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ZonicBook/618EZ-TOMAS Rotating Machinery Monitoring and Analysis

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1 ZonicBook/618EZ-TOMAS Rotating Machinery Monitoring and Analysis

2 ZonicBook/618EZ-TOMAS Rotating Machinery Monitoring and Analysis
Agenda Getting Started Machines & Instrumentation ZonicBook/618 eZ-TOMAS Project Data File Concepts Gauge Monitor Display Acquisition, Instrument, and Storage Setups Spectral Bands, RPM Ranges, and Limit Setups Display Preferences Analysis Displays Historical Data Reports Limit Checking Project Security

3 ZonicBook/618EZ-TOMAS Getting Started – Applications and Machinery
PetroChemical, Power Utility, Paper and Steel Mill, Pharmaceutical, etc… Turbines, Compressors, Gearboxes, Pumps, Motors, Generators, etc… Typically, 1 to 3 machines per system. 10 to 100,000 RPM range Temporary or Continuous Monitoring

4 ZonicBook/618EZ-TOMAS Getting Started - Instrumentation
Accelerometers / Velocity Proximity / Displacement Tachometer / Speed Pressure Transducers Temperature Sensors Microphones General or Static Accelerometer / Velocity: AC Coupled; 5 V full scale; ICP thru ZonicBook; 10, 100, 500 mV/g; 100 mV / ips Mounting Methods: Magnet, Adhesive, Wax, Stud Displacement: DC Coupled; 25 V full scale; 200 mV/mil Tachometer: AC Coupled; Photo-Optical or Notched Shaft Other: AC + DC proportional voltage signals.

5 ZonicBook/618EZ-TOMAS Getting Started – Project Data File Concepts
Microsoft Windows 2000, or XP OS EZ-TOMAS Project 1 to 3 Machines per Project 1 Project Per Windows Folder FIFO Design Fixed Input Channel Count Numerous Configuration and Data Files per Project. “.TOM”, “.T02” … “.T76” Each data record includes Time WaveForm and Spectral Band data per channel Setup Configuration saved with Data. Data is stored to the project files automatically. “Save” menu option is only for backup purposes.

6 ZonicBook/618EZ-TOMAS Getting Started – System Startup
System Startup & Initialization ZonicBook/618E Power & Ethernet PC Log On Verify Connectivity Start eZ-TOMAS Windows PC, Windows 2000, NT, or XP Use DAQ Configuration to setup the ZonicBook

7 ZonicBook/618EZ-TOMAS Getting Started – Creating / Opening A Project
New (Clone) Project Creates a new project, Same Channel Count. Existing configuration setups are maintained. Initialize Project Creates a new project. Channel Count can be Changed. Open Project An existing project is opened. Data is Appended to existing files. Save As Creates a new project. Configuration setups and Data is copied. Option Button Displays a list of existing projects. Select from List.

8 ZonicBook/618EZ-TOMAS Gauge Window
Eight (8) Analog Gauges per Row. Up to 4 Rows. Up to (3) Tach Gauges. Acquisition and Limit Check Controls are located in frames and menus. Storage Indicators provide status update.

9 ZonicBook/618EZ-TOMAS Configuration Setups
Project Information Configuration Acquisition, Input Channels, Storage Spectral Bands Machine Faults Spectral Limits RPM Limit Sets Either Edit Menu or Right Click on Gauge to Open Window Work from Top Down and Left to Right Configuration Setups are saved with the Data.

10 ZonicBook/618EZ-TOMAS Edit – Project Information
Enter the typical information related to the machine being tested. User Notes can be entered on the main gauge window.

11 ZonicBook/618EZ-TOMAS Configuration Setup - Acquisition
Typical Analysis Rates are 500 to 2000 Hz. Defined by highest frequency of interest. Typical Spectral Lines are 400 to 1600 Lines. Defined by spectral resolution. One (1) Average is equal to No Averaging. No average for Transient Data Capture Hanning and Flat Top are most common FFT Windows. AC Coupling HPF Filter. ICP Charge Time from 6 to 60 seconds

12 ZonicBook/618EZ-TOMAS Configuration Setup – Input Channels
Gauge Min and Max used for Instrument Scaling on Gauges and Displays. Integration supported for Accelerometers and Velocity Pickups. AC Coupling supported in all Voltage Ranges, except +/- 25 V. ICP Supported in all Voltage Ranges, except +/- 25 V. FSV (Full Scale Voltage) Ranges from 25 mV to 25 V.

13 ZonicBook/618EZ-TOMAS Configuration Setup – Input Channels
Angle Location is physical location of the probe. TDC = 0 degrees. West = 90 Degrees. South = East = 270. 1xAmp and 1xPhs are used for Runout Compensation plots. Bode and Polar Displays. Gap Volt is the Reference DC Gap Voltage Value, used for Orbit and Shaft Center Line plots. XY Pair and Clearance used for Orbit and Shaft Center Line plots. Default Tach defines the preferred tach reference channel.

14 ZonicBook/618EZ-TOMAS Configuration Setup – Tach Channels
Rotation Direction typically from Driver to Driven Trigger Direction and Voltage are typically leading edge. Tach Channels – Counter Mode for phase measurements. Voltage Mode for verification of signal. Period mode for multiple pulses/rev. Analog Tachs – Auto detection. Used when pulse amplitude varies.

15 ZonicBook/618EZ-TOMAS Configuration Setup – Storage
FIFO Design. Up to 200,000 time waveforms per channel. Event Driven while within an RPM Range Delta RPM, Delta Time, OR Delta Overall RPM and Overall change stores pre-Trigger record. SnapShot is user trigger.

