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Ser v. Estar Esp. 1 Avancemos 5.1.

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1 Ser v. Estar Esp. 1 Avancemos 5.1

2 Ser Estar Both verbs mean “to be”

3 Remeber their conjugations?
Ser Estar Soy Somos Eres Sois Es Son Estoy Estamos Estás Estáis Está Están Remeber their conjugations?

4 So what’s the difference?

5 Use SER to indicate ORIGIN: where someone or something is from.
SOY de Quito = I’m from Quito (Ecuador). Using Ser

6 Use SER to DESCRIBE personal traits and physical characteristics.
Los estudiantes SON inteligentes = The students are intelligent. Using Ser

7 Using Ser SER is also used to indicate PROFESSION
La Señora Ilarri ES maestra = Mrs. Ilarri is a teacher. Using Ser

8 Use ESTAR to indicate LOCATION: where someone or something is.
Quito ESTÁ en Ecuador = Quito is in Ecuador. Using Estar

9 ESTAR is also used to DESCRIBE CONDITIONS, such as how someone feels.
 Physical. ¿Cómo ESTÁS? = How are you?  Emotional. ESTAMOS contentos = We are happy Using Estar

10 SER ESTAR RECAP-SER V. ESTAR Origin Location Personal traits/
characteristics Professions ESTAR Location Conditions Feelings RECAP-SER V. ESTAR

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