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Rowena Stewart Rm1406 JCMB, ext 50 5207 Boolean, truncation etc Databases to use Combining.

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1 Rowena Stewart Rm1406 JCMB, ext 50 5207 Boolean, truncation etc Databases to use Combining searches Recording numbers Trials Instrumentation Clinical Psychology - Systematic Review – Library summary

2 What I tell your students

3 Use of Boolean operators, truncation and wildcards etc AND, OR – Search History [export it, save it] Subject Headings – explode Subject Headings as Additional Limits – reviews, meta-analysis, age groups… Subject Headings - In Process/non-indexed missed Proximity – ADJ Truncation/wildcards – review* How to exclude irrelevant literature by search terms Inclusion/Exclusion criteria De-duplicate in databases or eg, in reference management software Endnote, RefWorks, Zotero Critical Appraisal “Crib Sheets” for help assessing different types of papers, eg http://www.casp-uk.net Numbers of papers, eg PRISMA - Most useful databases to search and… psycINFO, MEDLINE, EMBASE psycINFO, MEDLINE, EMBASE; CINAHL, Sociological Abstracts, Social Services Abstracts, ERIC. IndMED - :, PSYNDEX Direct - LILACS etc on Virtual Health Library -, AMED Theses, conference reports etc – WoK, Index to Theses, Dissertations and Theses. …whether to combine into one search (and if so, how) Do best search for your research question on each database. If that involves no subject headings/limits then can search all database on one interface Search History/Recent Searches etc for combining sets of results in meaningful way for topic & seeing search terms which are limiting. Can export for your own files/reporting. Can save within database for re-run. Saved Searches - Saving a search keeps the commands so you can view and then run a saved search in a different database (eg Embase) from the one you did the search (psycINFO). OVID’s Keep selected command – in saved search as a command run on the results returned, not keeping specific records but those in new list which match position of originals (1 st, 50 th etc) (Use Add to My Projects (folder) type options to save specific records on database server).

4 Records identified through database searching (n = ) Screening Included Eligibility Identification Additional records identified through other sources (n = ) Records after duplicates removed (n = ) Records screened (n = ) Records excluded (n = ) Full-text articles assessed for eligibility (n = ) Full-text articles excluded, with reasons (n = ) Studies included in qualitative synthesis (n = ) Studies included in quantitative synthesis (meta-analysis) (n = ) PRISMA 2009 Flow Diagram

5 Searching for existing reviews and protocols, for in-progress ones, for grey literature Cochrane Library The Cochrane Library is primarily known for its Database of Systemic Reviews but it is also a valuable source for finding ongoing trials, well-tested search strategies and other information to support evidence based medicine. Cochrane Collaboration - Centre for Reviews and Dissemination - - UoYork dept and part of the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Databases search interface - DARE (Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects) NHS EED (NHS Economic Evaluation Database) HTA (Health Technology Assessment) database – content from the 52 members of the International Network of Agencies for Health Technology Assessment (INAHTA) and 20 other HTA organisations around the world. “Our Research” for reviews in progress and completed. Full record content sent on a monthly basis to The Cochrane Library. The British Library's INSIDE or OpenSIGLE, (System for Information on Grey Literature in Europe)

6 UK Clinical Research Network Study Portfolio ( ) European Clinical Trials Database - Current Controlled Trials [Springer-BioMedCentral] Interface for trials registered with International Standard RCT Number and for “across multiple registers”. Select “All registers” (left menu in “across multiple registers “ search) to see archive trial sources.across multiple registers - U.S. National Institutes of Health (includes recruiting…) Publications from trials in other A&I but not trials themselves. CenterWatch Clinical Trials Listing Service: WHO’s Clinical Trials Registry Platform Search Portal - Plus: disease, country etc specfic ones. Pharmaceutical companies may make information about trials available: International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations (IFPMA) Members - Clinical Trials portal: [v. quick look – all from] Other sources suggest direct contact (also with other researchers in your field) Trials registers Embase – Additional LimitpsycINFO; MEDLINE; CINAHL – Publication type Clinical Trials A&I Searching

7 Cochrane Review Group pages, eg Cochrane Dementia and Cognitive Improvement Group, for search strategies including search terms and resources used. & MyEd - handbooks, literature review Evidence based medicine (EBM) resources. Evidence based medicine resources from Medicine Subject Guide –

8 Search limited to that field or use “i”/Display Indexes Medline/Pubmed – MeSH headings for the concept of tests and measurement include: questionnaires, psychological tests, psychometrics outcome, and process assessment (health care). Or, MeSH sub-heading (if available) = Instrumentation CINAHL Plus - main search page, type a word or phrase into the text box, then use the dropdown menu to limit the search to the "IN Instrumentation" field. From: Embase – Headings include named inventories, questionnaires and rating scales, and an instrument’s title [which are narrower terms to named etc heading] also clinical assessment tool,. From the main PsycINFO search page, select the "Search Fields" link above the search box George Combe Psychometric Test Collection - - School of Psychology Collection for use by their staff and students but access may be possible by arrangement. Instrumentation

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