16 ZonicBook/618EZ-TOMAS Edit - Spectral Bands
Ten (10) spectral bands per input channel. Bands 1 thru 4 are pre-defined. 5 thru 10 are user configurable. Spectral Range, Peak vs. Overall, Orders vs. Hz.

17 ZonicBook/618EZ-TOMAS Edit – Spectral Limits
Two High and two Low Limits per channel per spectral band per RPM range. / Text Messaging via SMTP. Log File contains “N” alarm events.

18 ZonicBook/618EZ-TOMAS Gauge Window – Monitor Vibration Levels
Acquisition Switch – ON, Messages show status. Limit Check Switch is independent of acquisition Digital IO Switch control outputs. Alarm Event driven outputs. Data Storage Status shown. Snapshot Button allows you to manually trigger storage. Options available for gauges. Peak Hold and Show spectral band values.

19 ZonicBook/618EZ-TOMAS Gauge Window – Monitor Vibration Levels
View All Spectral Bands Short Cut Keys, 1 thru 10

20 ZonicBook/618EZ-TOMAS Gauge Window – Monitor Vibration Levels
View 1x Amplitude / 1x Phase Gauges

21 ZonicBook/618EZ-TOMAS Gauge Window – Monitor Vibration Levels
Display Peak Hold Values Mouse Over gauge to display Peak value and Date/time

22 ZonicBook/618EZ-TOMAS Edit - Display Preferences
Typically, White Background, with Dark Traces. Plot Trace colors by Channel. Realtime Plot Buffer defines data duration in Stripchart, Bode, Polar displays. Alarm Records pre-define history size when displaying Alarm Event. Waterfall display buffer up to 100 records. (Scroll or Skip option) UnWrap Bode Phase allows phase axis to span multiple 0 to 360 ranges.

23 ZonicBook/618EZ-TOMAS Analysis Displays
Display - Plots… Realtime or Historical Data Source 1 to 8 Windows 8 Display Types Up to 8 Traces per Window Interactive Display Options 1. Either Display Menu or Double Click on Gauge to open display window.

24 ZonicBook/618EZ-TOMAS Plot Windows – Data Source Options
Clear Realtime buffer only erases the realtime memory, stored data is still OK. Able to review Historical Data while data acquisition is ON. Delay Playback Update Slider 0 to 1000 mSec, 200 mSec Instrument, Auto, and User Scales. Click in X or Y Axis manually change Scale. Spectral Bands are labeled “A” thru “J”

25 ZonicBook/618EZ-TOMAS Plot Windows – Time Waveform
Supports multiple traces per plot window. Unfiltered or filtered time waveform, Spectral Band letters “A” thru “J” Full Time Block or Multiples of Rotation

26 ZonicBook/618EZ-TOMAS Plot Windows – Spectrum
Y Axis - Log or Linear Scale; X Axis - Frequency or Orders Peak Cursor Update Single, Harmonic, SideBand, Peak Cursors Overlay Limits

27 ZonicBook/618EZ-TOMAS Plot Windows – Orbit
Combination of 2 time waveforms. (Unfiltered or Filtered) Full Block or Multiple Revolutions Tach Marks and Rotation Annotation Bearing Clearance Circle Option

28 ZonicBook/618EZ-TOMAS Plot Windows – Waterfall
Scrolling or Skip Record option for Historical data. Right Click for Longitude and Latitude Angles Overlay current spectrum, order tracks option. RPM or Time Annotation option

29 ZonicBook/618EZ-TOMAS Plot Windows – Bode
Bode = Amplitude and/or Phase vs. RPM Multiple Channels or Multiple Spectral Bands. Runout Compensated Overlay Option AC+DC Envelope Plot Option for Overall Vibration

30 ZonicBook/618EZ-TOMAS Plot Windows – Polar
Displays Amplitude and Phase (1x) on Polar Plot Runout Compensated Overlay Option RPM or Time Annotation Option Overlay Limits Option

31 ZonicBook/618EZ-TOMAS Plot Windows – StripChart (Trend)
Multiple Channels or Spectral Bands vs. Date/Time X Axis Option either by Date Time or Records (historical data). Overlay Limits AC + DC Envelope display Option for Overall

32 ZonicBook/618EZ-TOMAS Plot Windows – Shaft Center Line (SCL)
SCL = (measured DC Gap Voltage – Gap Reference) for Displacement Probe Pairs RPM and Time Annotation Option Overlay Bearing Clearance Circle Option

33 ZonicBook/618EZ-TOMAS Plot Windows – Right Click Options
Plot Graph Area – Format, Copy Options, Color Formatting Cursor – Spectral Positioning Channel – Color, Instrument setups

34 ZonicBook/618EZ-TOMAS Statistical Data Analysis
Calculate Minimum, Maximum, Average and Standard Deviation All Channels referenced to each Tach, over a user defined Time and RPM ranges. Can be used to calculate Spectral Limits

35 ZonicBook/618EZ-TOMAS Gauge Window – Monitor Vibration Status
Click and Drag Limit pointers Lock and UnLock Limit button in Options Frame.

36 ZonicBook/618EZ-TOMAS Historical Data Reporting
Display – Alarm Log Display – SnapShot Log 1. Double Click on Alarm or Snapshot Event to display data.

37 ZonicBook/618EZ-TOMAS User Security
Security – User Level Level 1 thru 3 Project Password User Level 3 = Manager. Allows complete access to all features. User Level 2 = Technician. Allows access to some features. User Level 1 = Operator. Minimal access.

38 ZonicBook/618EZ-TOMAS Data Export Options
Entire Project Faster; Partial Project while Acquisition Active but Slow Copy graphics via Plot Windows.

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