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SWBAT identify the four vertical climate zones.

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1 SWBAT identify the four vertical climate zones.
1. Objective (READ) SWBAT identify the four vertical climate zones. 2. Question of the Day. (TURN OBJECTIVE INTO A QUESTION) 3. Warm-up (ANSWER) 1. Name the large mountain range on the Western Coast of South America. 2. What type of economic activities could occur in a rainforest?

2 Table of Contents Date Title Lesson # 12/8 Soviet Union – Economics 44
12/11 Modern Russia 45 **LATIN AMERICA UNIT** 1/6 Cover Page 46 1/7 Physical Geography 47 1. Find the next available fresh page after your warm-ups, title it Vertical Climate Zones.

3 Latin America – Physical Geography

4 A. Vertical Climate Zones
Intro: Different crops grow at different elevations The HIGHER the elevation, the COLDER the climate.

5 A. Vertical Climate Zones
READ ONLY COLD 4. Tierra Helada = frozen land 3. Tierra Fria = cold land 2. Tierra Templada = temperate land 1. Tierra Caliente = hot land HOT

6 A. Vertical Climate Zones – p. 208
Sketch a diagram the explains vertical climate zones 1. Sketch a mountain 2. Label the vertical climate zones - Include the elevation 3. Sketch two examples of the crops that are grown in each zone For Tierra Helada sketch a llama

7 B. El Nino How it happens:
Ocean Current changes cause the Pacific Ocean water temperature to get warmer than normal This changes wind patterns The wind picks up water and dumps rain on South America


9 B. El Nino Effects on South America: Flooding. Mudslides
Reduces output by fishing industry

10 El Nino Clips Bolivia Clip 1. Create a title for the clip.
2. Write a caption that would describe the clip if you were to going to put it on youtube.

11 B. El Nino - Frayer Definition (p. 57) Social Impact Economic Impact
Picture EL NINO

12 El Nino – Research Analysis
Access the article below: Article Click where it says global impacts and choose additional articles if necessary. Task  Create a list of the positive and negative effects of El Nino.  Include at least five effects It doesn’t matter the breakdown of events just have 5 total, example: 4 positive, 1 negative Identify whether each event is positive or negative

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