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Absolute Monarchs in Europe 1500-1800 Vocabulary: ◦absolute monarch ◦divine right.

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1 Absolute Monarchs in Europe Vocabulary: ◦absolute monarch ◦divine right

2 Absolute Monarchs in Europe Decline of feudalism Stronger national identities ◦England ◦France ◦Spain ◦plus, Russia, Austria, & Prussia Wealthy economies ◦Influx of goods from New World

3 Absolute Monarchs in Europe Characteristics of absolute rulers ◦Ruled by divine right  [compare w/ “mandate of heaven”] ◦Wanted to control economy ◦In conflict w/ nobility  France: unlimited power  Britain: Parliament formed

4 Absolute Monarchs in Europe PROJECT!!! Compare & Contrast the Absolute Monarchs Research Project ◦in groups of 3 ◦note cards & citation page required ◦PPT Presentation Monarchs include: ◦Philip II (Spain) ◦Louis XIII & Louis XIV (France) ◦Charles I, Oliver Cromwell, Charles II, James II (England)

5 Absolute Monarchs in Europe Timeline: ◦In-class computer research, Feb. 1-4  you can bring your own laptop! ◦Group Presentations begin Monday, Feb. 7 ◦All Works Cited pages due Feb. 7  every student submits one!


7 Absolute Monarchs in Europe Philip II (Spain, ) Charles I (England, 1626) Cromwell ( “, 1649) Charles II ( “, 1658) James II ( “, 1685) Louis XIII (France, 1610) Louis XIV ( “, )

8 Absolute Monarchs in Europe Spain Philip II ◦fiercely defended Catholicism ◦built & lost Armada ◦Escorial Cervantes – Don Quixote

9 ENGLAND: Evol. of Constitutional Monarchy King John – Magna Carta (1215) : Charles I – beheaded for absolute rule Cromwell – civil war for absolute power Charles II – Restoration; habeas corpus James II – Catholic; fled after 3 yrs. Wm & Mary – Bill of Rights (1689) »»» Constitutional Monarchy ◦ basis of American system (w/o monarch)

10 Absolute Monarchs in Europe France Louis XIII ( ) ◦Cardinal Richelieu (politician 1 st )  moved against Huguenots  weakened nobles Louis XIV ( ) ◦Sun King; “L’etat c’est moi.” ◦built Versailles ◦controlled nobles w/i palace ◦increased power of intendants (gov’t agents)

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