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Republica de El Salvador

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1 Republica de El Salvador
By Mr. Redaelli

2 Facts The capital of El Salvador is San Salvador
The national flower is Flor de Izote The Official Currency is the American Dollar The President is Mauricio Funes The national anthem’s name is Himno Nacional de El Salvador

3 Geography El Salvador is 20,742 Sq. Km. (8,008 Sq. Miles)
The population is about 6.1 million The country has 14 Departments (States) It neighbors the Pacific Ocean, Honduras and Guatemala It is located in Central America

4 Weather and Rivers El Salvador has tropical climate
It has pronounced wet and dry seasons Highest temperature is 95 degrees Lowest temperature is 46 degrees Biggest and longest river is Rio Lempa

5 Industries Main industries are textiles (clothing, towels, hand made products) Main imports are chemicals, food, and machinery Main exports are coffee, medicine, sugar and textiles Main trading partner is the United States

6 Religion, Weather, Main Cities and Ports
Major Religion is Catholicism Other religions are Episcopalians and Baptists Other Main Cities are Santa Ana and San Miguel Main ports are Acajutla and La Union

7 Population and Toursim
Almost 90% is of mixed Indian and Spanish extraction 10% are of European descent El Salvador has about one million tourists per year Main attractions are beaches and eco-tourism Per capita income is $7200. per year

8 Pictures

9 More Pictures of El Salvador

10 Thank you!

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