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Benelux Section IEEE Region 8 Section Assessment Benelux Section 23 April 2004 Krakow, Poland.

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1 Benelux Section IEEE Region 8 Section Assessment Benelux Section 23 April 2004 Krakow, Poland

2 Section Team Jan Biemond (Chair) TU Delft; NL Cor Claeys (Past Chair) KU Leuven, IMEC; B Martin Bastiaans (Officer) TU Eindhoven; NL

3 Overview presentation l Background to the Section l Finances l Governance l Section Activities  Chapter Activities  Membership Development  Student and Gold Activities  Conferences  Education l Long-term goals/ New Directions l Best practices

4 Background to the Section Strengths: l Founded May 13, 1959 as part of IRE l Part of IEEE since 1963 after merger with AIEE l First chair Ir. H. Rinia (1959-1961), director Philips Research, Eindhoven l Strong organizational and financial structure l Local circumstances: Excellent educational system and strong consumer electronics (support) industry

5 Background to the Section (2) Successes: l Large # of Chapters and Student Branches l Relatively large # of IEEE Fellows and Senior Members l Two recent IEEE medalists  Prof. Kees Schouhamer Immink, IEEE Edison Medal (optical disk storage)  Prof. Aad T. de Hoop, IEEE Heinrich Hertz Medal (EM propagation) l Two Society Presidents  Prof. Han Vinck, IEEE Information Theory (IT) Society (2003-2004)  Prof. Djan Khoe, IEEE Lasers & Electro-Optical Society (LEOS) (2003- 2004)

6 Background to the Section (3) Threats: l Lack of volunteers l Uncertain future of (Electrical) Engineering  Limited inflow into technical studies  Lack of high-tech start-ups as innovation drivers  Brain drain  Outsourcing and off shoring of production, services and research  Exodus of research labs and (consumer) electronics industry to low-income countries

7 Finances Financial goals: l Section is planning to shrink its reserves due to:  Growing # of Chapters with increased activity level  New rebate scheme for SB’s to promote activities  Promotion of technical studies (at high schools) l Level of reserves kept consistent with objectives:  To provide risk-bearing capital to support conferences and workshops within Benelux Region

8 Governance Officers (period 2002-2005): Chairman: Prof. dr. ir. Jan Biemond (TU Delft; NL) Junior Past Chairman: Prof. dr. ir. Cor Claeys (KU-Leuven; IMEC; B) Vice chairman: Prof. Dr. Ir. Patrice Mégret (Polytechnique de Mons ; B) Prof. Damien Macq (Polytechnique de Mons, B); since 01/01/04 Secretary: Dr. Alan Hanjalic (TU Delft; NL) Treasurer NL: Jan Bergmans (TU Eindhoven; NL) Treasurer B: Ir. Dirk Rabaey (Alcatel, B) Member B: Prof. Joseph. Lahr (IST; L) Member NL: Martin J. Bastiaans (TU Eindhoven; NL) (Vice- chair candidate per 01/01/05)  ExCom: Officers + Standing Committee Chairs + Chapter Chairs

9 Governance (2) Standing Committee Chairs (2002-2005): Awards: Ir. J (Hans) Noordanus (Philips retiree: NL) Chapter Coordination: Ir. Kees van ‘t Klooster (ESTEC/ESA; NL) Student Activities: Daniel M. van Dommelen (KU-Leuven;B) Industry Relations: Fred Snijders (Philips Research Eindhoven,NL) Educational Activities (NL): Prof. A.M.J. Koonen (TU Eindhoven; NL) Educational Activities (B): Prof. Jacques Verly (Université de Liège ; B) Professional Activities and Ing. K. K. Keimpema (retired Dutch PTT, NL) Membership Development: Vacancy per 01/01/04 Electronic Communications: J. Vanderschoot (Leiden University Medical Center; NL)

10 Governance (3) l ExCom meetings twice a year (May/November) l General assembly (with officer election) every second year; last one in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, January 14, 2002 l Next in January 2005 (postponed with 1 year) l Chairpersons alternate between The Netherlands and Belgium or Luxembourg l Within Belgium/Luxembourgian turns, it alternates between Northern and Southern region

11 Chapter Activities Chapters: 15 + 1 + 1  LEOS:Lasers and Electro-Optics  AP/MTT:Antennas and Propagation/Microwave Theory and Techniques  IT:Information Theory  SP:Signal Processing  VT&C:Vehicular Technology and Communications  CE:Consumer Electronics  CAS:Circuits and Systems  ED:Electron Devices  EMS:Engineering Management Society Chapter  SSCS:Solid State Circuits Society Chapter  IAS/PEL:Industry Applications/Power Electronics  NPS:Nuclear and Plasma Science  EMC:Electromagnetic Compatibility  CS:Computer Society  NN:The Neural Network Chapter  The ED/CAS Université Catholique de Louvain Student Branch Chapter  GOLD Affinity Group

