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Parents Briefing (P2) 4 February 2012 Ms Julie Chua Senior Teacher.

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1 Parents Briefing (P2) 4 February 2012 Ms Julie Chua Senior Teacher

2 What is STELLAR?What is STELLAR? The STELLAR VisionThe STELLAR Vision STELLAR & LanguageSTELLAR & Language Learning Learning A STELLAR UnitA STELLAR Unit STELLAR & ParentsSTELLAR & Parents Assessment for EnglishAssessment for English Outline

3 The English Language Curriculum for Primary Schools in Singapore STELLAR STrategies for English Language Learning And Reading

4 Vision of STELLAR Love readingLove reading Have a strong foundationHave a strong foundation in the English Language in the English Language

5 Listening Listening Speaking Speaking Reading Reading Writing Writing STELLAR & Language Learning

6 What is a STELLAR lesson like? 1.Shared Reading Reading Experience (Big Book) LanguageUse 3. Language Use Activities in Learning Centres Writing 2. Shared Writing Experiences (CDW/Group/Individual, Creative)

7 STELLAR Units 17 units P1: Total of 17 units 14 Units P2: Total of 14 Units 4 Units (Term 1 & Term 3) 3 Units (Term 2 & Term 4) Some of the titles: Life In A Shell A World Of Tools The Grasshopper And The Ant

8 Big Books Book Flood Books Guided Reading Programme Media Resource Library Books National Geographic Magazine: Explorer Reading Materials

9 STELLAR and Parents Role models Home support Activate childs interest: make the learning of English both enjoyable English both enjoyable and purposeful and purposeful

10 Development of Social SkillsDevelopment of Social Skills oral interaction among peers in non-threatening situations non-threatening situations working in partnership with working in partnership with other children other children turn taking & respect for turn taking & respect for others during class discussions others during class discussions Independent Learning Independent Learning Each STELLAR unit includes

11 Assessment for English No Practice Paper No Practice Paper No Mid-Year Examination (SA1) No Mid-Year Examination (SA1) Year-end Examination (SA2) Year-end Examination (SA2) in Term 4 Revision Papers Revision Papers On-going bite-size assessments

12 Semester 1:Primary 2 Checkpoints SubjectTerm/WeekTopic/SkillFormat English Term 2, Week 5 Term 2, Week 6 & 7 Oral Reading Picture Conversation Show & Tell - Term 1–Term 4 (on-going) Listening Comprehension Selected Lets Listen Together Activities - Term 1, Week 9/10 Term 2, Week 8/9 Grammar, Vocabulary & Comprehension Checkpoint (1) - Unit 1, Unit 2 & Unit 4 Checkpoint (2) - Unit 7, Unit 9 & Unit 11 Multiple choice questions, Fill in the blanks & Open-ended questions Term 1–Term 4 (on-going) Picture Writing- Term 1–Term 3 (on-going) Spelling & Dictation-

13 Alternative Assessment Listening 5% ~ selected activities from Lets Listen Together Oral 5% ~ Reading a given passage ~ Picture Conversation ~ Show & Tell Weighting: 30%

14 Sample for Picture Conversation

15 Alternative Assessment Spelling & Dictation (on-going) 5% Grammar/Vocabulary/Comprehension (Checkpoint WS) 10% ~ Multiple Choice Questions ~ Fill In The Blanks ~ Open-ended Questions

16 Grammar: Multiple Choice Question 1.Come over here! Look at all _______ pretty flowers growing in this flower pot, Mother told Lina. (1)those(2)these (3)that(4)this ( ) Sample

17 Vocabulary: Multiple Choice Question 1.Gopal puts on a pair of __________ before he dives into the sea. (1) boots (2) flippers (3) skates (4) slippers ( ) Sample

18 Alternative Assessment Picture Writing (on-going) 5% ~ 4 related pictures given ~ A paragraph or more of at least 80 words ~ May use helping words provided 12 34 The Hungry Cat

19 Formal Assessment (SA2) Listening Comprehension Paper Consists of sections on listening comprehension, phonics and dictation

20 Formal Assessment (SA2) SA2: Picture Writing (Paper 1) Story writing exercise given 4 related pictures

21 Formal Assessment (English) English Language Paper 2 Consists of sections on grammar, vocabulary, cloze passages and comprehension passages Multiple-choice, Fill in the blanks and Open-ended questions

22 Cloze Passage (Grammar) Sample Today is Grandfathers birthday. Mother wants to bake (1) _________ chocolate cake for him. I am very excited. This is my first time baking a cake with Mother. First, Mother teaches me to sift the flour. Then she mixes (2) ________ butter and sugar in a cake mixer. Next, she adds in … Helping words: several few a the …

23 Cloze Passage (Vocabulary) Sample It was four oclock in the afternoon. The (1) ___________ was out after many days of rain. It was shining brightly up in the clear blue (2) ___________. Paul and Meimei were very … Helping words: sun rainbow sky

24 Weighting: 30% - Alternative Assessments (on-going) 70% - SA2

25 Mrs Celia Lau (HOD: English/PW/MRL) Mrs Pauline Loo (Level Head: English) Miss Julie Chua (Senior Teacher: Lower Primary Curriculum)

26 Thank you Thank you

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