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Parents Briefing (P2) 4 February 2012 Ms Julie Chua Senior Teacher.

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1 Parents Briefing (P2) 4 February 2012 Ms Julie Chua Senior Teacher

2 What is STELLAR?What is STELLAR? The STELLAR VisionThe STELLAR Vision STELLAR & LanguageSTELLAR & Language Learning Learning A STELLAR UnitA STELLAR Unit STELLAR & ParentsSTELLAR & Parents Assessment for EnglishAssessment for English Outline

3 The English Language Curriculum for Primary Schools in Singapore STELLAR STrategies for English Language Learning And Reading

4 Vision of STELLAR Love readingLove reading Have a strong foundationHave a strong foundation in the English Language in the English Language

5 Listening Listening Speaking Speaking Reading Reading Writing Writing STELLAR & Language Learning

6 What is a STELLAR lesson like? 1.Shared Reading Reading Experience (Big Book) LanguageUse 3. Language Use Activities in Learning Centres Writing 2. Shared Writing Experiences (CDW/Group/Individual, Creative)

7 STELLAR Units 17 units P1: Total of 17 units 14 Units P2: Total of 14 Units 4 Units (Term 1 & Term 3) 3 Units (Term 2 & Term 4) Some of the titles: Life In A Shell A World Of Tools The Grasshopper And The Ant

8 Big Books Book Flood Books Guided Reading Programme Media Resource Library Books National Geographic Magazine: Explorer Reading Materials

9 STELLAR and Parents Role models Home support Activate childs interest: make the learning of English both enjoyable English both enjoyable and purposeful and purposeful

10 Development of Social SkillsDevelopment of Social Skills oral interaction among peers in non-threatening situations non-threatening situations working in partnership with working in partnership with other children other children turn taking & respect for turn taking & respect for others during class discussions others during class discussions Independent Learning Independent Learning Each STELLAR unit includes

11 Assessment for English No Practice Paper No Practice Paper No Mid-Year Examination (SA1) No Mid-Year Examination (SA1) Year-end Examination (SA2) Year-end Examination (SA2) in Term 4 Revision Papers Revision Papers On-going bite-size assessments

12 Semester 1:Primary 2 Checkpoints SubjectTerm/WeekTopic/SkillFormat English Term 2, Week 5 Term 2, Week 6 & 7 Oral Reading Picture Conversation Show & Tell - Term 1–Term 4 (on-going) Listening Comprehension Selected Lets Listen Together Activities - Term 1, Week 9/10 Term 2, Week 8/9 Grammar, Vocabulary & Comprehension Checkpoint (1) - Unit 1, Unit 2 & Unit 4 Checkpoint (2) - Unit 7, Unit 9 & Unit 11 Multiple choice questions, Fill in the blanks & Open-ended questions Term 1–Term 4 (on-going) Picture Writing- Term 1–Term 3 (on-going) Spelling & Dictation-

13 Alternative Assessment Listening 5% ~ selected activities from Lets Listen Together Oral 5% ~ Reading a given passage ~ Picture Conversation ~ Show & Tell Weighting: 30%

14 Sample for Picture Conversation

15 Alternative Assessment Spelling & Dictation (on-going) 5% Grammar/Vocabulary/Comprehension (Checkpoint WS) 10% ~ Multiple Choice Questions ~ Fill In The Blanks ~ Open-ended Questions

16 Grammar: Multiple Choice Question 1.Come over here! Look at all _______ pretty flowers growing in this flower pot, Mother told Lina. (1)those(2)these (3)that(4)this ( ) Sample

17 Vocabulary: Multiple Choice Question 1.Gopal puts on a pair of __________ before he dives into the sea. (1) boots (2) flippers (3) skates (4) slippers ( ) Sample

18 Alternative Assessment Picture Writing (on-going) 5% ~ 4 related pictures given ~ A paragraph or more of at least 80 words ~ May use helping words provided The Hungry Cat

19 Formal Assessment (SA2) Listening Comprehension Paper Consists of sections on listening comprehension, phonics and dictation

20 Formal Assessment (SA2) SA2: Picture Writing (Paper 1) Story writing exercise given 4 related pictures

21 Formal Assessment (English) English Language Paper 2 Consists of sections on grammar, vocabulary, cloze passages and comprehension passages Multiple-choice, Fill in the blanks and Open-ended questions

22 Cloze Passage (Grammar) Sample Today is Grandfathers birthday. Mother wants to bake (1) _________ chocolate cake for him. I am very excited. This is my first time baking a cake with Mother. First, Mother teaches me to sift the flour. Then she mixes (2) ________ butter and sugar in a cake mixer. Next, she adds in … Helping words: several few a the …

23 Cloze Passage (Vocabulary) Sample It was four oclock in the afternoon. The (1) ___________ was out after many days of rain. It was shining brightly up in the clear blue (2) ___________. Paul and Meimei were very … Helping words: sun rainbow sky

24 Weighting: 30% - Alternative Assessments (on-going) 70% - SA2

25 Mrs Celia Lau (HOD: English/PW/MRL) Mrs Pauline Loo (Level Head: English) Miss Julie Chua (Senior Teacher: Lower Primary Curriculum)

26 Thank you Thank you

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