12 Chapters Activities (2) New Chapters since 2000: 1. IAS/PEL:Industry Applications/Power Electronics Oct. 2000 2. NPS:Nuclear and Plasma Science Chapter Feb. 26, 2001 3. EMS:Engineering Management Society Chapter Oct. 24, 2001 4. EMC:Electromagnetic Compatibility Dec. 2002 5. CS:Computer Society Chapter May 2002 6. NN:The Neural Networks Society Chapter May 30, 2003 7. ED/CAS Université Catholique de Louvain Student Branch Chapter Oct. 2003  The Joint Industry Applications & Power Electronics Society Chapter has applied to expand its activities to Power Engineering (Nov. 2003) and to become the joint IAS/PELS/PES Benelux Chapter  A Chapter on Robotics and Automation is in the process of organization by Dr. Stefano Stramigioli, Twente University NL  There are some recent initiatives to create a Chapter on Biomedical Engineering

13 Chapter Activities (3) l All Chapters are active, but there is sometimes a lack of reporting (VT&C and SSCS) invited to next Section meeting l Chapters are requested to report to our biannual Section meeting l LEOS was nominated last year for the Chapter of the Year award of Region 8 l A good means to revitalize a Chapter is a (complete) change of board members (SP, AP/MTT)

14 Membership Development Activities “Membership value”  Theme Benelux Chair:“Membership value”  Membership development: SM FellowStudentTotal End 1998133364122568 End 1999154374242706 End 2000154423852790 End 2001163433872795 End 2002169464782833 End 2003178454422750  Membership division:Industry: 50% Academia:45% Government:5%  - Factors: l Electronic access l Recent economic downturn l Membership fee increase

15 Membership Development Activities (2) How to reach members from industry? l Promotion and sponsoring of conferences and Symposia with major industry participation l Recent appointment of Industry Relation Officer l Composition of Section and Chapter boards l Link with industry through Gold l Supporting friend Award for Alcatel

16 Supporting Friend Award l The IEEE would like to recognize Alcatel-Antwerp, for its consistent support in sponsoring various IEEE activities. l The IEEE extends its gratitude for providing over 15 years of faithful support to the IEEE for hosting the EXCOM meetings of the IEEE Benelux Section. l For the encouragement of its employees to participate in member activities of the IEEE and to promote the value of membership. l Alcatel was supportive in the establishment of the first GOLD Chapter program in Region 8. l Especially the financial management of Dirk Rabaey should be mentioned.

17 Student Activities l 7 recognized Student Branches: Delft, Endhoven, Gent, Leuven, Liege, Louvain-la-Neuve, Twente l Recent revitalization SB’s Delft and Liege. l Each ExCom meeting a student branch is invited l Strong visibility: 1. Successful organization SBC-2000 in Eindhoven 2. High visibility in Region 8 Student paper contests 3. Symposia, Study projects, Debates, Beer courses 4. Exchange visits of neighboring SB’s

18 SB Delft l From competition to cooperation l Focus on International MSc students

19 IEEE Student Branch Leuven presents: Beer Course In cooperation with Zythos: the Confederation of Belgian Objective Beer tasters ➢➢ Maandag 8 maart, 20 uur: De kunst van het bierproeven en het brouwproces ➢➢ Maandag 15 maart: Bezoek aan de artisinale brouwerij van Boon, te Ledegem (oude Geuze), busrit inbegrepen (vertrekuur: 19 uur) ➢➢ Maandag 22 maart, 20 uur: De geschiedenis van het bier en de verschillende biersoorten Elke avond is er uitgebreide mogelijkheid tot proeven

20 DEBATE IEEE Student Branch Leuven Wednesday, April 28, 2004 Intellectual Exodus from Belgium Future and Expansion of our Knowledge Economy Speakers: Dirk Rabaey, IEEE Benelux, Alcatel Strategic Alliances Frank Vandenbroecke, Minister of Labor and Pensions Prof. Yves Willems, Dean Faculty Applied Sciences, Catholic University Leuven

21 GOLD Affinity Group Very active Gold Affinity Group Certificate of Appreciation May 2002 Lack of reporting in 2003 Expiration of IEEE Membership GOLD Affinity Chair Jan van Nieuwenhuyse Discussion to combine activities with German GOLD Section Recent initiative of William Watté, Sammy Martens to revitalize GOLD through a new Board, etc.

22 Conferences l 3rd IEEE Conference on Standardization and Innovation in Information Technology, Delft, The Netherlands, Oct. 22-24, 2003 l 2004 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man & Cybernetics, The Hague, The Netherlands, October 10-13, 2004 l 2005 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo (ICME), Amsterdam, The Netherlands, July 2005

23 Education l Several Chapters actively participate in The Distinguished Lecturer Program l Many short courses and post graduate courses are offered by the different Universities, Graduate Schools, Philips CTT. Many IEEE members are involved, but no direct involvement of the Section l Biemond was appointed as a member of Region 8 Educational Activities Sub Committee per 01-01-04

24 Long Term Goals/New Directions l Membership development and retention l Improved leadership in Section l To promote engineering studies  Pre-university programs  International MSc programmes To invest in knowledge society  To promote start-ups and spin-off companies  To promote electronic industry as innovation driver

25 Best Practices l A very good relation with other professional Societies in the electronics field: NERG, KIvI, AES, IEE, etc. l Strong interaction with Chapters and SB’s, partly based on a very good rebate/support program l A relative high participation of SB’s in Regional activities, like Student Paper Contests l An excellent, inspiring host from Industry for our biannual ExCom meetings

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