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Industry selected : Lenovo

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1 Industry selected : Lenovo

2 What is Green Marketing?
All activities designed to generate and facilitate any exchanges intended to satisfy human needs or wants, such that the satisfaction of these needs and wants occurs, with minimal detrimental impact on the natural environment

3 Why is Green Marketing Important?
Limited resources to satisfy world’s unlimited wants Looks at how marketing activities utilize these limited resources, while satisfying consumers wants, both of individuals and industry, as well as achieving the selling organization's objectives

4 Why Go Green? External reasons Satisfying consumer demands
Competitive environment Supplier requests Governmental pressure

5 Why Go Green? Internal Reasons Cost / Profit Issues
Social Responsibilities

6 Implementing Green Marketing Strategies and Tactics
8 steps of going “green” Targeting Product design Positioning Pricing Greening logistics Marketing waste Promotion Green Alliances

7 Problems with Green Marketing
Ensure that their activities are not misleading to consumers or industry Do not breach any of the regulations or laws dealing with environmental marketing Remember that consumers' perceptions are sometimes not correct The environmentally responsible action of today might be harmful in the future

8 Problems with Green Marketing
There is difficulty in establishing policies that will address all environmental issues Reacting to competitive pressures can cause all to make the same mistake as the leader. To reduce costs or increase profits may not force firms to address the important issue of environmental degradation

9 Company Profile Lenovo is an innovative, international technology company formed as a result of the acquisition by the Lenovo Group of the IBM Personal Computing Division. As a global leader in the PC market, Lenovo develop, manufacture and market cutting-edge, reliable, high-quality PC products and value-added professional services that provide customers around the world with smarter ways to be productive and competitive.

10 In 1981, IBM envisioned computing at a new level – a personal level – to extend the power and the productivity of information technology from the mainframe to the individual, at home and at work. That vision led to the founding of a new unit within IBM, the Personal Computing Division, which virtually invented personal computing. PCD advanced the state-of-the-art with a series of innovations ranging from the very first laptop computers to the latest high-security technologies, such as the built-in "air-bag" that protects data, and biometric identification that protects user identity. PCD created the icon of notebook computing, the ThinkPad, and the unique software tools, known as ThinkVantage Technologies, which increase user productivity.

11 In 1984, not long after PCD was founded, 11 computer scientists in Beijing, China also had a vision – to create a company that would bring the advantages of information technology to the Chinese people. With 25,000 $ in seed money and the determination to turn their research into successful products, the 11 engineers and researchers set up shop in a loaned space – a small, one-story bungalow in Beijing. The company they founded, Legend, opened the new era of consumer PCs in China.

12 Since it was established, the company has affected the lives of millions of Chinese: It first introduced PCs to households, then promoted PC usage in China by establishing retail shops nationwide. It also developed the pioneering Legend Chinese Character Card that translated English operating software into Chinese characters, and achieved breakthroughs like PCs with one-button access to the Internet. By 1994, Legend was trading on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange; four years later, it produced its one-millionth personal computer. In 2003, Legend changed its brand name to Lenovo, taking the "Le" from Legend, a nod to its heritage, and adding "novo," the Latin word for "new," to reflect the spirit of innovation at the core of the company. The company name changed from Legend to Lenovo a year later.

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