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FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid

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1 FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid
El Clásico FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid ENTER

2 What is it? These are the two giants of the top division of Spanish Professional Football, (La Primera División en La Liga Profesional de España)

3 History of the Match Catalonia and Castile
political and cultural tensions between Catalans and the Castilians.

4 History of the Match FC Barcelona became more than a club for Catalonia.

5 History of the Match) Barcelona is said to embody the identity of the Spanish region of Catalonia, and the team carries the motto "more than a club" to drive that point home. In contrast, Real Madrid has long been considered the club of the establishment in Spain

6 Key Players Leo Messi- FC Barcelona #10

7 Key Players Cristiano Ronaldo- Real Madrid #7

8 Key Players Carles Puyol- FC Barcelona Capitán

9 Key Players Iker Casillas- Real Madrid Goalkeeper and Capitán

10 Key Players Xavi- FC Barcelona #6

11 Key Players Sergio Ramos- Real Madrid # 4

12 Key Players David Villa- FC Barcelona #7

13 Who is the best one ?





18 Let’s watch a video

19 Works Cited Sergio Ramos- Cristiano Ronaldo- Iker Casillas- Leo Messi- Carles Xavi-


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