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NJIT Student Employment Management System (SEMS) EDUCAUSE 2005

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1 NJIT Student Employment Management System (SEMS) EDUCAUSE 2005
Presented by: Kathy J. Bialk, Director of Student Financial Aid Services Haresh Gopal, Acting Director of University Information Services

2 NJIT Student Employment Management System (SEMS)
Copyright Kathy Bialk This work is the intellectual property of the author. Permission is granted for this material to be shared for non-commercial, educational purposes, provided that this copyright statement appears on the reproduced materials and notice is given that the copying is by permission of the author. To disseminate otherwise or to republish requires written permission from the author.

3 About NJIT NJIT — New Jersey’s Science & Technology University — maintains “the edge in knowledge” that enables us to be innovative, entrepreneurial, and engaged. Offers baccalaureate through PhD. degrees in engineering and technology disciplines, computer and information science, architecture, management, applied sciences, mathematics and biotechnology. 8,000+ students

4 About Student Employment
Student employment became a major function and responsibility of the Student Financial Aid Services Department (SFAS) fall 2002. SFAS processes approx. 4,000 student employment assignments annually totaling $8.5 million Federal Work-study: $ .5 million Institutional Work-study: $ 2.5 million Stipend: $ 5.5 million

5 SEMS Overview Facilitates efficient and effective coordination of campus resources to serve the needs of students, campus employers and administrative offices, as well as assists the university in meeting employment regulatory requirements.

6 SEMS Enterprise Integration Strategies – Key Participants
Design, testing, debugging and implementation: Student Financial Aid Services 2 Senior University Information Services staff members (contributing approximately ¼ FTE) 2 part-time graduate students User Acceptance: Feed-back sessions, On-site training

7 SEMS Enterprise Integration Strategies - Scope
Various Users Utilizes existing enterprise administrative systems data – SIS, HRS & FRS User access entry through web portal interface Integration ultimately achieved through a complement of web services technologies – Java Server Pages (JSP), Java, Apache Tomcat Servlet engine, JDBC application program interface software, Connx middleware and NJIT directory database.

8 SEMS Enterprise Integration Strategies – Support & Funding
Presented and approved by Senior Management and Associate Provost/CIO Presented to SIS Users Project Subcommittee for approval and prioritization Source of funding for graduate student wages were shared by both SFAS & UIS Partially implemented fall 2002, fully implemented fall 2004; SEMS v. 2 deployed fall 2005

9 Benefits Leveraged investment in legacy system
No added expense for software purchase Utilizing existing software and open-source technology Nominal cost to fund “student” employee to work with NJIT staff to develop SEMS SFAS performing student employment functions more efficiently and effectively with 1.5 FTE staff person More satisfied campus-community

10 SEMS Functional – 3 Role Based Modules
Employer Student Administrative

11 SEMS Security All users must have a valid University Computing Identification (UCID) and password to access the NJIT web portal Use of UCID is promoted to NJIT students, faculty and staff & supports the integration strategy developed by UIS

12 SEMS – Employer Module Post jobs Manage Jobs Manage Applications
Deactivate, Activate, Repost Delegate Authority of Jobs or Applications Manage Applications Review applications Search/review by Major, Class, Federal Work-study eligibility or by key word (advanced search) Shortlist, Offer, Reject Rehire, Pay rate Change Final confirmation for employment authorization On-line Help

13 SEMS Employer Module – Demo

14 SEMS – Student Module Job Search Job Offer Notification
Status of Job Offer Processing Option to reject job offer

15 SEMS Student Module – Demo

16 SEMS – Administrative Module
Applications Validate Enrollment, Satisfactory Academic Progress, Federal Work-study Eligibility, & I-9 Employment Eligibility Move to Pending (incomplete; cannot validate) Reject Pay Rate Changes

17 SEMS – Administrative Module
Semester Dates Job Role Job Categories Application Questions Student Search Clone a Job Letter of Employment for International Students to Apply for Social Security Number

18 SEMS Administrative Module – Demo

19 SEMS Enterprise Integration Strategies – Technologies
Browser JSP SEMS directory LDAP Servlets JDBC Connx batch SIS FRS HRS

20 SEMS Enterprise Integration Strategies
Technology Solutions Portal SunGard SCT Campus Pipeline Application server Apache Web Server, Tomcat Java Servlet Engine

21 SEMS Enterprise Integration Strategies
Technology Solutions Packaged administrative systems SunGard SCT PLUS: SIS/FAM, HRS, FRS Middleware & Adpater Connx, JDBC

22 SEMS Enterprise Integration Strategies
Technology Solutions Authentication Directory server LDAP Programming Languages Java, JSP, XML

23 Technical Infrastructure Integration Strategy
Adaptable, flexible & supports a reusable software development methodology Technologies supporting strategy have been in practice for several years & have created much operational efficiency Legacy systems lifecycle have been extended due to the implementation of integration technologies

24 Special Thanks & Credit To NJIT Students
Anupama Putcha – M.S. Computer Science ’02 Siby Alappatt – M.S. Computer Science ’03 Ping Peng – M.S. Computer Science ’04 Lovina Dadlani – M.S. Computer Science – 2nd year graduate Sapan Parikh – M.S. Computer Science – 1st year graduate

25 Questions ?

26 Kathy Bialk –
Haresh Gopal –

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