation of information Proactive encourage large scale testing


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